Next teaser or trailer this year?

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Can someone figure out based on the trailer release dates for EPISODE II a couple of years ago if we can expect another trailer for EPIII this year, say for christmas?


I might not be the same, which it probably won't.

still, it might be the same! :-)

I migth a Teaser, but not the Trailer

well...when ep II came out 3 years ago...there were three teasers in nov....and they were a week apart from each other...the trailers for "breathing"...."mystery"...and "forbidden love" maybe....who knows...then again...there was only 1 teaser for ep 1 but it was nearly a 2 min teaser....who know's anymore....

Sith Master X
I'd say we won't be getting another teaser unfortunately. sad At least not now.

I've heard March is when the full-length trailer is going to be released. Other than that, I have no clue.

Sith Master X
Same here.

Well he usually releases a teaser and then two trailers that what he did with attack of the clones I hope he release the next one spread out from this one and should make it the theatrical trailer before release.

Same thing, it is hard to tell wehter there will be anohter trailer this year. We only know for sure the full length theactrical trailer will be out in march. Just keep your fingers corssed.

March? We may have to wait until March? I don't know if I'll make it to March...

you will the months go by quick sometimes.

just concentrate all thoughts on halo 2, gta san andreas, kotor2 or some other game to distract you until march....mmmm....kotor2.....mmmmmm

The Ones
this is a movie, not games

In time the hype will die down a little bit and you will be thinking about it. I know becuase it happens to me also. We get so hyped and think about the movie everyday. It will die down, then it will start up again when we get closer to the movie. Atl east we are gettting closer to season 3 of the clone wars. Like mist said, just think about other games and movies.

:.Space Opera.:
well lets look at what movies are coming out soon: spongebob. polar express. a series of unforunate events. batman begins. Alexander. Blade 3: Trinity. Ocean's Twelve. theres a whole list of movies that new trailers could ba attached to. alexander would be a good guess. sponge could very well get one as well but its a little too close to the first teaser. polar express prolly not. unfortunate events possibly.

Spongebob! eek! who da f*** wants to see that!? laughing

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f*** yeah i wanna see it you pontlessly grown up sheit. how old are you?..... ah 16. makes sense. most kids who are sixteen these days try way to hard to be mature.

Where the hell did that come from man!
Man that was a bit harsh, i seriously didnt ask for that. I wasnt having a go at you personally, my beef is with spongebob!?

just dont get so uptight! i have a right to my opinion *sigh*

maybe you should rethink who the mature one iswink

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im sorry. i was in a bad mood when i wrote that. yeah. i admit im a little imature.

No hard feelingswink i was little outta line myself, but im also in a bad mood with my operation lolsad

Let me buy ya a beerbig grin beer

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what are you getting operated on? if you dont mind me asking.

kidney transplant tommorowsad

:.Space Opera.:
that shouldnt be that bad. its done on a regular basis. its one of those procedures that are the first operations that a doctor learns how to do in med school because its so easily done.

Man I thought something like that would be bad

Richard FilmFre
These are some numbers for EPIII which has been told earlier:

Teasers: 3
Trailers: 2
Tv-spots: 12
Webdocs: 15

3 teasers messed
I think 1 teaser and then two trailers would be it .

Sith Master X
Yeah I agree, 1 teaser should be enough, followed by a couple of theatrical ones.

lol!!! nice convo....

ANYWAY... ya sure about there bein three teasers in November last time PVS? as far as i recollect, 2 of those 3 came out in the spring/winter.. not all 3 november..

Darth Surgent
PVS hasn't posted on this thread....

I love love love LOVE STAR WARS to death

I mean I have SW figures and a princess leia shirt... blah blah blah

but how many of these threads does there have to be

so redundant

i meant moonwalker... w/e... they both use family guy avatars.

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