Modifying your X-Box.

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Samurai Guy
Has anyone modded thier X-Box? If so, tell me about it.

I am planning on it. I would like to get skins, bigger harddrive, basically the whole nine yards, but one step at a time.

Anyways, please...

Enlighten me.

i fully recommend it

check that out, but i personally recommend you have a shop do it for you smile

Its the best thing you can do for your old buddy Xbox. I've got a 120gig hard drive in mine and its not even close to being full. There are loads of websites that talk you through it but as dave123 says its best to get the pros to do it. Good luck.

Red Superfly
I've modded my X-Box.

Full spray job, neon underglow, new side skirt, hydraulics, 2X nitro, alloys and a new spoiler.

Samurai Guy
Cute, Superfly. roll eyes (sarcastic)


Samurai Guy
Did you supercharge it... pushing the RPM up a little too?

Word of advise that if you mod your Xbox you might get kick out of Xbox live. yes

Something about not leaving your mod chip on. confused

they're working on blocking you if you're chip isn't on... thats the only downside erm

with the money you can save on games you could just use 2 xbox's one for live one for not

I have that.

I have a fully moded x-box with a 120 gig hard drive. Downside, is my optical lense won't read the disks, but i have a lot of games downloaded. And i have a normal x-box

i'm to much of a warranty freak to attempt modding, especially since i want to go on live. I saw a huge article on modding in popular science. if I remember what it said you need to get a mod system set up with a switch to turn on or off.

Shaolin Monk

man, i didnt even know you could mod the xbox, its more like a PC than ever now! laughing out loud

so what can you actually do to it, other than the larger harddrive? its interesting as i never knew you could do it

i had like 720 SNES games downloaded to my harddrive. In case you're wondering...that's almost all of them that were released in the US.

I also have a couple of Arcade games like the various KOF, Street Fighters, the Simpsons...and so on. probably about 70 different ones.

Then I have like 5 xbox games downloaded to it...with more added occasionally.

I'm getting the Crystal limited edition. No modifications needed.

DiViNe diFiNIty
so wha t else can u modify tyour xbox with i am interested and never heard about this before

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