sidious = sifo-dyas

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okay people if sidious can change his facial appearance maybe sidious is sifo-dyas i mean he could have been been a jedi and learned everything about them and maybe was right up in the midichlorians level as yoda and faked his death which he could have done with ease and he turned to the darkside of the force and learned all the powers by searching their history and he would be able to make all his plans without worry and would have a name in his pocket (sifo-dyas) that he could use anytime.

so what do you think.


Red Superfly
*Mace Windu stumbles across Palpatines wardrobe*

Mace WIndu: "This has no relevance whatsoever, but I shall investigate his clothes"

*Mace reads "Sifo Dyas AKA Senator Palpatine AKA Darth Sidious" on the name label*

Mace Windu: "Aha! I knew it! Senator Palpatine dry washes his clothes!"

smile i love it hahah i think the count pretended to be sifo to get clones made

It could be possible but I doubt it .

I believe this has already been brought up... just ask for a merge. But it's still interesting.

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Not a snowballs chance in hell. no

yea i think its been confermed that sid isnint syfo

Red Superfly
But, his name label on his Emperors cloak gives it away!

RE: Sidious = Sifo Dyas



if its not palps, then the only person it could really be is dooku, right? dooku had access to the jedi archives, dooku was once a jedi, and dooku would have been working for palps 10 years prior to aotc, thus ordering the clone army.

unless you believe one of those crazy theories that it's mace or some obscure jedi like kit fisto or ki-adi mundi...

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That was my prediciton, about him being Dooku. Definitely, no chance in hell that it was Sidious.

Sidious +
The Great Master Plan -
Darth Maul X
________ X
Darth Tyrannus X
stormtroopers /
Darth Vader

= Empire cubed

Clai Keboa
"Yawn" Try the search button laughing stick out tongue

Sifo-Dyas was a regular Joe Jedi who was either killed or assassinated, possibly by the Sith, right after TPM took place. His name was then dragged through the muck by Dooku when he used it to order the clones from the Kaminoans. That's really all there is to know about him.

In reference to the clones, we know from a hyperspace chat that the person who ORDERED the clones appeared on screen in AOTC.

This means one of two things.

Either Sifo-Dyas actually appeared on screen in AOTC as a background character or as a person using another name and will be revealed in Episode III or someone used the name of the dead Jedi Sifo-Dyas and placed an order for a clone army under his name.

This is on the star wars website.

Yes, to Lando you listen.


it will all be revealed in next movie.

Ah, what are all these goddam threads about who Sifo Dyas is >.< There's barely any evidence to swing it one way or the other... I mean how long have we got to wait!? It might not even be covered *rolls eyes*

yeah, i agree about using the search button.

and i really don't know how you guys get off thinking you're so sure syfo is not sidious. fact of the matter is that you DO NOT know.

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It just would seem more likely that it was Dooku considering that he was once a Jedi, and ordered the clone army. We don't know much about Palpy's past.

what if palps killed the real syfo-dyas and stole his name to use it for the clone army?

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it makes sence. if syfo-dyas was in aotc it could be sidious using the name but not actually be him.

But Syfo-dyas wasn't in ATOC, he died at TPM's time.

sifo dias is NOT sidious, thus this thread is misleading and pointless.
perhaps close and ressurect the old "who is sifo dias" thread?

Is their not going to be any good threads today?

Darth Ravenous
i was told that palp finds holocronz when he is a kid with the secrects of the darkside.

i dont no if this is True or not anyone no?

You're afraid for today. I'm afraid for next months. confused

Unfortunately. sad

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I'm afraid for May! Not about Episode 3 itself, but about the number of threads that will be opened on "The Movie was Great" or "Who's Seen it?"

Jango Fett- " I was recruited by a man named Tyranus."
Tyranus = Dooku
Jango was the original from which all clones came.
Jango was recruited from the beginning by Dooku.
Dooku uses the name Sifo Dias to order the clones

oh, you've seen episode III already then?

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There's not supposed to be an explaination on this in Episode 3 anyway. erm

wow ; thats really simple !

so was Sifo Dyas Master or Apprentice to Dooku ?

Darth Subjekt
neither, Sifo Dyas was A JEDI! He died after TPM. the only POSSIBLE argument is if he ordered the clones by himself. If he were a Sith, im sure he would attack the Jedi knowing how everything about them(as does Anakin). Plus Sidous picked up Dooku right after Maul anyway. One thig i heard is Sidous or Dooku had a changling morph to look like Sifo Dyas to order them. Dath Sidious is Palpatine and that sit. they have their real name and their Sith name. Ani - Vader....Dooku - Tyraunus....Palpatine - Sidious.

Does it really matter? You'll find out in May.

Darth Subjekt
if your answer is "you'll find out in May" then theres really no point of this website. we're all here to discuss theories an dour thoughts and feelings. So, will we find out in may? yes.
Does it matter? well it must if people are talking about it.

what do ya think?

I think that you dont have to waste your time thinking about something so minor as if Sidious is Sifo-Dyas especially since you will find out in May.

first off, you're forgetting that it's not unusual for jedi to talk about people dying from "a certain point of view". Apparently when you turn to the darkside, it's somewhat the same as dying. secondly he could've been a fake jedi the whole time, while really being a sith... and could've FAKED his death.

Darth Subjekt
ok ill give you one thing ONLY because of the look that Mace and Yoda gave each other when OB1 said, "i was under the impression he ws killed 10 years ago." NOW, that could mean 1 of 2 things: 1. they are now insure of Sifo Dyas' death, or 2. they know someone posed themselves AS Sifo Dyas. So i wont say what youre saying is impossible, just improbable.

I still dont beleive that he is Sidious though. If he were the Jedi would know because if he were a chagling himself(Sifo Dyas that is), then they might be suspicious if Palps just showed up when he "died". So i dont think thats the case.

And Someguy57, i dont mean this to be rude or anything like that, but if you dont feel this is a topic worth ddiscussing, than you can simply not click your mouse to come in here. I dont know how else to say it. Im NOT saying F. off, im just saying, i know theres some threads in here that i too think are pointless and i just dont go in there, especially just to say how insignifican tthey are, like the "how does OB1 get anakin's lightsaber?" i think we all already know, and theres no point to it...but i dont comment in there.....again no disrespect or rudeness.......and yes..we will find out All these answers in May, youre right.

its already been confirmed that palps is human, so scratch the changling idea entirely (thank god)

Darth Subjekt
yea i know that, i wasnt saying that HE was a changling, i was stating that i HEARD he or Dooku get one to go in there and order the clones and wipe out Kamino for the archives. I know that Palps/Sidious is human.

Isn't it possible that sifo-dyas=sifo-dyas? I know it seems strange to have another Dark Jedi in the storyline, but maybe it's that simple. Or maybe sifo-dias went to the darkside and ordered the clones, then Dooku or Sidious killed him so he won't be in III.

Darth Subjekt

Do you guys ever read Pabs posts? He has said over & over:
sifo-dias is...... sifo-dias
Not too much more to speculate on.

Darth Subjekt
again,... dildofett is right. we've only said that like 30 times before.

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