Padme falls out ship, Obi and Anakins Argument, Yoda Sences it

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If you look after Padme falls out, Anakin wants to stop the ship, Obi doesnt let him and says somthing like "Focus on whats ahead, remember your mission, If you go and get her you will no longer be a Jedi" Along those lines then Anakin says "i dont care!!"

Then it goes back to Yoda, and he looks down and shakes his head thinking somthing.

So Yoda must know there is evil in Anakin or somthing like that to just say "I dont care if im a Jedi"

Um, I don't think that's how it happened. Too bad I don't have my copy of ATOC here. But i do remember that Obi-wan did not say anything like "If you go and get her you will no longer be a Jedi", nor did Yoda shake his head anytime at that point in the movie.

He did, it wasnt those lines tho, It was like "you go go after her you are Disobaying a Direct order and that could get you thrown off the Jedi council.

Then Akakin says "i Dont care"

Then it goes to Yoda as tho he was listening and he looks down, he heard or sensed somthing

Perhaps you're looking into this a tad much? I've only seen AOTC once, mind's possible.

No, its Just Yoda Senses Anakins anger and Darkside, it also ment that yoda heard that he doesnt care if hes an jedi or not

How coudl he have heard it?
He wasn't anywhere near Obi-wan and anakin at that point. He was giuding the clones.

No he senced it, the same as Anakin slaughted all those Tusken Raiders,

Just watch that clip then watch Yoda right after, Its is 100% looking towards and looking down after that happened

He totaly reacted from it

Samurai Guy
That is true.

Yoda senses ANGER and FRUSTRATION in Ani.

the line is "You will be expelled from the Jedi Order!"

Sith Master X
the next line: "I don't care, put the ship down." stick out tongue

and the next? stick out tongue

Not so- got those mixed up. Lines are:

"I can't take Dooku alone... if we catch him we can end this war right now."

"I don't care! Put the ship down!"

"You will be expelled from the Jedi Order!"

"I can't leave her!"

Anakin does NOT say he does not care about being thrown out the Order, he says he doesn't care about catching Dooku, because he cannot find it in himself to leave Padme.

It does not cut to Yoda until AFTER Anakin has changed his mind- and the reason Yoda is looking thoughtful is because he is deciding to go after Dooku.

Hence the basis of this thread is entirely wrong.

Personally, I just felt that the scene was...


Every scene in AotC was excellent!

Every scene?
The scene where Shmi died was just terrible, the worst scene in the movie. And u call all scenes excellent?

Stealth Agent
What was so terrible about that scene?

I just didn't like the way Shmi died. She was going to say "I love you" to Anakin, but all she managed to say was "I love..." before she had to take a breath and then for no reasons he started the sentence all over again instead of saying "you". Which is just so stupid so that ruined the whole scene.

Ok, ok, let's not go off topic though.

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oh i dunno i didnt notice i liked the scene because it was another glimpse of what anakin was going to be when he let out his anger

Lord, i hope that was sarcasm.

The scene was dumb because the "You will be expelled from teh jedi Order!" line seemed both illogical and kinda forced. It's not that big a deal if you jump down a few feet to help someone, right?

yoda stated that anakins future/destiny/karma was clouded and said so in TMP.
when Anakin slew the tuskens and threw a tantrum when padme fell out I guess Yoda was thinking...worse, this padawans temper is getting.

I don't think Yoda sees Ani as evil, just a bit of a hot-head that needs cooling down, if yoda saw ani as an evil individual then he would toss him out of the jedi order..simple as.

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