lightsabre as a boomerang?

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I was just watching the "Episode III:Making the game" trailer on the bonus disc of the OT DVD. At the end Anakin is actually throwing his lightsabre at someone and then using the force to catch it again...

i think theres a good chance we could see something like that in the movie allready knowing how good Anakin is with moving things using the force, like playing with the food in EP II and stuff...

It could be awesome!

what do u guys think?

big grin

its possible we will see it
its possible we wont

what more is there to say?

I dunno... i just got excited wathing it is all :-)

Vader does do just that in Return of the Jedi...

Not to mention that every jedi character in every star wars action game to date has been able to.

Vader doesnt do it like that, and i dont play much games so i wouldnt know...

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It'd be pretty cool if we get to see something like this in Episode 3. Let's hope it happens.


You know, I think I'd actually like to see that.


*sigh* vader does not use his saber as a boomerang in rotj.
he thows it at luke, and the saber extinguishes, thus the sound of vader's
sabre igniting after.

when i was younger i actually thought Vader just had a second second lightsabre he got out and ignited there... :-)

True vader chucks it at look in ROTJ. So anakin could chuck it at someone and quickly use the force to regain it.

maybe GL did say he was powerful.

Idk, this sounds a little different from GL's way star wars.

id like to see it

its not a "boomerang' he may just use the force to pull it back. and in ROTJ, vader just throws it and picks it up again after it falls on the ground

the move in the game is a variation of that that is more practical for the pace. It's essentailly the same thing.

this is not near the first star wars game to have this.

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