Will the Duel in EpIII with Anakin and Obi Wan ever top The Duel of Fates in EpI?

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Will it? Becuase in a interview with Lucus on the special features DVD on EpI. Lucus said it would be one of the best duels ever. Is he right?

Darth Sauron
Course it will, its going to beat every other duel we have seen so far, its the climax of the saga, from a certain point of view stick out tongue

Also, it's going to beat a record. 13-15 minutes of straight action not intercutted with other scenes. Currently the record is 7 minutes.

Ok. Cool. But i though Obi Wan`s blocking and footwork was amazing! His saber offence and defense was brilliant.

The longest ever duel in cinema history!

ofcoarse its gonna surpass itstick out tongue


Sith Master X
Of course this duel will be better then TPM. That's already a given.

Jodo kast
Yeah,i did not like the duel in TPM.The best duel is that in ep.6, Because he just keeps slashing and slashing. He was really angry.(and the music was really good)

I just hope they don't kill the duel by making it too long.

13 to 15 minutes? sh*t this will be a great duel

Yes, a lot of things can top the duel in Episode 1. It's Episode 1....

Sith Master X
That's my exact concern also. Well, I'm not really concerned, but I thought of that also. I hope it doesn't turn out like the podrace sequence. I admit, the podrace sequence was good, but it's so damn long that it gets boring to watch time and time again.

Ok. When the duel comences will there be any switch of scenes? e.g. while the duel is on, there will be a switch scene to yoda?

Sith Master X
I hope not. The duel is the main focus of the entire saga. It cannot be intercut with other scenes.

WoW. I wonder how Lucus is gonna pull that off. All the starwars battle scenes have had an intercut with other scenes.

I really have faith in John Williams, the living legend. The music will make it worth it alone, and the light saber stuff will be neat to see too. I so look forward to the music during this dual in episode III.

Will the music be the one in the duel of fates or will it be a new theme?

Idk, the Duel Of Fates was pretty damn awesome and it will be pretty hard to top. Since this duel will be abou 13 min, it might just end up being a little drug out and just be a little boring because of the how long it will be.

Hell yeah it is going to be awesome fight to the death between obi-wan and anakin.

Yea, this is gonna be the stand out fight of the PT, I think. as Lucas says 'Anakin is more powerfull, but Obi Wan has more expirience' gonna be totally cool.

I bet you that the music for the Duel between obi wan and anakin is the one on the game trailer. Just go on http://www.lucasarts.com/ep3/. It sounds like drums. Keep on listening and it brings in the duel of fates. If this new music is combined with The duel of fates, it will be the best music for starwars.

Nick1989 why does everyone hate you? You seem like a regular poster.

I got this file off KMC a while back. Just to tease you guys on Episode III and the duel!

4 meg file (Obi and Ani fighting)


duuhhh... it better be good to have the "last" in the saga to be the best

close please

Exbass ive nearly finished that trailer. Ive edited the credit list and ive put your name.

Cheers mate. Do you want to send me the trailer through PM?

i`ll send it later, if its ok with you. I just need to get a couple more screen shots. I`ll pm it to you when ive finished it.

Cheers. Check out the file i added with my previous post if it's any help.

C ya.

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How could this duel not be the best out of them all? Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen trained at least 6-10 hours a day for months. They energy, and emotion of the duel will be amazing.
Besides, everyone involved with Episode 3 knows that if they f*ck anything up, they're finished. Especially Hayden.

Darth Subjekt
whys that? the only person to come out of star wars with a career is Harrison Ford. Everyone else ended up doin B movies or nothing at all. What Ewan done - Moulon Rouge - wow..good movie. But i agree that duel will be the climax of the film along with the greatest duel in cinema history.

Ewan has done quite a few good movies. Only later in his career has he gotten to tapping the Hollywood scene, and I'd argue that his best movie here is Big Fish, not Moulin Rouge. Both of which are very good movies in which he gave brilliant performances.

i reckon the first duel in the movie anakin/obiwan/dooku/grievous will surpass the duel in tpm , and with regards to the music remember people the whole 13-15 mins probably wont have music playing over it , look back at all past duels , epIV no music before obiwan dies , epV no music , epI no music for quigonn vs darth maul and no music for obiwan vs darth maul , epII not 100% sure either way this is all from memory so plaese forgive if i am incorrect , so i think itd be weird to have the score continuing constantly throughout the whole duel , i also have no doubt that whatever does transpire john williams will be at the top of his game and will not only not let us down but will blow us all away

sorry to go on again but it seems that there is a point at which the score kicks in , epIV obiwan dies music kicks in , epV luke loses his hand music kicks in , ep I qui-gon gets stabbed music kicks in , obiwan force pushed over the edge music kicks in , see where im coming from here ?????

:.Space Opera.:
im with you. the sabers are musically sound wihtin themselves. but i belive that the duel will not be one sequence by itself, but in fact be intercut with other shots/scenes of other things going on at that point in the film. kinda like how at the end of ROTJ when it kept intercutting from the battle of endor to the space battle w/lando and vader versus luke. thats what always happens during reel six of the sagas. and on the john williams note, he will not only blow us away , he will redefine the star wars musical score.

i wonder when anakin falls to his lava bath if theres gona be some dark music? maybe a small sample of the imperial march?

:.Space Opera.:
prolly a slow version. invisioning death and sorrow

< counting down the days till ep3

:.Space Opera.:

Red Superfly
I posted this in another thread:

I have three kinds of music in my head that I think will be perfect.

1) Emperors music plays for when Anakin assaults Obi-Wan - similar to the Luke/Vader fight mentioned previously. Totally appropriate.

2) When Anakin is slowly over-powerring Obi-Wan, have that amazingly powerful Imperial March theme (I'm think the Imperial March version that plays just as Han Solo gets frozen in ESB - the buildup is amazing and perfect) playing over it.

3) When Anakin falls into the lava - we hear the Imperial March quickly slow down into the imperial march theme that plays when Vader dies in ROTJ. Imagine Obi-Wan looking down with deep sadness, looking into the lava as that song plays. Powerful stuff.

:.Space Opera.:
i think that when luke assaulted vader and that music began it was because palpy was watching and it was to symbolize that he was succeeding, but i dont think that it would work with the ani situation even though palps plan is TRASPIRING THE WAY HE FORSAW IT, hes not there and if anything it would be a new version of the imperial theme. but here's an interesting question: is the imperial march meant to symbolize DARTH VADER or the imperials? because at the end of AOTC it was played grandly when we saw the new armyand anakin was nowhere in site. but also at the end of ani's theme in TPM it hints the imperial theme as well. so which is it? i think that vader represents the inperials thats why it is played. besides, its called the IMPERIAL MARCH, not DARTH VADER's THEME.

b r u sure ? i didnt think that anything else was happening at that point in the film

The Duel will be simple the finest sword fight ever in the history of film.

It should be good because it will be the most emotional fight...perhaps more so than Vader vs. luke.

I didn't like the ep VI duel... Luke looked like a...well a farm boy who found he had some mystical powers and was running around carrying a stick that can cut through anything. The ep I was much better because it showed how a "real" jedi dueled. It was an excelent duel tho.

um if this is a spoiler don't tell me...but who is grievous?

Is he mebe that guy with the weird teeth in the trailer?

.:Space Opera:.
"I didn't like the ep VI duel.."

you mean ep V

delfedd: grevious is the general of the separitists droid army. he cariies four lightsabers, is part alien and part mechanical (sounds like somebody familiar huh?) and he was in the clone wars cartoon. anybody wanna post a picture, im fresh out at this point.

no i LOVED ep V duel. imo ep vi was crap

thanks 4 the info

technically, the original trillogy duels were nowhere near as skillful as the prequels have been

.:Space Opera:.
yea, they were more personal. like a comic book.

agreed eleven

mc pee pants
that would be so kick ass if GL pull that off. the dule of the fates was interupted by f*cking gungans! GUNGANS! what kind of sh!t is that!

I didn't like the duels in the OT compared to the PT as well. THe pt duels were much better.

IMHO the OT duels compared to the PT duels is like comparing an American ninja to a Japanese Samurai. laughing out loud
Back to the subject: The duel in Episode 3 will own all other duels. It's going to be one of the most experienced Jedi, against the most powerful for over 12 minutes. Can't get better than that.

I too think it will be the most emotional lightsaber fight , and at least the best one and it might even be the longest 17 minute lightsaber fight to boot too , ofcourse what I like in my opinion and all of us have one , but I would say the climatic emotional lightsaber duel between Luke and Darth Vader was my favorite part of the film in Star Wars VI , and I would say Star Wars IV was my second favorite film out of the whole Star Wars Original Trilogy .

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