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Frosty Beverage
It's a cool game.

Discuss it here.

I would put this thread in the "videogame disscussion forum" but there is none. erm


Darth Prefect
yes there is a Game Forum

Frosty Beverage
doodles. lol i shouldave checked before i said something.

Darth Prefect

move please, oh mighty god-mods. (especially Milla! naughty)

lil bitchiness
cuffsflirt1 alrighty

Darth Prefect

If your a star wars fan, this is a game for you, aside from KOTOR this is probably the most entertaining of the SW games. If you like action and wookies with guns, you will like this too.

i own this game, and id say its pretty awesome! great fun to actually play as a stormtrooper for once instead of a rebel all the time. canty play it online though due to connection unfortunatly, luckily for me 1P is fun enough for me!

Republic Commando is going to own all though.

aye, this is very true, cant wait for that game!

hmm I dont think the blasters do enough damage... they're acting like its bullets. Laser should kill way more than the current build of battlefront allows them

i guess they thought it might become too easy/hard if the blasters killed real easy

This is so stupid with Star Wars games, it is made threads about te games in both the video games section and in the Star wars EU section:

Plus there's like three other battlefront threads besides this, so just close this one.

What perspective do you guys find the best? I reckon First-Person is droolio.

i change depending on what i feel like, luckily, the change perspective key is Q, so its easy to do!

usualy though its 1stPerson, easier to aim

yeah i changed perspectives on the fly.. 3rd for mobility.. 1st person for actual fighting

eh, I like I can see myself stick out tongue

This game is quite possibly one of the crapest games online ever.

single player is ok though, by no was the best or near the best SW game though.

you have no idea then. The single player mode is bad, all it is, is playing the maps in a certain order vs. the comp. AI that's it. This game was made for online play and it is one of the best games to have fun online. I don't know where you can get it is one of the crapiest games online ever from. What game were you playing?

Anybody else see the walkthrough of the new map Jabba's palace? It's probably going to be one of my favorite maps, its even got the Rancor.

Ok i was just saying single player was ok cause you all seemed to love the game and didn't want to burst your bubble, but this game is poor, it lags and the weapons are terrible. And it was not built for online play, the online was just an add-on to the single player.

Horrible game

wow, if you think the game was meant to be mainly played for single player, you are sadly mistaken. That's why Pandemic isn't making new single player maps and patches, instead they're releasing multiplayer maps. Look at any review of this game and it'll say "the single player is ok, but the main reason to buy the game is for multiplayer. It doesn't lag if you have a good server, the reason people get lag is because the host is hosting way too many people for their internet connection. The Devs. said themselves that the game is really meant to be played with a T1 line online, because the game is so massive online. How do the weapons suck? Those are weapons from the Star Wars movies aren't they and it is a game built off of the movies isn't it? I'm not trying to bash what you're saying, I'm just stating the actual facts here.

i just bought this game and i must say that it is a feirce dissapointment. what a poorly made game, especially the online portion.

Darth Surgent
I don't think I'm going to bother with this game...

its his opinion, doesnt necessarily have to be factual to everyone... and personally I find the game to be a waste of money.. there arent enough maps/weapons/vehicles to truely call it a full game.

DiViNe diFiNIty
i have this game for xbox and i quite impressed with the gameover all but now and again it crashes

alien Their is nothing wrong with star wars battlefront apart from the fact that the rebels suck and that you can't shoot the hell out of luke skywalker and the other jedi.

this game plays itself. the game doesnt ened you to participate, playing is just admiring what the game could have been Where is the fun in playing a character for twenty seconds before you die?

you could say the same about UT...

i have to ask ragesremorse... are you a star wars fan?

i am, and although battlefront is a relatively simple premise, i find i can't put it down sometimes... why? because i love blowing the shit out of tie fighters with an x-wing, i love using tow cables to pull down at-at's on hoth...

i have a ps2 so i've been waiting for a good star wars game for a long time, sure it could have been improved, but so can alot of games...

put it this way... it could have been much worse...

I'm not hating on it simply because of death and respawn time.. thats bound to be short lived in any war where you're most likely gonna be in the cross hairs of at least 10 people when you walk out into the open..

my complaint is that these so called "lasers" take like 20+ hits to drop someone.. and then they have "sniper lasers" ? I mean wth.. its just a blaster rifle with a zoom scope and less ammo.. the game is done well.. I just want to see a better adjustment to the damage and weapon systems

i completely agree, thats probably my biggest complaint about the game... although it'd be incredibly easy if it was one hit kill like the movie...

The Ones
this game is brilliant, the only bad thing about it is it lags when your setting up the game. but when your playing. its awesome. this aint the best star wars game but its cool and fun. i love it. i cant play online because i dont have a phone port in my room so i wont know whats better. thankfuly 1 player is just as good. i give it 8/10

On X-box there is ZERO lag big grin but less maps messed its visually great compared to like Battle field Vietnam or 1942 stick out tongue

the multiplayer aspect left much to be desired. The entire game begs to be solely multiplayer and online, but it seems to have been set up for more of a solo game. The game is the exact same thing through it's entirety it just changes scenery. I love star wars, unfortunately there are few star wars games worth playing. I mainly diddnt like this game because there is no characters. Your players are just recyclable. Here is how i look at battlefront. I Will give you an analogy. It is like making a grand theft auto game with out adding a story.

i havent played multiplayer (besides splitscreen)...

i also wish there were actual characters...

as it stands though i think its a decent enough game...

Um, i havnt played it yet. But i know there's a mod called Galactic Conquest on the Battlefield 1942. I'm downloading it now, so i havnt tried it but its looks pretty decent and considering Battlefront is basically Battlefield 1942 with Jedi's, you should try it out also,unless you dont have Battlefield 1942.

Is it true that to change perspectiv in the console games, that you have to go through the main menu?

I played this game on the PS2 and I thought it was pretty fun and entertaining, even though the graphics were a little blurry.

Red Superfly
I have this game on XBox. I don't play it much.

It's not a bad game except there are two levels that really let the game down - Kashyyyk, Endor and Yavin.

These are woodland areas where every player seems to be the same shade of brown as the floor. Everything is just brown. Trying to shoot Ewoks is not as much fun I had in mind, they're just brown blobs moving around on brown "carpet". The graphics are blurry and at times it looks like an N64 game.

Also, the sniping is, well, crap. Sometimes you will shoot someone in the head once and they die, other times you'll shoot them three times and they'll still be alive. The detection on the head/body/limbs is rather poor.

Top it off with the fact that every map is not cut out for vehicular battle, save for Endor and Hoth. Picking up a Jedi Starfighter is absolutely pointless. Not only that, but the levels are tiny and best suited to on foot combat or land vehicles like Tanks and speeders. It's like a shark trying to swim in a puddle. Proper flying vehicles are worthless.

It's still an entertaining game, but it gets repetitive.

alien When i was playing it last night i got killed by Dooku and I was laughing my head off and then kicked ass. The best side to be is the empire because you can have vader on your side and that owns.

I am the best suicide pilot in Battlefront. The vehicles are way too hard to fly.

you could slow them down with the reverse key..
in any case that new starwars game coming out.. (republic commando or suttin?) plays hella better than battlefront anyway

Republic Commando does like kinda of interesting, but im not sold on it quite yet. The graphics and the idea of commanding your own squad is pretty cool while not being oringial, but still cool. I like the idea to move your individual memeber to context sensitive area to do various things like sniper, throw grenades and what not. It looks also pretty cool
BUT, they have to work on the sound and the AI and fine tune it. The weapons sound like crap and pathetic, like its suppose to sound like a blaster but comes off like a peashooter. Also, the AI is god awful. They dont try to flank, get out of position or anything, just stand there or run right at you. Its pretty weak compared to games now. And while I was playing, it was cool to hear the squad voices and stuff, but i couldnt hear the difference to them or the commader telling you where to go. It was very poorly done. Like i would be walking aroun looking for somewhere to go, and then restart it, and then restart it again, then finally i heared the guy tell me to bomb this wall. I wish they had some sort of indicator telling you about your objectives. It was very confusing.
But then again, its not out yet and I hope it gets fixed.

Its a cross between Metriod Prime, Freedom Fighters and Halo.

ARC Trooper 117
Battlefront is awesome offline, but the online play SUCKS @$$, IMHO!
Republic Commando was very good IMAO, (though it was pretty much a cross between Rainbow Six, Halo, and a little bit of Metroid Prime too <as Smasandian pointed out stick out tongue&gtwink.

It looks good, it just needs to be tightened up. The sound and AI are horrible, and if im paying 50 dollars or more, i want a good game.

I like it,
there are some trouble spots in some places,
Vehicles being really hard to master, with the mouse and WASD.... but one you get the hang of it they work pretty well.
ANd if you have a good enough computer, ewoks shouldn't look all fuzzy. ANd the uniforms are movie accurate so I don't know what people are complainging about

I like to go with heavy support.

alien The ships are hard to fly and you always end up crashing into things, but I've gotten used to the controls the problem is that you press for the acceleration and you are descending instead but if you just use the left analog stick for speed it will be easier.

i have a ps2 and the only vehicle i had trouble with was the republic gunship... and thats only the odd time...

suppose controllers are easier to use...

i got 80 kills last night, but i just have single player mode, is this harder to achieve online?

alien That's quite impressive stunrun I've only managed about 60 and thats about it.

starwars but a couple of nights ago I got 70 on it and now I'm going for 80

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