EP3 Main Title MP3?

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There's a lot of talk floating around about an MP3 titled "John Williams Episode III - Main Title & Aproaching the Battle". Has anybody downloaded this? Can they confirm that it's music from the actual movie, not from any Star Wars affiliated game or other John Willliams soundtrack? I'm currently downloading it- back to dialup for me (I'm getting used to it... again...)

ManuSith on the TFN Boards has posted a link: f*p://lucasfilm.spymac.net/downloads/John Williams - Star Wars Episode III The Revenge Of The Sith - Main Title & Aproaching The Battle.mp3

I am, on the other hand, downloading it from eDonkey.

Anyone? confused

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wow, if this is true i woudl be blown away. recording for the film hasnt even started yet.


This is a music mix (very nice) from soundtrack Shadows of the Empire. Don't be excited.

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i hate it when people get me excited. no expression

The official score will be recorded in Januarywink

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Another pointless, stupid, shameful thread...


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no its not. i fall victom to becoming a thread police and am trying to stop and i think the rest of us should too. lets leave that to the mods.

Good choice, especailly being here for hardly 20 days.

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"Good choice, especailly being here for hardly 20 days."

alright for the last time i re-registered. i registered back in sept of 2003. i was tired of being mindbugaling so i changed it . i can prove it to you if you wish.

Socking is a bannable offense. You could have just changed your name, but now you run the risk of being permanently banned.

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somehow i dont believe you.

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Socking is not permited here. Dont make another account again.

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damn that sucks. well im going to change my name then.

well get to work then, because that name is just downright goofy stick out tongue


Well, then...

I'd like to defend this so-called "useless" post, you quick to jump on your high horse, "I've been at this forum since the dawn of time", "I really need an outlet to make myself look anonymously powerful"...

I happened to come across information on a suspected musical cue. Not just here, but happened to be something that had just hit the TFN Boards as well. So, I thought that there may be some merit to it- a number of people were coming across it.

It was not a case of claiming I had it in with George's dog Indiana, or that my 'best' friend watched a 7 minute presentation of the scene where Anakin takes a forceful whiz. It was a lead. And one that proved to be a convincing slight of hand.

Perhaps a Star Wars board, where like-minded people who enjoy a particular movie series is not the place for people who just to complain and moan- just because they're not getting they're (well deserved? ha) fix. Maybe if you want to flex these awesome powers of flaming- take it to a board where others may enjoy it- like an S&M board.


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i love your posts saber!

wait wait wait, who is a sock? who has a goofy name?

a bit off topic but who is Space opera ?

The person who posted two posts before u is Space opera.

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wtf? whoo is GCG and lucasfilm? oh, half nOObs i see....

half noob,noob,semi noob,quarter noob,foetus noob............jesus who cares!
does it really matter
ive been here since june 2004 i think
been a sw fan since july 1977
so whats that make me?

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i was joking....


me too
do u think a guy who leans on an arthiritic old age pensioner whos lightsabre stroking days are over whilst grinning and holding his thumb aloft in a 70s keep on trucking style can be serious?

a very cool "arthiritic old age pensioner" at that!
Dave Prowse rules!!!!!

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