yoda in Jedi temple holoroom

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Sorry if someone already posted it.
I tried to check with the search option but couldn't find any posts about this pic.

Jedi Priestess

I hadnt seen that before nice find! You might ask for a move to the finished shots thread. smile

omg that rocks yoda looks so real and damn looks like anakin reeks more havoc than i expected

Badio ,where did you find that picture? Wow

is that in the jedi temple

thats not the temple

it could be the surveilance room in the temple and the door is and obi wanis just leaving

Jedi Priestess
Actually that came from MF early this morning....I just hadnt seen it here yet.

I wonder if its possible that this is an image from the next issue of Insider?

it popped up in an italian forum... then in another one.

It's kind of unusual, since i usually post in those forum what i find here wink

:.Space Opera.:
dead jedi? or fallen stone?

Damn nice find Badiowinkwink

:.Space Opera.:
i hope its a dead jedi http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0304/cool/cool-smiley-027.gif

where did you get the picture from

That kicks complete ASS! Blaster marks, smoke, a very serious Yoda, and fallen Jedi. Very dark! Wicked!

kinda looks like an ewok's severed head to me big grin


look at it

you see it?

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yeah wicked! http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/character/3/character56.gif

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damn didnt work

Lord Darth Gabe
I just love this scene...this could be when Obi-Wan makes his way to mustafar...and Yoda has to face a dark lord of the sith...

...don`t you agree?

This is truely one of the best pics to be released yet! Looks like a piece of rock to me?!

Sith Master X
Wow. Awesome!!

:.Space Opera.:
yoda looks like hes sayin "what up yo?"

Dart Saber
or ql

Thats a fine pic ! Nice1 thumb up

looks like yoda was late for the party

Where is this pic meant to be. Maybe it's his spaceshp on his way to degobah

call me stupid but is that back room the place where sideous is when he makes a swipe in the trailer?

A much better pic.

(Sorry about the size)

Here's the link

Perhaps Yoda is about to realize he was a little late in preventing Anakin from killing the Jedi children.

Count Doodoo
To me it looks like the Jedi Temple (which probably gets messed up like that while Anakin and the troopers kill the jedi). The metal columns remind me of similar ones in the Jedi Council room. I'm thinking that this is where Sidious makes his appearance out where the smoke and debris are, and that Yoda is turning to look out there, and then we see a shot from the opposite direction that we saw in the trailer where Yoda uncovers his lightsaber.

Count Doodoo
On second thought, it looks like there's a dead Imperial Guard on the floor in the trailer shot, so maybe Yoda fights some of them first.

id like to think your right...yoda goes to mashed up jedi temple,takes out 2 imperial guards with no fuss then walks into main jedi temple room to see hooded figure looking out of window who sounds like palpy..hes talking to yoda with his back to him about how this day has been a long time coming ..he then turns round revealing his true face lights up his sabre and yoda does too!
thats what ID like to happen

Although I don't have a problem with Yoda making short work of anyone, I must admit I've always liked the mention that no Imperial Guard has died in combat. Obviously it is EU, but that remark would no longer be valid.

Count Doodoo
Exactly -- and this would be the other guard:

.:Space Opera:.
i dont know if that is the same sequence, or at least not the same hall. if you look at the design on the ground it doesnt quite match up with the one in the yoda/saber pic. i think that happens later on.

Count Doodoo
Now that you mention it, I'll bet George Lucas has Yoda use the force with both hands and make them zap themselves with their own force pikes, and they fall unconscious (that way Yoda doesn't have to kill anybody).

Also I think Space Opera's right about the first pic being in another part of the jedi temple from the trailer shots. I'll bet the first pic is just after Yoda sees the security video of Anakin killing jedis and then he looks around a little and runs into Sidious. Maybe they sense each other like Obi-Wan and Darth Vader on the Death Star in Ep. IV.

two dead guards???? yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
finally, some real violdence in a SW film!!!11!!1

Sweet pic and im lovin the gaurd things...keep postin guys ill see what i can find also..

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