Halo1+2 Appropriate for a teen?

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I'm setting up this thread to find out just how violent Halo1+2 are. I am not alloud to play either game, because I am under the age of 17roll eyes (sarcastic) .I would like to play the game because everyone loves it and I would really like your help. How violent is the game, and would I be alloud to play it. PLease give a rating on how violent the game is and would it be appropriate for children under 17? confused

There is no violence...only images of violance. There isn't really anything gore about both Halo titles. You basically shoot around a bunch of weird looking creatures called the Flood. Now on the other hand I really don't see why the game is rated M. Actually, for me rating video games is stupid.

I'll probably say the game is fine for ages 13-16 years old.

But I really don't see that way. I let my 8 year nephew play it when he feels like it.

yea...it's rated M, but shouldn't be confused I could name dozens of games rated T that are more violent

Actually the game is rather violent.... a lot of blood comes out of the little buggers and the flood if you look real close are composed of body parts laughing out loud yet i have seen far violenter games.... humans do not shed too much blood unless you take a malee at them on the floor.

Most of the gore/blood is from the aliens though, and it's obvious enough that it's not real, which is what a Mature rating normally will get its rating for..."Realistic Violence/Blood/Gore", and Halo is anything but realistic

So true... it may also be the "I can't have it, so I'll get it" factor among kids.. they want what they can't have. Probably not as much, but still.

go here for the thread on how violent it is :http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f66/t310734.html

I've played both, my younger brother who's 13 loves playing Halo 2 with me so I dont see what the huge deal is anyway.

thx a lot you guys please send in more posts (make it more convincing) big grin

by the way, thanx a lot raventheonly, that will really help me be able to play it

By the way I am only playing this game in Multiplayer at my friends house, I wont be fighting the flood or many other creatures.

I have a six year old brother who plays it to so tongue

DiViNe diFiNIty
i agree this game shoudn't be taken to seriously with the rating because there is only little areas of violence e.g only if you look carefully at the flood you can see that they are made of various body parts.
halo 1 and 2 rock and i play them over and over.

pff.. my nephews n nieces play it.. and they range from 7 to 15

as long as you arent gonna go pulling triggers up in your neighborhood, who gives a hell if its violent?

hey for my mom's sanity, could you not use bad language?

Phoenix Aska
You can't play Halo 1 and 2 because you are under 17?


It so sucks for you!!!

Most good games are 17 rated or above...

two words : ...newb laughing

Not really that violent. I'm 16 'n I play it in front of my mom, and even when I put my baby sister to sleep. She falls a sleep to Halo 2 almost every night, and she has yet to show signs of aggression that didn't exist before she started watching me play. In fact, most of the time I give her a controller. She's only 1.

Phoenix Aska
Tch...Halo 1 and 2 aren't even violent shotting games!!!

Quake or Unreal Tournament are violent shotting games..

Halo games don't really have any gore...sure there is blood but you know....

I use to play Turok when I was little...that was more violent than Halo also....

violence would be like dismemberment or disembowlment or overly excessive bleeding.. halo has none of the above.

Halo's fine for a 4 year old.

I agree that there is nothing wrong with this game at all. Ive seen Teen games worse than it.Over all its a great game and very enjoyable.

anyone who can handle the controls should be able to play this imo but i think blaming crap on video games is an excuse for irresponsible parents anyway

Yeah i hate that crap erm
They want their children to grow up as robots.

I honestly see nothing wrong with the Halo franchise. There's no blood (from a human perspective at least, the aliens drip some sort of plasma), no excessive swearing - although if its quieter enough you can hear the odd marine say something a bit more 'blue'. And most of the ways of disposing an enemy are quite clean either a clean cut (i.e. with no flying limbs), a melee hit or the old projectile firing weapons. I see it no different from say Jedi Academy or Unreal Tournament, plus the added bonus is your fighting and destroying aliens instead of humans games which even Jedi Academy and UT are resposible for.

I'd give it to my newly born daughter... if i had one stick out tongue

Of course...the Grunts even sound like Ewoks(those funny little things from Star Wars).

Heres some pics for you

Heres another one

Ill try to find more later

How do you capture images on a PC game?

well, if you hit print screen (towards the top of the key board), it should take a screen shot, then you go to paint and edit=> paste, or ctrl v, it should come up.

But I know that doesn't work for the cinematics in brood war, but during the in-game...so it might not work confused

Oh i didnt know Print Page worked when you played a game, Thanx. Now i just have to fix my PC to actually play games. Stupid trojan.

I suppose the concept of killing anything non-human at any means possible, could be considered violent, atleast to old or overly religous people. Dude, this game is defaintly not violent, mind numbing, but not violent. You have to understand that there is a certain level of violence in 90% of all video games. The violence in halo is not there merely for the sake of being violent. It is there to carry along the gameplay and story.

Jurasic Park is more violent than Halo, if your mom doesnt let you watch Jurasic park, then you need to get ready to be a very lonely, and un aware person in life, because you are being sheltered.

anyone over the age of 4 hours should be allowed to play this game

Stealth Agent
KalBill-Zakki Pronounced (Cow-Bill-Zocky)

Red Superfly
It's not violent.

When players get hit they shimmer in a goldy force field. No blood.

Aliens bleed toothpaste.

Nothing gets ripped apart/decapitated/amputated.

The people that think Halo is violent are the same people that think Pokemon is cruel to animals because it's a game about IMAGINARY creatures fainting.

Did that rat just get poisoned. Oh my God! Satans brainwashing you through Poke'mon.

while I believe strongly that halo was much more deserving of a TEEN rating, than an M rating, saying 4 year olds should play it is a little overboard.

everytime I see a "are video games getting more violent? our studies say yes" type media deal on the tv with a 9 year old playing GTA, or Halo 2 just pisses me off.

Games have ratings for a reason. I may not agree with all of the ratings, but osme are correct.

I believe halo is fine for a teen around 12 or so(maybe a year or 2 higher) if they havent played it already.

I would most definetly NOT allow a 12 year old to play halo 2.

Diesel fan
My nephew is 12 and he playes halo 1 and 2 all the time and he can't get enough of it.

thats the problem though. as much as halo 1 is fine...our society has kids saying the F*** word at 8, and I would rather have a kid not playing halo 2 or grand theft auto at 12. I just feel that they're mature rated for a reason(excluding halo1)

Diesel fan
My nephew doesn't swear though because he knows it's wrong.

Diesel fan
Why the hell do people have to fuss over something as petty as this
SOOOOOOOO what if kids are playing them
Its the parents that get the games for them
Take the disscusion up with them

the 'real' problem is that children dont know their place these days.. I have nephews that sometimes forget who I am and start talking to me like I'm their 8th grade buddy.. Im like "Hello?... I know you arent talking to 'me' like that..." and they'll apologize... if you teach children to understand who they are (and not act like they're 18 or 20 years old talking to adults on an adult level), then I believe there will be less profanity and slacking in terms of manners.

Diesel fan
I agree with SAtsuJIN

Besides if they start, give them a clip around the ear

It stinks i cant play and i think its the best game ever i wish ther would bring the rating down to teen

i think that the games should not be rated m its not like theres blood all over the place or arms and heads rollin around.theres like no swears and i know a 6 year old that plays it all the time

Darth Revan
I hate it when people won't let their teenaged kids play video games because they're "too violent"... If you act more violent because of playing a stupid game, you're a moron and need counseling.

I really does piss me off when i hear people talk about this, Parents dont know anything, Just Buy the Game yourself, or get som1 else to buy it, or just tell ur parents to FO basicly

I think that the HALO games are appropriate for "Teens" of the age 14+, but any younger than that - no way.
But I'd be more worried about Little 8 year old Timmy playing GTA: San Andreas down the street, rather than Bobby the 12 year old playing HALO at his house.....wink

Yes, its abit more worrying seeing a 8 year old swearing his head off then a 8 year old pretending he is Master Chief.

I agree that Halo1/2 are not laced with blood effects and mutilated corpses but the thing that gets me (being an avid xbox online user) is the amount of swearing, racist and idiots that the child is being exposed too, that sort of stupidity has no place in modern society. Offline is fine for kids but there too impressionable to go online. However the guy that started this is 17 and I would expect him to learn to ignore this.

Hmm... You do fire many weapons into humanoid baddies but the aliens are so colorful that it's hard to take it seriously.

Plus David Cross does voice work. That alone should warrant the game.

Next Venom_girl
It's cool. It's like PG-13. stick out tongue

long pig
Originally posted by Hit_and_Miss

Oh, sorry. That's my bad, I'll try to be nicer. stick out tongue

It's nothing that won't be on any other T rated game or in movies or on TV, so I say you should be allowed to play it... erm

Originally posted by Hit_and_Miss
I agree that Halo1/2 are not laced with blood effects and mutilated corpses but the thing that gets me (being an avid xbox online user) is the amount of swearing, racist and idiots that the child is being exposed too, that sort of stupidity has no place in modern society. Offline is fine for kids but there too impressionable to go online. However the guy that started this is 17 and I would expect him to learn to ignore this.

If the parent is afraid the kid will start cursing, than they should be responsible enough to not allow the child to play online. However, like I said before, I think it is certainly okay for teens and kids under the age of 17 to play it.

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