Hey...what do you think of....

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Phoenix Aska
What does everyone think of celebritis playing as voice actors in video games now?

Do you really think it helps to sell games?

I don't....I like reading the subtitles on what the character has to say....

The voices can get annoying or are too slow when I read so fast.....

I hate the games that make it so you have to wait for the character to stop talking before it moves on to the next scene....

yeah, i dont like some voice actors because some are real bad at it, but people like ray liota and a few others i cant think of are good, especially in a game where you could really enjoy the cut-scenes, i dont think it helps it sell games, just adds more to the experience than those real crappy voice actors from games like silent hill or something

I think Halle joe Osmand (I see dead people kid) did a good job as Sora

Phoenix Aska
That was the guy who played Sora's voice???

I didn't know that...

yeah Hailey did good.. I dont mind celebrity voice actors as long as they seamlessly become the character they're voicing for

You know, the Master Chief kinda sounds like Keanu Reeves...(Neo from The Matrix)

Phoenix Aska
Wow...I don't really think so...I think the master chief has a deeper voice than Keanu Reeves...

Yep, I meant in the second Halo. Maybe they switched voice actors, or something.

Shaolin Monk
I was stoked when I heard Samuel L. Jackson's voice as Tenpenny on San Andreas. I don't think it affects sales because they usually don't say "hey, this celebrity does a voice for this game!"...I had no idea Samuel L. Jackson was going to be in it.

As long as they're not out of place, I think voice acting adds quite a deal to a game.

definitely, the voice acting in mgs3 is horrible, i hate snakes voice so much, i think its the same guy who does the voice for master chief, anyway i think celebrities doing videogame characters is a great idea, adds good voice acting to the good story, these anime voice-over guys are getting worse and worse

Voice acting, when it first emerged in games, was terrible. Now, it's a natural part of games, and even non-celebs to stellar jobs. As long as it's believable, it adds another dimension to the game, and I'm all for it.

If someone recognizes a celebretie's voice on a game, they're like, "Oh my GOD, it's (name) as (Character's name)!" And then two hours later, they'll forget about it.

I think the best voice acting i've heard so far is in the soul reaver series or thief

Soul Reaver is brilliant, as is the recent Jak games and all of Blizzard's games

Anyone played Resident Evil, the original for Playstation? Oh man, those voice actors are terrible!

It was PS1 dude, things had evolved since then.

I love the games now have voices, and most of the time I find out who was in it after I finished the game (credits)

and it's great hearing the actors play their part in movie games, as long as the game isn't crap.

Havoc> what do you mean you hate MG3's ADR?, that game without David Hayter will suck....or it'll be less enjoyable.

What did u think of David Duchovney as Jason Fly in the XIII game? I didn't know it was him until I saw the credits.

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