Diablo II

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is there a 3rd diablo comming out anytime soon i just wanna know that ok can some one check that for me ok and if there isnt well they need to make on alright


I agree with you, if they made a Diablo 3 it would completly and awesomely sweet!

im addicted to the 2nd one, great game.

lol.. you seem to like asking about games that havent even been spoken of... to answer both threads... I dont think diablo 3 will ever be made... and if it does it will suck..simply because they lost Bill Roper.. secondly I dont believe final fantasy III is coming to GBA.. unless square gets even more desperate for cash than they already are.

go to www.gamespot.com and search for Guild Wars thats as close to Diablo III as your getting.. its made by the guys who left Blizzard it comes out pretty soon and looks very promissing

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Judging by the way Blizzard works, once they finish Starcraft: Ghost and World of Warcraft, their next logical progression would be Starcraft 2. One would hope. Order of last few Blizzard releases:

Warcraft (1994)
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (1995)
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (November, 1995)
Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal (April, 1996)
Diablo (November, 1996)
Starcraft (February, 1998)
Starcraft: Brood War (November, 1998)
Diablo II (June, 2000)
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (June, 2001)
Warcraft III (2002)
Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (July, 2003)

they're probably gonna milk all of them for what they're worth.. instead of reinventing them like it should be... :sigh:

i never actually played starcraft, i geuss i should go kill myself immidiatly.

They've said that they will not be making a Diablo 3 any time soon.

I play Diablo II now for 3 years (including the Expansion Pack), and I think I'm ready to play online.
But how's it like? Because I heard from my friend (also a Diablo die-hard) that online the storyline will not be followed.
So is it still worth playing online???
Anyway, I heard about Diablo III coming up, is this true???

what are you talking about... you've played diablo II offline for 3 years?
thats just silly.. dont bother going online then

Thats Insanity
Whats Diablo without BNet?

the closest thing to DIII ur gonna get is guild wars

Im sure Diablo III is a possibility, but youll have to wait for starcraft II to come out first :/

I didn't play online yet 'cause I didn't had internet yet. You know what, I just give it a try...haha...

Allright, this site is under construction, so it will take some time to complete it, but it still gives you a oversee of all that will be when it's finished. Now, there a diablo 2 chatroom and monster descriptons. Check it out boys and girls...


You mean 3, right?

no 2

isnt it just a little late for giving diablo2 information? lol
try an informative site on a recently released game, like halo2 or something.

Its ok for d2 n00bs tho thumb up

Hey, I'm making people know it's there so don't get on my nerves and I'm not a newbie.

i just thought this was coverage on diablo3 or something, maybe you should use freewebs.com and put an end to the pop-up madness

ugh.. wrong.. dont get on 'my' nerves or anyone elses nerves here.. your subject is what? 3 years too late to be performing any kind of useful information that I cannot find at www.gamefaqs.com only difference is 'wow' you got pretty .gifs.. :sigh: roll eyes (sarcastic)

actually diabloii.net would have the best and gamefaqs prolly wouldnt cover the extensiveness of diablo but its still old as dirt

lol yeah, I forgot about that one.. all the damn trainer programs.. I was actually gonna try to make a pure enchant sorceress after 1.10 came out, but it was hard not having your own attack abilities.. (you could nearly add 2,000 damage to everyones attack if you do it right)

Alright smartie you want secret info on Diablo 3?

yeah , give us some D3 info... or make a parody website

hehe this is interesting

zl i
no offense to yall....but im sick of hearing about this game,all my friends quit playing runescape and age of mythology and counter strike this game so...now ima hate diablo 2 4 ever!

I like Diablo 2. Im always a Necromancer adn I never tried playing online since Im still trying to beat the game. My brother wont give me any tips or help but Im doing pretty good. After starting a new file Im already in Lut Ghoelin hes already in the last chapter where you have to put the Miphestos Hellstone in Hells Forge or something like that. Tyrael Rocks!!!!!!!!!

You supposed to hate Diablo....won't you?

this thread isnt even worth putting an extra reply on! laughing

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