Will there be another Halo?

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Or is Halo 2 the last. At the end of the game after I beat it, it looked as if it was setting up for another game. And the guy didnt die or anything so there could be another one. What are your thoughts?


of course there will be! was there ever any doubt?

I thought it was confirmed that they would not make another Halo game, but that it would be a book or soemthing which would continue the story.

I heard a couple of people saying that Halo 2 was the last game to come out and thats why they made so much money on the first day it came out which was like 2.8 million dollars or something like that so I wasnt sure wether there was going to be a Halo 3 or not. But after I beat the game it sure looked like it was setting up for another one.

I just read on a Norwegian halo page that if u complete the game in Legendary would this appear at the end of the credits: "Coming February 9th"

Here's a link to a page which says the same (I didn't post the link to the Norwegian page since none of u would understand it):http://www.utopiangamer.com/features/halo3release/index.php?

Thanks for that but I doubt they can make Halo 3 In three months.

Maybe they already made it...but didn't tell anyone eek!

Ha them bastards! Nah I seriously doubt that they did or even started on it.

You're probably right. I'm thinking it'll be downloadable content for the game...or a release date.

Well Halo 3 graphics are going to kick some major ass if its graphics are better than Halo 2. Halo 2 has awsome graphics.

Halo3 is destined to come out for Xbox Next sometime in the years to come.. (but dont expect it to come before the ps3's release)

Phoenix Aska
Heh...of course there will be a halo 3 game!

the master chief still has to end the war remember?

Bungie wouldn't leave its fans wanting to know what happens(and miss out making even more money).

Also it showed the threat of a crap load of other halos around the universe....

i read somewhere on gamespot bungie said halo 2 will be the last,but i think theyl be a 3,thier has to be big grin

nope.. 3 is coming to xbox next (or whatever the next system after xbox's names gonna be).. its going to be used as a weapon towards ps3's launch, thats why I said not to expect it before then messed

and lol @ miss out making more money.. so true.. so true

Phoenix Aska
I heard halo 3 will be out for the X2...or w/e thy're gonna call it...

we're probably gonna have to wait till 2008, for the same amount of gameplay as halo2

Maybe the credits date thing means that Halo 2 will come out for PC on February 9th. That would be cool.

If Halo 3 is for the XB2, then i'm going to have to rent it, instead of buying it. Halo 2 pushed the graphics accelorator to the limit.

They will probably wait and do the next halo game for the x-box 2 release

If u read the lastest Game Informer it tells u that they are making a Halo 3.

Yeah, it'll probably be an official announcement on Feb 9th or w/e about the future of the Xbox2 and/or Halo3

I think for now, Xbox 2 is a myth. Rumour.

Shaolin Monk
as far as the name, or the continuation of the Xbox?

I honestly couldn't care, I hate those stupid games...

Phoenix Aska
I doubt it's amyth..

To stay in competiotion with Sony and Nintendo Microsoft will need to upgrade!

Diesel fan
Tell me more about Hola 3.

"Hola 3"?
Halo 3 will probably take place half on Earth, and half...somewhere else. There will be much revealed about the Forerunners, and the plot: Earth wins, or make peace with the Covenant(which the forerunners forced them to)
The graphics will be truly magnificent(didn't need to spy to figure that one out.)
More maps.
Hopefully there will be a Banshee dogfight variant of Slayer in the third Halo.
Halo 3 will be that last one in the series sad
More weapons.
New enemy.
More drivable vehicles. That's all I can assume, for now.

How do u know all this stuff?

Didn't, just guessed. I'm good at guessing what happens next.

Halo 3 was last in series: I don't know...three's the lucky number, but I can sure as hell tell you that Bungie will make it kick ass(since its last in the series, their way of a farewell), when it comes out. Better than Half-Life 2(which is saying a lot, really), than Doom 3.

More drivable vehicles: Hell, you think that Halo 3 will close the curtain without us getting to pilot a Pelican, or Shadow, or maybe even the Covenant dropship? They'll definitely add a new weapon fit-on on the back of the Warthog.

More weapons: didn't even need to guess. Just knew that there was going to be more weapons.

yes on xbox live it mentions in the hints and tips bit to watch out for a downloadable content message smile

I personally don't think thats true, I preferred Riddick's graphics. stick out tongue

I hate how they make sequels and "Upgraded versions" to consoles. Cant they just stick with one for a little while?
Halo 3 will probably be a 2006 game.

man yeah! then i would actually be able to play it for myself!

Absolutely Yes! Is obvious that Halo 2 ending hinted a sequel.

Diesel fan
There will more than likely be a Halo 3.
Considering where Halo 2 finished. If there is though will everyone have to wait nearly a year or over fo this one 2?

But if it comes out for the Xbox 2 then it will look soooooooooo cool!
Have you seen the type of Graphic
you can get on it?

3 years, Probably.

I think this point is over with. There is going to be a Halo 3 developed by Rare. Actually I think they already started developing it with Bungie's help (if my rumors are straight) and that they expect a Xbox 2 release...? Feb 9th is something else. I wonder if they are going to add more levels to the end or something for SP?

by RARE!? Rare got lucky with Goldeneye, they aren't anywhere near where Bungie is at.

I hope it's downloadable content, but that means I'll have to renew my Xbox Live membership, which I was not planning on doing sad I'ts burning a hole in my pocket.

This is just a crazy theory i have about the plot in Halo 3. Oh well.

The Elites back at Earth will discover that the Prophets made puppets of them, and get really pissed off.
The Brutes are really Egotistical this time.
The Prophet of Truth dies at the end, not the beginning.
Elites, Grunts, Hunters, vs Brutes, Drones, Jackals, and Prophets!
The Arbiter convinces the Elites of the truth(that the Ark will activate all the Halos, and exterminate all life.) So much for the Great Journey.
"You wanna meet up with your so called revered Forerunners? Well, they're DEAD!" THEY'RE the ones who activated Halo in the first place! And because of that, they got KILLED! The Prophets are making you all go on the Great Journey? Does death sound like the Great Journey to you? 'Cause that's what it is! The Brutes betrayed you, and are out to activate the Ark. It's going to kill us all. If you want to live, and preserve a future for you all Elites, then you gotta help us keep Truth the hell away from the Ark!"
-Johnson's speech to the Elites. (What i think will be like.)

They'll start on Halo 3 once they're done sorting out the bags of cash.

A new XBox isn't a rumor any more than Nintendo's Revolution or the PS 3 are.

A question asked to Bungie

Hey Frankie I'm a diehard Halo fan, and after I beat Halo 2 I was left with a sense of incompletion. Now I'm not complaining, Halo 2 is excellent especially multiplayer, but I just need to know something. What was the reasoning behind the ending, did you guys intend on the cliffhanger initially or did you guys just run out of time. I'm just so frustrated, I wish you guys would just use the current engine and make the second half of this story. I just cant wait 3 years to get to the REAL battle.

Halo 2's ending is a cliffhanger. Intentionally.

The feb 9th thing is true....I didn't read all 3 pages of this thread, but from what i hear, the idea is that they will be releasing more levels on xbox live to dl and (probably) play on earth.

Yay. Except for the fact that I can't get Live til' next spring break!

Halo 3 for X-Box 2 more than likely...

I'll pray to GOD that that does not happen! I ain't spendin' another 400 bucks out.

Master Cheif 99
The game is probably going to come out in a few years but when it does it's going to kick some ass. I mean it's probably going to be the best game on the planet.

Master Cheif 99
Originally posted by Master Cheif 99 The game is probably going to come out in a few years but when it does it's going to kick some ass. I mean it's probably going to be the best game on the planet.

What the...?
Double post, MC?

About the best game on the planet, Bungie'd have to add a couple of elements to the story to get that type of cool. My vote: I would have the last mission a Helm's Deep type, protect the Ark from the Brutes. Elites are your ally.
"Mission objectives:"
-Defend the Ark fortress for 40 minutes.
-The Arbiter must survive.

My version of the opening cinematic of this mission(choreographed):

A Pelican dropship roars past the screen, followed by a friendly Phantom.
(Whine of many engines)
(grows louder)
Several dozen hostile Covenant-made aircraft scream by.

MC- How long until they hit the outer perimeter?
Cortana- The Phantoms will drop the Brutes down, followed by the march from the west. All and all, they will be at the Ark fortress in an hour.
Johnson- Looks like they want some revenge for Mohawk, eh?

(Radio crackles)
MC-Punch through the interference and give me a clear signal.
Cortana- Done.
Voice- Demon, this is Arbiter, I'll drop off and try and muster some reinforcements. You hold off the heretics from the Sacred Device. Do not let them get hold of it.
MC-Roger that, split-chin.

best on the planet? it might be really good but I think thats going a bit too far.

I do hope for more multiplayer customization (of player models ) in the next installment though

I don't like exaggeration. Well put.

Halo 2.5 is going to be out for the xbox 2 conxole and feature as the lowest specs an HDTV rendering p[robably as high as 1280x720 and it will alsoinclude everything that didn't make it in Halo 2. It may be used for the Launching of the system or as bait and reasoning to purchase the system before its realease. It'll be preloaded with HDD as an option...unbeleivable; a gaming system that supports a game that is preloaded with an HDD option in crazy.

first of all your all right in a way. the thing is there is going to be a halo 3
and a xbox2. you know why, cause they started making it 8 days after halo 2 was being made. it is due to come out sometime at the end of 2005. so start saving up money. and the downloadable content that is comeing out on feb 9th will have new levels including a new hangum high, and new sidewinder. there will also be new campain and a new character. not sure who it is yet but it has something to do with ilovebees.com. so for all you halo fans good luck and try not to be newbs.

Oh yes I love that level!!!

Yeah that was my favourite. Other than Battle Creek.

Why the hell Wouldn't they make An XBox 2 it made microsoft Tons of money and they would open it up with halo 3

The idea of halo 3 coming ourt feb 8th or whatever might be right. But if you put the halo2 disc into a dvd rom drive, it doen't have much space left so they probably had to ditch most of the features and they need to make it dual layed or something if it was gonna come out with sprinting melle combos stealth and all the stuff they said so they could have very likely made split the game in two


Diesel fan

Okay, first of all i don't know if halo 3 is coming out on x-box or not but, it is going to come out on either xbox or xbox2. Also i know for sure that xbox2 will be coming out either this year or next. It will be out by "January 1,2007" i know this because my aunt works for a video game distributing company, and she gets her info directly from Micorsoft.

Hey aslo gess what i get one of the first xbox2's that comes out for free from her, even before they go into stores! I get free games all of the time, and i am a rocksolid fan of halo 2, i cant wait for halo 3 to come out. big grin

covenant and humans work together, i am 90% sure.

ARC Trooper 117
I agree.
At least, the Elites will.
I love the controlled anger from "the Arbiter" in Halo 2 when the Elite Honour Guards are stripped of their anger......stick out tongue

TOPIC: I kinda' hope that Halo 3 will come out for XBOX 2, or whatever, because the graphics could be enhanced SO much.

Oh, and whoever posted back a few pages that Bungie made "like 2.8 million in one day...", wow buddy-that's a LONG way off the marker.
Bungie made over 125 MILLION DOLLARS on Halo 2's opening day ALONE! eek!

LOL @ Diesel fan: Hola 3. hysterical

Everyone is believing the February 9th date to be the release of the halo 2 downloadable Live content, with some new maps and (hopefully) gameplay changes.

"Will there be another Halo?"


The reason for the bad cut-scenes and pre-rendering?

Halo 2 could have possibly been designed with Xbox 2 capabilities.

DiViNe diFiNIty
dudes i have just got some info on the release of hal0 3
its said that on multiplayer mod eu can chose for the covenant, floodor spartan and there is a level where 4 players can play coperativly and u have to ifght against the flood and hold them back for as long as u can itz like an elimination game it sounds sweet ind and i cant wait for it to be released

Where the hell'd you get this from? What the f**k?

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