JFK Reloaded

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Shaolin Monk
anyone check out this utterly disgusting "game"?

Never heard of it, would you mind elaborating what it is?

this shows how pathetic people have gotten. It's a game where you can re-enact the assassination of JFK. wow.

Shaolin Monk

a stupid "game" where you shoot from the same spot Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly did at JFK...it's said to be for "analysis"...so you get 3 shots....JFK drives by, you zoom in, and shoot...after you hit him, it shows the angle of which your bullet hit...the creators and supporters says it's so ppl can "test their theories of what happened". I think it's completely unnecassery



The creators must be researching the possibilities of what may have happened, and are using human test subjects to carry out their tests. It says something about sending in online results... I think it's moreso to find out what had happened, and why, to probably prove someone's theory. Not only that, but they're charging people to "play" it.

Edit: well before reading the PC world article, I guess I'm right stick out tongue They're trying to prove there was no second party....

Yeah, and they'd also have access to a vast world of pornographic web sites too. What would you choose, shooting JFK, or raging t!ts? Geez, a kid with access to any sort of credit card can do anything on the internet... if I were 12, I doubt that this game would be high on my priorities.... roll eyes (sarcastic)

laughing This is laughable. And so was the raging **** comment.

there is absolutely no use or reason for this game to exist. Especially for ten dollars.

Zebra 3
I'll pass and save up my money for Dallas: Who Shot JR? videogame instead.

lol.. this is hardly worth ranting over... JFK is dust about now

not to mention its just tacky enough not to even bring it to other peoples attention... after seeing this I wouldnt be surprised if soon they'll start making a game where you beat slaves to pick cotton

no expression seriously.... the guy got shot .... its over.... that fact cannot be changed.... why isn't there a John Wilks Booth game ? stick out tongue laughing out loud

When I saw the title of the game I was thinking that JFK couldn't possibly stand for John F. Kennedy but that it surely stood for something else. But I see I was mistaken. Do they expect people to pay real money to play it? Seriously?

well I guess in this case, it would depend on the individual.. someone might seriously take interest in it.. same way someone takes interest in porn or prostitution while others find it disgusting. Plus they give the reason "This is for those who are speculating if there was a 2nd party involved" etc.. who knows their true intentions.

I played the Demo and must say the game is damn intriguing. You have to give credit to whoever thought up this idea, it's damn unique and it's a major attention getter. The fact that so many people know about this game just shows what a good idea it really is from a business standpoint (no such thing as bad press).

The game itself is probably a piece of shit, seems to be teh case from playing the demo. Still, it has a very eerie atmosphere about it...almost haunting.

So shooting unarmed citizens is okay but shooting a president is unmoral?


It looks intresting, I want to try it.

You can download the demo. It's pretty intrigue, but the game itself is shitty. You just shoot JFK over and over again.

Thats it?

Shaolin Monk

nevermind then

sounds lame as all hell

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