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Hey just wana know what games you peeps think they should re-release? I think they should do a remake of Zelda Ocarina of Time, also older games like Streets of Rage, and Splatter House.
I'm glad there remaking all the Final Fantasy series for the GameCube, thats one of the reasons i got one now. But if they ever do remakes, i hope they keep the original story and just hope they dont turn out like a huge pile of monkey crap!!!! wot u tink ya'll?

the original deus ex, with an extreme graphics patch up, that would be an awesome piece of game.

they should re-release lemmings2:tribes, dont care about graphics just re-release it!

duke nukem 3d, with good 3d! or they could just hurry up and make duke nukem forever!

They would be great but I hate it when they just re-release a game..................just like resident evil 3 for the crap was that! They should have re-made it with better graphics and sound. They remade resident evil 1 so what stopped them from doing the others........lazy old gits! BAH!

they re-released RE3 with psx graphics? on the GC?

Yep they did, thats why its so crud. they so spoilt it by doing that, check it out on Google image search for resident evil 3 gamecube, u'll see. or go ona website, cant name one from my mind but search and you'l see how crap it is.its one of the best resident evil games and would have been even better with a remake and not a re-release!

General Kaliero
WHAAA?! I've been dreaming and wishing for exactly that! Is it ACTUALLY happening? Do you have solid proof from Square Enix or Nintendo?

You bet ya hers a site and its a very good reason for getting a gamecube heres some of the top sites:

oh heres on for the trailer:
you will see vincent, squall etc

heres a better 1:

Unless you HAVEN'T played the entire RE series on GCN. The GC made RE2 & 3's graphics A LOT smoother, framerate run at 60, and cut-scenes smoother. CVX on GC, it made look as if it was made on the GC to begin with, it's alot smoother, Claire's face looks more realistic in the in-game graphics, the movies alot better, and the cut-scenes alot smoother. Not to mention the absolutely perfect controls for RE. big grin

I have palyed the re-makes dude, they are smoother but how much better would they have been if they completly re-made them like they did to resident evil 1, would have been more sales for a start a more pleasing for die-hard resi fans like myself. but at the end of the day to me it just looks like the playstation 1 versions, sorry.

Red Superfly
I'm still waiting for a Streets Of Rage remake.

Or Golden Axe. Or some kind of scrolling beat em up.

DOUBLE DRAGON! I would p*ss myself if they remade that.

Zelda Ocarina Of Time doesn't need a remake just yet - it's still impressive today. They are making the new one like OOT anyway.

Let's see....

Prince of Persia remake was great!

Ninja Gaiden was explosively awesome!

So if wanted a remake I'll would go for my all time favorite shooter....Cabal!

Well yes, to YOU, but either way Gameplay>Graphics. Besides, if they remake 2 and 3, it will delay the next Resident Evil after 4, cuz 4 sure as hell can't be the last one, due to the entire years of 2001, and 2003, having no events at all. (Timeline of the RE games, not real life)

lol.. the 'proof' you gave was just the final fantasy 7 movie thats coming to DVD and UMB format.. not gamecube

I'd like game companies to do too many remakes..
like I thought RE remake for gamecube (the first one) shoulda had alot better (revamped) controls.. maybe physically assault the zombies when it came down to the last straw.
Definately a revamped ff6, revamped soukaigi (cuz the story was great but graphics kept 70% of rpg'ers away)

If RE2,RE3,CVX was remade it woould be longer for RE4 to be done.

Capcom has said this in atleast 3 interviews, the punches and kicks Jill did in that video were to show off the engine on the GameCube. It would screw up the gameplay if you could kick and punch if you think about it, if they turned RE into something like Outbreak, with grabbing shit, throwing it, etc, it just wouldn't be the same original release. Besides in all actuality, NOBODY would PHYSICALLY TOUCH a zombie anyway. The controls are love or hate, that's all there is to it, I absolutely love them on the GameCube, and I can't stand the CVX and RE:O controls at all, but I still play them, RE:O atleast I used to.

I hope they don't remake 2 & 3, since there is NO REASON for CVX to be made, after how smooth it looked on the GameCube. They HAVE to continue after 4 anyway, because CVX is Late 1999, and then nothing happens throughout the year 2000, and 2001. Dead Aim is September 2002, YES, it IS in the storyline. Survivor 1 is November 1999, and Leon is Ark's contact, Survivor:CODE:Veronica 2, was Claire's dream when they crashed in Antartica, and Dino Stalker is just a game.

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