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The Ones
theres no count down if its out tomorrow. fool!


lol, oh well, just make this the official KOTOR 2 thread. I got my copy pre-ordered and can't wait to play it. On Gamespy.com one guy said he was 65 hrs. into the game and wasn't finished, so it sounds like it is going to be a much bigger game then the original.

If it's going to be official, change the name, the "11" looks retarted messed

yea its not number eleven use II or 2 next time..

does anyone know the extent your save from 1 plays a role in II

65 hours! holy sh!t. maybe he's just crap though smile

Darth Revan
There's a KOTOR 11 now? You mean I missed 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10? cry

you missed them? dont worry ill lend you mine.

i must say, 7 is my favourite.

from what I read, the game gathers the info on how you played the original by a party member asking you questions about what happended and seeing how you answered those questions

sorry abought the title people im a little hungover 2night

Why should we make this thread the official KOTOR 2 thread when we already have a 7 pages long discussion here: http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f6/t306665.html
Perhaps they should merge.

It comes out febuary 2005 here blink

The X-box version comes out now. It's the PC version which comes out in February.

so far i got 4 hours in and this game is awsome. i think its better than the first

Post what u think about it in the real KOTOR 2 thread: http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f6/t306665.html
Not this new one

Does anyone know where i could get walkthroughs online? Im stuck!!!

what part are you stuck at, I'll try and help as much as I can. The walkthrought will probably take awhile to get online since it's a long game and just got out.

I'm 10 hours into it in 2 days and, I went to a basketball game today...Impressive?

I know you guys are out there playing, I sure am.

2 full planets done(not counting the first little thing at Peragus)...Yippie!

gah it took me soo long to get off that stupid peragus thing ... im on Nar Shaadar and i got a Lightsaber and this is my .....3rd planet ? i got off of Korriban and Telos ... 10hours 30 minutes ... so far .... lame ... sad

Jan 2 for PC thank you very much!

Sucks to be you!

Revan X
How the hell you get off Telos?

Yeah we PC folks have to wait cry

Telos? What part are you on?

If you help the Irodonians, I can help you...But I don't know about Czerka...

Revan X
For get what i'm said i already off telos i just help Czerka.

You think you PC people have got it bad? Us UK peeps have to wait till next February. cry

cry that sucks, for once I'm proud to be an American cool

I just got KotoR for christmas today, but whilst playing it I got stuck. V_V
I'm stuck on the part where the ship that Darth Sion was on boards the asteroid you're on (I forget it's name. xD) and you hafta somehow get into Hangar 25 where the Ebon Hawk is. I went aboard the ship again after downloading the thingy-ma-jiggy (damn video games and their mind-melting powers) from the console on the bridge, but I didn't find anything except Sith Assasins. So my guess is I have to find T3, 'cept the problem is I have no idea where/how to get to him. I saw purple power field things but I dunno how to open them, if it's even possible... -_-;
Please, PLEEEASE help me! I've been wandering aimlessly for hours and now I'm searching the boards... *pouts*

Peragus! Ah, that's the name. Jus' came 'ter me. x_x


did you get the power conduit do-hickey for the control panel?

because once you pick that up, then the rest of the level should be cake.

does anyone know where to go on the first level after kreida joins your party?

U might want to read through the last pages of this thread cmnlax: http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f6/t306665.html
It may be mentioned there somewhere.

What do you have to do to pass Nar Shadar?

You have to go to the Refugee section-thingy, you also find out how twisted one of your party members is. big grin

Neo_Version 7

I have trained 3 jedi so far...

this game was so easy compared to KOTOR 1. I mean I beat the final boss in like 3 hits.

I was watching X-play, and they did a lunge attack and killed em right after the lightsaber was drawn.

Its a bit short....And very glitchy, they actually ADDED glitches to the game, plus it had a habit of crashing when I hadn't saved... What the f**k?

Still good though, I'm on my 3rd Dark Jedi/Sith Assassin now. wink

exanda kane
After just having my hard drive wiped, I have lost a lot of my precious KOTOR 2 Mods. This particular mod allows the PC to gain more Feat's each level progression (of course I use the Hardcore mod to balance the gameplay). The site I downloaded it from (pcgamesmods.com) does not seem to be working (dont know whether tis is just me) and I was wondering if anybody has this mod if they could PM the file to me or give me a link that works...


Darth Zannah
I loved this game! It's so fun picking what to say, some of the things you can pick to say are so funny.

But I wish Kreia gave you a 'Darth' name when you became a Sith. Afterall, you are her apprentice and she is Darth Traya.

Heh, I can't wait until TSLRP comes out. happy

Phat J
kreia's a dark jedi? shit, i thought she was good.

i couldnt get into this game, i can see how people could really like it though.

I shall be playing this soon as I'm nearly done with KOTOR and have ordered KOTORII big grin

Originally posted by Lana
I shall be playing this soon as I'm nearly done with KOTOR and have ordered KOTORII big grin Good! big grin

I recently got the game for Christmas, and I've beaten it twice already laughing

Right now I'm just waiting for it to arrive big grin

Originally posted by Lana
Right now I'm just waiting for it to arrive big grin Your gonna love it..it's so fun when you find your lightsaber pieces and you get to build it..try looking in shops when you get into the game more for different crystals..you'l need a workbench to upgrade your lightsaber and blaster rifles..loads of fun..big grin cool

It JUST arrived in the mail not 10 minutes ago big grin

it kewl the plot gets deep very deeeeep so deep youll need a life jacket

i didnt think it was THAT deep of a storyline. KOTOR1 had a more deeper, imo.

although the total freedom in KOTOR2 is heaven. you can make anyone from your party a jedi. its awesome.

"i didnt think it was THAT deep of a storyline. KOTOR1 had a more deeper, imo."

It only had 1 twist. The storyline in KOTOR includes the characters and junk and stuff laughing out loud

Obsidian Fury
I have just cleared KotOR 2 with a Dark Side female and a Light Side male, and according to a guide I found, I am supposed to get new dialogues when I play next time. Well, I have started a third save and my character has now escaped Peragus, but I have so far seen no new dialogues.

Was the guide lying to me, or do I have to wait even longer before I start seeing new material?

Superboy Prime
No idea. But I wouldn't be surprised ifthe dialogue never showed up since the game was rushed.

jalek moye
the guide lied it doesnt happen

Nemesis X
I played the Dark Side and it was creepy the way your characters skin turns gray and your eyes turn yellow. Guess I now know why Palpatine's so ugly.

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