game bosses, should they be cheap??

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I always wonder, sometimes I think its great when a boss is more powerful than you, they are the boss, but in some games IE Pitt Fighter,

They make them 2 powerful, I got to fight 2 big guys name Eddie, and I was beating fast, I have lost hope a long time ago to try to beat Pitt Fighter as it is dame near impossble to beat.

When do you guys think a boss is to tough? When do you think he is just right, or easy?

When they either put down a sheild or something and its your time to hit them and slowy you kill them. That kind of boss?

the just right ones imo, would be the ones you know you could beat if you just focus and the boss gives you a challenge, some zelda enemies would be the easy type for me, like the spider or ganon in ocarina of time.......and the jelly fish thingy........and the rock thing....pretty much all of the bosses in OOT

The final boss, hell yes. Except damn the mother brain to hell! Took me a whole day to find out just how to kill it. Took me two more to actually kill it. Stupid, stupid, mother brain.

I played some games were it seems it is impossble to beat lol. Pitt fighters boss is easy, but your lucky if you GET to him.

You win a match and you go on to the next fight, but you dont regain health, and it is impossble to duck or doge the others guys punchs or kicks, The only way to win is to hit the other guy more than he hits you.

AND to top it off there are no cont. So once you lose you start the WHOLE GAME OVER.

I do like the Zelda bosses. Gannon was a great one, but the black blob thing in Link's awaking was preet hard to finger out.

The odysssey, Posidon is the big boss in the end, in order to BEAT a god, you have to counter his weapon with your weapons, or so. Took me a few days to beat him. I keep choseing the wrong weapons lol.

I always like Mudsa head, but to bad it does not affect the God.

I forget which one....but one of the Mega Man X's has a really tough boss.

And doing stuff like climbing walls while charging your shot is a sure way to get carpel tunnel.

Final Bosses aren't always the toughests. Is normally the boss before the final boss that always a ***** to beat up.

^ I've noticed that myself, actually.

Bosses I like are the kinds that stay just out of range, to make some sort of strafing run on you, and then come in and attack from closer range (or just in range, depending on what kind of game you're talking about). Shields bug me. A lot.

I remember Dumah from the original Soul Reaver, and remembering what a perfect boss he was. Once he awakens, he follows you throughout the entire level, where you have to bait him towards an earlier part of the level, where you trap him on a lower floor and start up an incinerator. That was brilliant, I must say.

rofl @ carple tunnel syndrome
yeah.. well I prefer for the game to use the skills of the boss characters to the best that they can possibly be wielded.. instead of making them "cheap" by having them skip animations, or just do a 1 frame animation that does nearly a 1 hit KO.

but to answer the question.. no.. they should have waaay more skill with the game engine, but not be cheap. I mean hell.. you should be learning something by defeating them.. not beating your head on the wall

Dumah was cool, I rember that, I was at a lost so I look it up on the internet, and it still took me a few trys to beat him(I got lost in his castle lol)

Finally killing the Nemesis in RE 3 is so satisfying. Gets blown out the clock tower window.

that dont kill him... u fight him when he mutates...

bosses should def be challenging....i like having to find their weakness...that way its kind of riddle, but then you can wail on them when you figure it out

bosses shouldnt have a weakness... they should force you to use 100% of your skill through the entire fight to come out on top... it would feel much greater to know you came out on top after conquering that difficulty.

I disagree. I like the bosses that make you struggle to find their weak spot but then are a little easier to beat once you find it.

I bet your thinking of the spider boss. right after zero dies. that thing is a mother.

anyone here played painkiller? some of the bosses on that game are rock! some cant be beaten without finding there weakpoint.

if you like bossfights, play this game!

Bosses are always for me a big flaw in the game, they are always to fuuckin wimpy. I mean you fight your way trough out a game, by the end of the game when you meet the boss, you are skilled enough to take out a least 3 of them at the same time, only boss I can recall being sligtly hard, is the boss in quake3 Arena(oh and we are talking about playing on the hardest mode here) but after 3 times of loosing to him, I rosted him as a chicken.

Bring me a worthy boss!!!!!!!!

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