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After a while of playing warcraft 3 frozen throne my comp just restarts for some reason and its really starting to piss me off
i need to know how to fix it
my stats

Win Xp Pro
Ati Radeon 9600 SE
512mb DDR400 PC 3200
80 gb
2.6 ghz w/HT
like 3 fans
350 watt ATX Mid tower


Red Superfly
I'd say it's likely to either:

a) Power Supply - not enough power providing enough oomph for the game

b) Dodgy CPU - graphics/sound card is feeding it all this stuff it cant handle and just gives up.

c) Graphics card is kaputt.

Take your pick, cos I honestly don't know with such a short desc. Take it to a tech support dude.

everything red superfly has said is a very good point, another one i could add to that list is a registry problem. my old computer used to restart whenever it felt like because of that, maybe you should try research that one?

and another thing that made my games restart the computer was graphic card drivers. i have about 1 year old radeon 9600 drivers, and i updated to the brand new catalyst ones and it buggered by PC up. maybe it could be that too?


Shaolin Monk
did you buy the game, or did you download it/is it a burned copy/cd clone?

If you bought it, it shouldn't have any problems. It could be fatal conflict errors, or the fact that you have to be a Administrator on XP Pro, to play it properly.
I'd say run Disk Defragmenter, run Disc Cleanup, and see what happens.

or you have spyware lol :P

research the problem some more... email blizzard at
[email protected] if you cannot find it on their www.battle.net site with all the technical support FAQs... if all that doesnt work I'd recommend a reformat

Or a virus...did you scan with Norton?

i did alot of stuff
i reformat alot like almost one a month
just got a new Ultra Xconnect 500 watt and a gig stick of ram

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