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ok, so this is a mob/mafia type thing that takes place in 1930's New York. ive already had a few ppl show interest, so if ur r interested, just post here and after we get enough ppl, we'll get started. and if you have any questions, just ask.

i'm in, do i have to be a gangster or can i be a cop?

Darth Revan
I'm in

Im in.

I will be in could i be a cop???

god, how come so many ppl r so interested in being a cop? you can both be cops? well ill post a little bio thing for you guys to fill in.

real name:
physical appearance:
other info:
weapon of choice:

and when i say real name, i dont mean ur real name, i mean ur characters real name. just sayin.

real name: Tony Martuzzi
nickname: Fat Tony (i know, its already taken.)
age: 42
physical appearance: black, slicked back hair. green eyes. pretty overweight.
backround: Tony started out wanting to be a cop. but the problem was his dad was the leader of a big mob. so his dad, to keep him away from the cops, recruited him as the message boy of the mob. Tony showed much interest, and rose through the ranks, and after his dad was shot down by a police officer, Tony took his place as the leader of the mob.
other info: none
weapon of choice: tommy gun

woops, i have some little changes to put in their.

real name: Tony Gamboni
nickname: Tony
age: 37

physical appearance: black, slicked back hair. green eyes. tall and skinny

backround: Tony started out wanting to be a cop. but the problem was his dad was the leader of a big mob. so his dad, to keep him away from the cops, recruited him as the message boy of the mob. Tony showed much interest, and rose through the ranks, and after his dad was shot down by a police officer, Tony took his place as the leader of the mob.

other info: Tony's not your sit in a chair and tell everyone what to do kinda guy. he's not afraid to get his hands dirty if ya know what i mean. not afraid to go through with jobs himself, but still is the leader of the mob.

weapon of choice: tommy gun

real name: Aaron Redmond
nickname: Bulletproof
age: 31
physical appearance: 6' tall, athletic build, broiwn hair blue eyes
backround: A beat cop for many years, excellent service record. recently became detective and works between homicide and organised crimes divisions.
other info: Married with one daughter
weapon of choice: 9mm pistol.

Lol, seeing as though its up now, I'm in...heres the bio:

**real name: Lilliana Mendez
**nickname: The Red Lilly
**age: 27

**physical appearance: Slim, sleek and classy, under that almost innocent face is the heart and mind of a seriously dangerous woman.
HAIR: Long, daark brown and wavy
EYES: Deep chocolate
SKIN: Olive
BODY TYPE: Slim, slightly athletic
OTHER: Small tattoo of a Lilly on her lower back in black and white

**background: Lilliana grew up in the Spanish migrant area of the city, having to struggle to make a living where-ever they went Lilliana's father moved into crime, seeing as though her brother had died at an early age, he had no choice but to take her with him into such a world. Once shot dead by a rival criminal, Lilliana sought out a harsher life of a hitwoman, now moving from place to place for money and kicks.
**other info: It'd never be a good idea to insult her or her family, any of her friends for that matter or the police would find little peices of you floating in the river in several days time.

**weapon of choice: Throwing knives, any kind of chord or rope

real name: Drake Ramoray

nickname: No nickname right now since he is a rookie

age: 20

physical appearance: 5"10, some what of a athletic body, Blue eyes, Black hair.

backround: Just moved from canada ontario to deal with all the violence in New York... But he will go back to canada. Has no family and he is not married.

Other Info: Just started out as a cop so he is just a rookie.

weapon of choice: Does not really have a choice of weapon.

ok i posted my status.

awesome. after the other ppl post their bios, we'll get started

ok cool

real name: Matteo Lombardi
nickname: (The) Trench
age: 24
physical appearance: Stands at 5' 9", short, but extremely strong and built. Blue eyes, long blonde hair (shoulder length), bowler hat, always wearing a trenchcoat, summer and winter. Underneath is a undershirt with an un-buttoned plaid shirt, and khakis.
backround: 1st generation Italian, father is from Sicily and involved with the Mafia over there.
Personality: A Street smart kid who is loudly outspoken, a joker.
other info: Mostly a rumrunner and hitman.
weapon of choice: Carries a pair of brass knuckles at all times. Has a double barrel shotgun and a baseball bat in the trunk of his car. Mostly just needs the knuckles though.

ok can we start now???

yeah, here we go

FLASHBACK: Tony was on his job now. he was walking down the barber on 27th street to let him know that he owed his dad, Martino some money. while on his way, he saw 2 cop cars driving by with their sirens on. he rembered back when he wanted to be a cop. before his dad introduced him to the mob. now he was a message man for the mob. he walked into the barbers. then stepped up to the desk. a man, with not much hair, the one he was looking for, started talking to him,"hello, welcome to Lou's barber, i'm Lou, what would you like done this afternoon?" he asked like he'd said the sam e thing to a thousand different people today. "well..........." tony started, trying to buy some time as he saw the last person in the shop walk out. the second the door closed as the woman left, Tony reached over the counter and grabbed Lou by the cuff of his shirt. "you listen and you listen good, you, a few weeks ago, needed a job done. a lawyer, if im correct, which i know i am, that you wanted dead so you didnt get sued if i recall. and we completed this task for you. now, their was a deal and we were supposed to get some moola, but the no good lawyer has been dead for almost 2 months now, and we still aint got your payment!" he said looking into Lou's terrified eyes. "i-i-i.........i dont have the money" lou said stuttering out of sheer terror. "well my friend, lets have a seat" Tony said walking Lou to one of his barber chairs and sitting him down, squeezing his shoulder very hard. he picked up a pair of scissors from the table behind him. "hmmmmm, lets see here. i would cut your hair, but you aint got much. well Lou, what else can i cut? oh, i got it" after saying this, he drove the sscissors through Lou's hand and into the armrest of the chair. Tony walked away and opened the door. he looked back at Lou screaming in pain in the chair, "ill be back next tuesday. if you dont have the money then, you wont be so lucky." he walked out of the barber's and signalled a cabbie. he got in and was on his way back home, but he saw the 2 police cars he saw earlier parked in front of an alley. he leaned forward," umm, could ya just let me out here?" he asked the cab driver. the man stopped and let Tony out. tony walked down the alley, he saw the two cops and his dad, the leader of the mob, Martino, with his gun out. "dad, what's going on" tony let out running over to him past the cops. both cops turned their heads toward tony, then a gun shot went into the air. Martino had shot one of the cops. then the other cop, instantallly, shot martino, in the chest. "NOOOOOO!" Tony let out as he ran over to his fallen father. in his last breaths, martino pulled Tony closer and whispered into his ear, "the mob is yours. treat it carefully." then he lay back and died. the cop started to walk over to the 2 and said, "get away from that man, you might get hurt." Tony was overfilled with anger. he looked dwon at his dad's gun. he picked it upa dn pointed it at the cop. "or you might get hurt" he fired it right into the cops stomach. he hunched over. tony fired the gun 5 more times into the cop. then he stuffed the gun in his jacket and ran back to the mob's hideout.
PRESENT DAY: Tony looked down at the dirty rat. his name was Luigi. he had been in the mob since before even Tony. and he was always Tony's right hand man. his loyal riught hand man. until now. "my sources, and i have reliable sources, have filled me in on the reason why those cops knew where my dad, martino, was going to be" "no, no no, no, i can assure wha thtey told you is-" luigi started. but Tony cut in with a gun in his face. "i know you were the cops inside man.. i know you ratted out my dad! and your gonna pay. see this gun right here? the one thats halfway to your brain? this is the gun, that my dad used to shoot the first cop, and that i used to kill the second. i used this gun for my first kill. and theirs one bullet left in it. and ive been savin it for a special occasion." he said cocking it, " for someone like you!" he yelled, pulling the trigger, propelling tha tlast bullet into luigi's face. he snapped his fingers and a few more ppl came and moved the body. "so" he said adressing the new recruits taht were their with him, "how bad do you want to be in the mob?" he asked with an evil smirk across his face.


Lilly smirked a little as the gun went off, she raised an eyebrow at the question, "Solo work is nada right now, I need solid jobs, got experience that you can use to discretion. Listen to no one if they say things of me Signor Gamboni, I'm feared more than hunted."

((is this set place during the depression???))

((Yes it is))

(( but i think it would be better if it was the 40's because that was the time when mobs were in..... like the godfather that was set in the 40's and 50's.))

((Well I think it'd be better if it were when it is so far set because then we have more to work with because this is the beginning of the mobs, we'll have more fun.))

((ok then))

Drake was sitting in the cab where he was being taken to the police station because he just transfered from ontario police station to new york police station to deal with the gangster problems in new york.

*oh, we're gonna have fun with you*

"ok then. theirs a new cop in town. named drake. just transferred her from somewhere in canada. the reason: to help stop new york's mob problem!" the whole group their laughed. "so why dont you go show him a little sometin. show him what he's getting himself into. dont kill him. dont shoot him. just mess with him.maybe set up a decoy crime or sometin, i dunno, its up to you. this is your test. you want into the mob, we'll see how you do here." he smiled and looked at the people standing around him. "what are you waiting for? go! and dont come back till yuve done sometin." he tapped the woman who spoke up earlier on the shoulder as everyone else was leaving. "i got a special job for you." he said putting his arm around her and walking to the corner. "as you probably know, while i was finishing some business with a barber 5 years ago, my father, the great Martino, was discovered by the cops and shot down. the thing is, i never finished my business with that barber. and i need you to do that for me. i know its nothing serious, but its your first mob job. so i just need you to go, get the money he owes, he'll know what your talking about, and get out. if he doesnt have, kill him. in your own creative way. teh barber's name is Lou. dont do anything stupid." he said as he offered his hand for a handshake. "and you'll get part of the money if he has it. and if not, you get the pleasure of killing someone. oh, what a pleasure!" he said laughing, still having his hand extended fr a handshake.

Drake was sitting in the cab
"How long is it till we get to the police station" drake said.

"ohhh another 5 minutes" the cab driver said.

Lilly took his hand and smiled a little, a dangerous gleam in her eye, "Oh no one's gunna forget this kill Signor, trust me on that uh?" She released her hand and winked, "Be back later..." She walked off slinkily and out of the door.

"god, she's a hottie" tony said walking bck and sitting down. he opened a door on his desk and took out a folder. he had every report of any member of the mob getting arrested by the cops since his father's death. he studied them, trying to figure out what they could do better. Tony put them away, and grabbed a pistol out of the same door. he walked outside and started to walk down the street. he hadn't commited much crime lately. sure he killed that luigi fellow, but that was nothing. it was dark and the night life of new york was alive. he walked down an alley and he stopped in front of a woman. "you just gonna look or you want some action?" she said walking towards him. a hooker. "come here" he said, "i got 1000 bucks if its great!" he said. the two left and came back a few hours later. "so, i think that was deserving of 100 bucks" she said holding her hand out to collect the money. "i think your not even worthy any money." he said putting his hand in his jacket, "i think the only thing your worth......." he started, "is the bullet in this gun." he said pulling out his pistol and shooting the hooker. he put his gun back in his jacket and walked out of the alley and down the street. he walked by the police station, and he saw a cab arrive and let out a man. he remembered his face. from a picture he had seen. it was the new cop in town. tony walked over to him. "hi, my name is Michael, are you new to the town?" he asked holding out his hand for a handshake.

Drake looked over at the man "Hello michael... Yes i am new to the town." drake siad.

Lilly sauntered down the street, dressed appropriate for such a night she tapped on the glass of the barber store with a manicured nail, a semi-elderly gentleman opened the door, "Sorry ma'am we're closed now." Lilly nodded and pulled her knife from her bag descreetly and dramatically, "I know signor...inside, slowly as if you know me." Lou nodded and smiled, the fear only showing in his eyes, "Oh Maria, great to see you...come in please." He said happily and backed away, Lilly closed and locked the door with one hand and not taking her eyes from his, "Now into the back room, slowly, nothing funny papi or this knife will meet it's target uh?" Lou nodded and backed into the room, tripping into his chair, "W-What do you want?" He sputtered, Lilly smiled and took her hat off along with her wrap, "The money you owe the Signor money, a little bit as far as I know...I'm here to pick it up..." Lou nodded and quickly opened the door under his desk, "I-I-I got it right h-here..." He handed it to her shakily, she smiled and nodded pulling him up slowly as she put the small package in her bag, "Now now're all scared, come here, let me fix you up..." She smiled a little more and fixed his hair and apron, "Much better..." She took him in an embrace, flicking the knife into her left hand, "Now now...buisness is buisness, rest well mi amigo." She whispered and plunged the sharp knife into his main artery in the leg, blood gushing from it as she stepped away she pulled another knife and threw it right between his eyes, he coughed and groaned as he fell onto his desk in a sprawling heap, blood still gushing from his leg as his life slipped away. Lilly winked at him and then left through the back door, walking back to Tony's office.

"well drake, i just wanted to welcome you to the city! i have to go, im running late for a meeting, but if you ever need anything, give me a call!" he said as he handed drake a peice of paper with his phone number on it. he left back for his office, only to find lilly waiting for him. "you got the money? that is great!" he said as he took it from her hands! "well, we have the whole office for ourselves for a while and i dont have any jobs for you to do at the moment. except maybe, one job......." he said as he walked closer to lilly. he whispered in her ear, "what did you do with taht Lou fellow anyway?" he asked

Drake founded michael too be weird and he also had a feeling that would not be the last of seeing that man. Drake walked into the police station and he walked up to the main office.

"ummmm i just transferred here." michael said.

"I took him into his back room at knife-point and then got the money. He was so nervous that he couldn't hold the package so I calmed him down and while we hugged I took a knife and slashed his leg open, while he bled I took another and threw it right between his eyes." She replied.

"that's great. i may have much use for you" he said moving closer to lilly

Already as drake was getting ready he was sent down to the barbour shop because they found a dead body of the barber so drake went down their. But he had to wait for his partner to come.

Darth Revan
Real name: Ambrosi "The Eye" Di Lucco
Age: 32
Physical appearance: Stands all of 5'2 tall. One hazel eye, one smokey blue. Thin, wiry, and quick. Wears a nice suit and one o' them mafia-ish hats pulled down over his eyes.
Backround: The son of another mob leader, who were this mob's rivals. Despite his small stature he was always the most valued and skilled member of the family. About a year ago, the mob's leaders were all killed and the other members scattered, some joining other criminal organizations, some getting out of crime altogether. Ambrosi has had a couple of other small jobs since then, and is now looking for a serious long-time job.
Other info: Deadly shot with any firearm. Has his nickname tattooed across his knuckles ("The" on his right hand, "Eye" on his left... so if he puts his hands together you can read the whole thing, sorta like Elwood from the Blues Brothers). He is often underestimated because of his small size, which usually proves to be his prey's downfall.
Weapon of choice: Handgun, good at shooting any gun

((so where should I jump in? Just as one of the guys trying to make life difficult for SK's char?))

((hey i aint the only cop in this rpg.))

Darth Revan
((I am aware of that... But if you'll read through the thread you'll see that your character was specifically addressed as the one the new recruits were supposed to go bother))

(( ya i know thought being a cop would be cool i guess i was wrong))

*redmond grabbed his coat from the back of his chair as he headed for the door. the police chief stopped him.*

chief - "hey redmond, dispatch says your new partner is at the crime scene."

Redmond - "I told you i work alone, i don't wanna babysit some rookie."

chief - "like it or not your gonna have a new partner, now haul ass, that body won't stay fresh all day long."

*redmond jumped into his car and headed to the crime scene. when he arrived he saw a crowd had gathered. a police officer was attempting to hold em back*

policeman - "Move along now nothing to see here"

*he saw redmond coming towards the building*

policeman - "hey redmond, go on in, their waitin for you."

redmond - "thanks"

*redmond walked in, several officers were talking and going about their duties.*

redmond - "so what have we got here?"

Lilly smiled a little, "Good to anything stiff to drink? My mouth is all dry and sore." She licked her lips just a little smirking.

Drake walked to redmond

"well it looks like the barber was killed" drake said to redmond


((sure you can join))

Matteo walked the streets, a cigarette in his mouth and his eyes darting around the streets, looking for his man, a guy by the name of "George Polakoff". Funny soundin' name, he thought to himself. He pulled out the address and photo again, and checked around the street. He saw the little pharmacy the man supposedly worked for.

"Ah...Here we are then."

He pulled his bowler cap lkow over his eyes, and put his trench collar up, making sure that everyone had left the store and that he was the only one alone with the two at the counter. It was them and him. He checked the photo and none of them looked it. He cursed and approached the counter. He whipped out the picture and pulled out a fake poolice badge he had pinched off a dead cop a whiles bak.

"Police. You two knows this guy? Polakoff?"

One of them nodded.

"Yeah, went home early today."

"That so? Know were he lives?"

Another nodd. "102nd an' West End. Why?"

"Cant say, police work."

The man shugged and Matteo thanked him. He walked down the avenue a few blocks and came upon the building. He asked the doorman.

"I have a delivery for Mister George Polakoff. The guy said its gotta be hand delivered."

He whipped out a small box. Matteo was always prepared. The doorman nodded and told him the room number. 3A. Matteo thanked him, nodded, and walked up three flights of stairs and knocked on Polakoff's door. George answered it.

"Hello Georgey."

George opened his mouth to yell but it was immeadiatly shut by a uppercut to the jaw. Matteo threw away the package, kicked the door closed, and slipped his hands in and out of his pockets quick as lightening, his hands emerging with brass knuckles on them. Right hook, left hook, jab, jab, uppercut, blow to the stomach, elbow to the back of the head. The bruised and bloody Polakoff edged away from Matteo.

"I'll pay Tony, I swear!"

"Ya had your chance, Georgey, and that was a full half-year ago. Now its a tad bit late."

He ripped open the package and pulled out a shotgun, moving away from his victim.

"See ya in hell, Georgey."

He fired, and blew Polakoff's brains out. He put away his weapons, locked the door, and looked around. Removing a paper bag from ghuis coat pcoket, he searched George, taking a silver watch, and a few dollars. He raided the bedroom, took any remaining jewelery, and found the bastard's wallet. He opened up the window and climbed down the fire escape, just as he heard neigbors knocking.

Matteo emerged from the alley, loot in his inside pocket, brass knuckles in is pockets, and shotgun in his holster (its not a full shotgun, its got a halkf stock and a short barrel), and not a blood stain on him. He jumped in his car and goit away clean.


Matteo busted through the door a few minutes later, in Tony's office. He saw him and a Spanish dame sitting awful close together, and smiled.

"'Ey Tony! Got what ya wanted."

He took out the loot and placed it on the desk.

"Polakoff's pushin' up those flowers ya love. Two lips, right? Not sure how well they do in hell, though."

He snickered.

"Anything else, Don? Or would ya like me to **** off so that you can resume your 'buisness' with this lovely dame?"

Lilly turned around and raised an eyebrow, "Dame? I'm more than hear bout the barber? Lou? That was me." She smiled dangerously, "So I'm not just any I?"

"lady and gentleman, please, let us not fight" he said putting his arm around the two. "in fact, i gotta job i want the both of yous to work on. got a fellow name vincent. head of another mob here in new york. we hate competition. and whenever we got a big operation we're workin on, he'l find some way to mess it up. so take him out. then, when the mob's at it's weaksest and scrambling to find some new leader, that's when we'll hit 'em. hard and fast. but we need to take out the uptop man first. so yous two know what you doin? it's a friday night and he's always at the strip club down on hennington blvd. good luck and dont mess up!" he said finally, walking the two out the door.

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((hey fruits... look at my first post in here, I asked a question wink))

*sry, yeah, just comein. you can either just start to try to bug the cops, or you can come new into my office, and ill give you a specific job. do what you want. sry i didnt answer it earlier*

Darth Revan
Ambrosi knocked heavily on the door to Tony's office. While he waited for an answer, he lit a cigarette and took a couple drags.

Tony heard the knocking on the door. "Bruce, go check it out" he said to a man standing near him. the large man went to the door and opened it a sliver. "what you want, you got an appointment?" the huge man asked

(Is it too late to join?)

*its never too late*

real name:Clara Nebson
nickname: Mocha Death
age: 30
physical appearance: Slight hour glass figure. Short sort of wavy brown hair pulled back into a low ponytail. Brown eyes. Medium build. No tattoos. Ears pierced twice each in the lobe.
backround: Nothing is known by Clara.. Only her work as Mocha has met the eyes of both the cops and the mob. She remains hidden and has shown her extreme dislike for cops. She had been one but her partner had turned on her almost killing her. She was eighteen at the time. She kills, traffics, sells illegal arms. You name it, she's done it.
other info: No family is known and is only known by her work. None would know she was a mobster by seeing her face so it is almost like she lives in a glasshouse to the cops.
weapon of choice: Uzis, maybe a desert eagle.

((me and pr have a lot of jobs to do as cops))

*sounds like a personal problem to me! just kiddin, lol*

Michael walked out of the barber shop because he has seen to much and he cant see the dead body anymore.

"this place is gonna be the death of me" michael said to himself looking at the buildings and cars go by.

As they left the office building, Matteo looked at Lilly.

"Listen, senorita, I dont give a damn about Lou. He was an old man, a 12 year old could have done him in. Now you listen and listen good. I'm the vet on this job, your the rookie, and so you listen to me. Until you've proved your worth in blood, you are nothing but a dame. Understood?"

He opened the passenger door for her and walked around the car to the driver side. He swung in and closed the door. He took out a pack of cigarettes and gave one to her and kept one for herself. He put the pack away, got out a match, and lit himself, tossing the match pack to Lilly. All of the sudden, his shotgun barrel was against her head.

"You even try to kill me, you'll have the entire Sicilian Mafia on your families case, got it?"

He smiled demonically and put his gun away again. He turned on the car, and began to drive to Hennington. He took a long drag on his cigarette and spoke again.

"So, what brings a beautiful Spanish girl like yourself to a shit pit of a place like New York? Surely not just for the thrill of the kill?"

He stuckmout the hand without the cigarette.

"Name's Matteo. The Trench, they call me. Your own?"

Darth Revan
"Yes, but even if I didn't it would be in your best interest to let me in," Ambrosi said, his voice low and coarse.

"is that so" said the large goon, opening the door, but having a gun pointed at the short man's head. "Jerry, put your gun away. i need to talk to this man." said tony. jerry opened the door and let the man pass, then walked away. "so what brings you here my friend? interested in a job? orhave some valuable info for me? please, stop me when i get warm"

Darth Revan
"I'm a little short on cash. I can do whatever you need me to."

Claratied the last of the ropes. The man's body had been severely severed. The only thing more grusome then the actual gashes and blood was the fact that there was a name, 'Mocha Death', seared into his Arm where she had purposely left unharmed. Without any trace, she disappeared into the shadows.

OOC:-Pokes Kohldia- Post! Someone!

"whatever i need you to do? i like you attitude. you got spunk kid. well, in fact, you cam to me just in time. in about half an hour, i got a.........special package, being delivered to the car shop down on west street. but its not gonna be easy. the cops heard about it and will be their. so do wahtever you want, stealthily get the package, massacre all the cops, i dunno, surprise me. but just get that package to me pronto!"

Darth Revan
"Will do," Alphonsi said. He turned around and left the room.

Outside, he got in his car and headed back to his apartment to get some "equipment".

*redmond walked outside and turned to the rookie.*

"everybody reacts like that kid, don worry about it. best we can do is find the creep that did this to the poor fella..."

Drake looked at his partner

"how long have you been working as a cop here" Drake said.

"too long... but i think we're getting close... maybe we'll catch a break..."

"Well i hope so..... Dont you ever feel like your next day is gonna be your last with all these people running around killing people like how they did with that barber" michel said.

"i do, but i got a wife n kid, that keeps me alive..."

" if i had a wife and kid i would quit this job right now..... and go live on the country side or something.... " Drake said.

Then a cop came up to them.

"Another death has happened at 102nd an' West End and you guys should check it out. before the news repoter do" the cop says.

*redmond looked at the kid* "lets go then... we can take my car"

"ok sure" Drake said.

Drake walked into the passenger side of the car because he assumed redmond wanted to drive.

"ok so we gotta go to 102nd an' West End and most likely when we get their news reporter will be swarming the place" drake said as he put on his seat belt.

Tony took a seat and grasped the remote control for the TV. he pushed the big red button to turn it on. The second he turned it on, a news bulletin flashed; "Local Mob leader Ronni Gruski was arrested today, and all of his known mob was arrested as well." the report kept rambling on, but tony didnt pay attention. the cops were cracking down and he knew it. he had to be more careful. or his name would be on the news one morning. Tony hoped his hopeful recruits would be careful and not do anything dumb as he turned off the TV

Hmm, why not, sounds interesting and seems good so far...

Real name: Adrian Phillips

Nickname: The Songstress

Age: 28

Physical appearance: Hazel eyes, black hair plaited down to middle of back i.e. cornrows, honey complexion, 5'9, 135lbs, innocent face

Background: Adrian grew up in a well to do family that had been counting and hoping on a boy as their first child. It would be a vast understatement to say they were disappointed with her birth, especially her father who had been anxiously hoping to have a boy come into his field of choice and follow in his footsteps as a police officer. She did her best to please her parent's but nothing she did was enough or a boy could always do it better. However, she didn't have to worry too long about being a pleaser as when she was the age of twelve, her father, along with her mother and grandparents were gunned down in their homes, she being the sole witness and survivor after hiding out beneath her bed. She remembered each face involved, once older, gaining access to their files and making her 'Shit list.' At the age of twenty eight, on the list were twelve, five crossed off in red. She had seven more to go. While she may not have pleased her parent's in life, she did plan to make up for their death the only way she could...

Other info: Always smiling with an innocent persona , she find she's always underestimated, which makes it much easier for her to get away with what she does. Has a secondary job on the side...

Weapon of choice: Anything that can get the job done...a switchblade in backpocket as a last resort

((Now for the story, yes?))

Adrian's heels clicked in the hallway, a rhythmic tapping down the corridor. In red stilettos, a tight little skirt accompanied with fishnet stockings and a small blue uniform top, she strutted to a well kept door, a bouquet of roses in her hands. Checking her small hat in the reflection of the metal door knob, she applied a thin layer of red lipstick across her lips before knocking on the door.

A gruff voice came from behind the door in less than two seconds. "Whadda ya want?"

Her smile brightened as she held the roses closer to her. "It's a telegram Mista," She checked the card on the bouquet. She already knew his name, had remembered it by heart, but it didn't hurt to play the role. "Mista Len...tie? Think thats right!" She said, saccharine sweetly, waiting for him to open the door.

"Who from?" shouted the voice through the peephole.

Trying to keep herself from sounding frustrated, she pushed her bag to her side further against the wall. She looked to the card. "'s from a Mizz..." She looked back to him smiling and winked. "Looks like ya have a secret 'mirer! Now are ya gonna open up this door or am I gonna have to stand out here in these stilettos all day? I dont got time, ya kn-"

The man opened up the door, if not to stop her incessant rambling, but also to get a closer look. He looked her up and down, liking what he saw and winked. "How abouts we fuhget the telegram and you be my delivery?"

Adrian's smile grew wider as she held back a gag. "Nice offa, but I have otha things in mind for the evenin. But ya should really smell these flowas," She took a deep meaningful whiff before shoving it to the man's face. "They're quite lovely!" she giggled, covering up her smile with white gloved hand.

The man took a smell, thinking it might improve his chances. Though if that didn't work, a little force wouldn't hurt...well, not him anyway. He placed his nose into the crimson flowers, taking a smell, but stopped at feeling something cold and metallic at his nose. He opened up his eyes, noticing the opening of a gun hidden in the roses.

"Really lovely, aren't they?' she said in a not so sweet tone, a devilish smile across her lips.

"Plu...pluh...please...don't...I...don't hurt me!" he pleaded, a nervous look to his eyes.

Adrian cocked the gun, still hidden in the roses. "Of course not. Just don't scream and it'll all be ova real soon. Sweet dreams." She pulled the trigger of the Tommy Gun, sending an array of bullets into his face, blood and brains spattering out the back of his head and into the wall, excess remnants of bone and red splattering onto her blue uniform.

She dropped the roses onto his corpse and walked inside, shutting the door behind her. She walked to his wallet and took out a hundred dollars in fives. "Crime dont pay...but revenge sure as hell does!" She flashed the money across her face laughing, placing it in inside her bra.

Stripping out of her bloodied outfit, she started to sing a blues song that had come to mind. She continued to sing harmoniously, her heart and soul into it as took out an outfit from her bag. She put her hand into a uniform sleeve. Placing a slender leg through a uniform pants, she closed her eyes humming as she zipped up her outfit. She checked her gun and took out a small canister from the bag before placing on a pair of black shoes and tossing aside her gloves.

"And he'll...never come baack..." She sang melodiously, placing on a hat. She placed her bloodied clothes into the bag she had brought and doused them with a can of gasoline. She placed it into a metal can, setting it ablaze with a match and watched until nothing remained but ash.

Adrian walked casually from the building, leaving no prints that she had been behind the crime, humming her little blues tune all the awhile. After thirty minutes of walking, she stopped her little melody at seeing a cop approach her. He bent over out of breath, taking a huge gulp of air as he looked to her.

"Officer...officer Phillips. There's been a crime at 102nd an' West End. Ya should make it there before the reporter's do."

Adrian fixed the collar of her uniform and cocked her gun before looking back to the officer. "Of course..."

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a man came running inside tony's office. he stopped in front of tony gasping for breath. "ah" tony started, "if it isn't my favorite inside man. so what ya got?" the man stood up and looked at tony. "notin really. a crime at 102nd a' west end. i just overheard a conversation from that new rookie cop and that veteran. but i got something that might make their fight on crime more interesting. well, that old cop thats been round here a while, said that the only thing that keeps him going is his wife and kid." tony instantly had an evil smile at his face. "then we take them out. ill give the job to find out everything they can about hsi wife and kid, to the next person that comes in here lookin for a job *HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT!!!!* but until then, we'll just sit and wait."

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Drake entered the room

"holy shit.... what the hell happened here..." michael asking one of the guys.

"well as you can see theey guy's head was blown off... by a shotgun" one of the policemen said.

"holy shit... this is what the mob do to people that dont pay money... shit man..." michael said.

It was too much brain and blood splattered every where he could not stomach it. so he walked out of the room.

Name: Julia Thorne
Age: 21
Background: She lost her family in a fire Shewas the only survivor. After that, she became a contract killer. She showed no pity. Her first targets were the men who destroyed her family.
Other info: She has worked with the mob before and has great street credit. Is is a top hit-woman in the world.
Wepon of Choice: Knife
Aperance: (attached image)

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Julia walked down the street to Tony's office and walked into the building. Julia walked over to him, her blonde hair was shimmering in the sunlight. "Miss me?" She asked, sitting on his lap.

~I forgot to say she's a freak shifty~

"oh yeah. but before we can get too into something.......i have a job for you. their is a cop, you've probably heard of him, named Aaron Redmond. and instead of just scrubbing him off, we want to play with him a little. he's been a cop here for as long as i can remember, and he has said taht the only thing that keeps him alive is his wife and kid. so we're gonna hit him where it hurts. but i dont want you to kill them yet. for now, i just want u to find out as much information about his wife and his kid as you can. then come talk to me and we'll...............finish up" he said winking

((omg you monsters...))

"Sure thing." Julia said getting off of Tony. "Do I have any information on where to find this wife and kid?" Julia asked as she ran her fingers through her hair. "Or am I gonna have to do have a little chalange?" Julia said.

"i know nothin right now except the cops name is aaron redmond. go from their. i want some good information now. dont come back till u got it"

"No problem Tony." Julia said as she walked out of the buliding. She knew exactly where to go, the police station. Julia walked up the steps to the police station and into the buliding. Julia walked up to a cop.
"May I help you?" He asked.
"Yes, I am Sydny Bristow. I work for the CIA I was sent here to talk to one of your officers, an Aaron Redmond. The government is reqruiting new adgents and his name poped up so If you'll point me to his romm, I'll be on my way." Julia said with a smile.
The man pointed down to a closed door. "He'll be in their."
Julia walked to the room and walked in. She saw a man sitting their.
"Hello, my name is Sydny Bristow. I work for the CIA I was sent here to talk to you, Aaron Redmond about becoming an adgent." Julia said to him.

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*just then aaron arrived, hanging his coat on the rack and heading into his office*

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The man looked at her.
"I'm not Aaron, I'm his buddy." He said
"Oh, I'll wait for him then." Julia said sitting down in a chair.

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*redmond walked outside to michael.*

"listen kid, this is gonna get worse before it gets better, i need you to be strong. i'm not saying it shouldn't affect you, just that you have to just get on with it."

((btw, wife is chinese, name of xin. and if she dies i'll go all punisheresque n shit... i'm not the most by the book cop...))

" The guy's head was like blown off with all the brain everywhere... how the hell can you get use to that." Drake said.

"you never do, you just bite your lip, write your report and try and catch the bas*ard who killed the poor schmo"

Drake stared at him"so are we finished here" drake said.

'This is taking to long.' Julia thought.
Julia saw a picture of a woman and a little girl on his desk.
"Are those his wife and kid?" Julia asked the man.
"Why yes they are, their names are Xin and Lucy." The man said.
~Sorry bout nameing them, but I hate waiting stick out tongue~
"Tell Aaron I'll be back, I have a meeting to go to." Julia said.
Julia walked out of the bulding and towards an apartment building. The picture was set infront a very familiar apartment buliding, her own childhood apartment was located in it. As she reached the door, she saw Aaron's last name on a call button.
"Score." Julia said.
Julia went to the fire escape and climbed it to their apartment. She took out a camera and looked into the apartment. Julia saw the wife and kid watching TV. Julia took several pictures of them and the apartment. Once finished, Julia headed back to Tony's place. Julia walked into the office and handed the camera to Tony.
"Their names are Xin and Lucy." Julia said.

"yeah, the others'll clean up the rest, we'd better get back to the station."

((i posted the wifes name in the last page... wife is xin, daughter just so you know is lucy stick out tongue))


Drake got in the passenger seat of aaron's car.

*redmond drove the car back to the station*

"alright, lets go, we've got some reports to write."

"well i dont have an office where do i write my reports???" drake asked.

"you are in mine, you get a desk to yourself"

*he said, leading him to his office.*

"You got everything here, typewriter, paper, everything you need."

"ok cool" drake started to follow redmond to his office.

*redmond sat at his desk and motioned at drake to sit at the other desk*

The guy Julia spoke to came into Aaron's office.
"Aaron, some girl came in looking for you. Said she was with CIA" The man said.

Drake took a sit at his desk.

*redmond turned to face the guy.*

"really? what was her name?"

"I think it was Sydney....Sydney Bristow." He said.
"She said she'll be back, she had to go to a meeting." The man added

"what would the CIA want with you redmond" drake asked.

"i actually have no idea, strange that they would be calling me..."

" well i guess you will see when she comes back" drake said.

Then he started to write his report.

"can't wait..."

"Her face looked familiar from somewhere, im not sure where though." The man said.

"i hope its not a mobster trying to pretend she is a CIA agent... " drake said in a sarcastic tone.

"I higly doubt that, too good looking for the mob." The man said.
~stick out tongue~

"ya maybe your right" drake said to the guy.

"i didn't see her, an besides, i'm spoken for", he said winking

"Your loss." He said smirking

"redmond you still should watch your back.... people around here act strange" drake said to redmond.

"I don't think so" he said, "my wife is all i need", he turned to drake... "Drake, you don't know the half of it"

~W/E I'm done waiting~

As Tony flipped through the pictures, Julia closed her eyes and smirked.
"As you can see, their is a laundry detergent she likes. I was thinking, if you want, I can rig one with explosives and bam she and the girl are gone." Julia said.

((if u kill her i swear to god, there will be a world of pain on all the mob big grin))

Darke continued to write the report.

"so does your wife think you should still be doing this job" drake asked.

"of course not, she's afraid she'll get that letter one day, but she understands that this is what i'm good at. i'm the best homicide detective in the city, she understands that i'm needed. although, i might retire early, i miss seeing my daughter grow up, maybe when this case is over."

" Oh and leave me alone here"

"hell, you can take my place, to be honest when i was younger all i had was police work, now i have more to think about. besides, i think you'll be fine."

"sure...... i will do good... most likely i would get fallen into a trap by the mobs and get killed or as they like to call it "wacked" Drake said.

"c'mon kid, the mob wouldn't dare kill a cop, even the crooked police in this city would go against them. don't worry about it."

"i dont know.. this CIA thing seems fishy too me" drake said.

"I know, they never show up in this neck of the woods unless its something big, and i don't like em anyway, fu*ckin feds"

" why whats wrong with the feds...??? its not like they keep secrets from the public.. like i bet you they would tell the public who assisnated a president of US less then 48 hours.... Their better than the police at catching people." drake said.

"perfect" Tony said looking at the pictures. "i underestimated you. since you did such a bang up job, lets start to mess with him. lets not kill 'em yet. but what i want you to do is kidnap the girl. bring her here, be sure she doesnt see your face, or any of the inside of my office! blindfold her. then we'll get a ransom, but kill her anyway. then we take out his wife. but we'll worry bout taht later, for now, just get the little girl."


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(( he will go loco... i think))

*that's waht you cops get for killin my daddy*

Tony remembered back to when his dad was shot. the first cop he ever killed. "i cant wait to see him crumble. down on his knees."

Drake looked stared at redmond

"maybe you should go home dude... go home to your family.. you seem tired." drake said.

Tony walked down the street to the local pub. he walked in and sat down. "gimme a beer." he said to the bartender.

the bartender gave him a drink then leaned in closer to him. "Tony, last night, i had a crazy bar fight in here. actually, i had one guy killed. no one else remembers. so i need you to dispose of the body. it's in the freezer. and in fact, theris this guy whos really been pissing me off, and even threated me one time, so i was thinkin maybe u could frame him or sometin."
"im on it" Tony said. he got the adress of the guy who he was framing, silently took the boy and put it in the back of his car, and drove off into the night. he parekd in front of the guys house. he knocked on the door and no one was their. he picked the lock, and threw the body in the guys bathroom, then split. he drove to the nearest pay phone and called the police. "oh my god, i live on east end drive, and im susupicius about house number 42. a murdr maybe have taken place or something, but im really scared. if you could please come check it out!!" he said b4 hanging up, then he decided to go out for a drive on the town.

Clara sat at a cafe talking to her next client. She then headed towards her apartment. She of course never used her real name when she rented one.

Julia walked the streets of te city.It was early in the moring and shewknew Lucy would be going to school soon. One of the pictures had a note from PS 180 (The school). As Julia arrived she saw Lucy getting off a bus. Julia put on her hood and walked over to the girl.
"Lucy, I am daddys friend, Daddy has a suprise for you, he is taking you to a special place and told me to come and get you." Julia said.
Lucy's face lit up.
"Where?" The little girl asked.
"Its a suprise silly." Julia said.
Julia then took out a blindfold.
"You can't see where were going, thats part of the suprise." Julia said blindfolding the girl.
"Okay." The girl said.
Immediatly a car pulled up and Julia got in and took Lucy with her. The car sped off to Tonys office. As the car pulled up to the office, Julia took the girl into the bulding. Julia walked into Tony's office, holding a sleeping Lucy.
"I got her Tony." Julia said.

*redmond had called in sick today, last night his wife told him that there was another baby on the way. this morning they decided to celebrate. after sending lucy off to school aaron brought his wife breakfast in bed...*

((you wouldn't kill a pregnant woman would you stick out tongue))

Drake got into the police station and was notified that his partner called in sick. And then he walked into redmond's office and took a seat at his desk and was thinking what he would be doing now since he had no partner.