Auron vs. Cloud

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Auron from FF X vs Cloud from FF VII

Who do you think that would win and why?

Cloud because he had Materia

Dregh what? Auron got freaking Magic Break and Armor Break. Also, he had THREATEN.

yes but cloud has the abllity to use any magic or summon

I wish I had FFX to make a basis for a comparison, but I admit my knowledge of Auron is little to none.

I just know Omni-Slash is bitchin.

yes yes

cloud cuz......
he's cloud.
auron rocks.....but cloud.......words can't express........

Cloud, no doubt.

1.) Omnislash
2.) Materia
3.) Knights of the Round
4.) Major spiky hair

Again yes yes

Red Superfly
Auron - always liked him better.


Uhh.. auron is a ghost.. cloud cant touch him

Lord Ryugen
So was Seymour most of the time and I noticed I could touch him. It depends really if they're fighting with maximum power, weapons etc Auron will have more health,magic and Attack power due to the break HP, MP and damage abilites. But Cloud has better Limit attacks and can use summons like Bahumat Zero and Kights Of The Round. Cloud takes it but it's a close fight.

yes but since the area has not been defined on where they would battle.. (as with most of these silly threads).. we can yack on and on about who'd win and no conclusion will be reached
rules must be set if a victor is to be selected

pretty much the same

if rules were to be set, they would have to be non-biased!

Cloud, because, he's Cloud.

they both have bad dialogue...

Auron-"on this day ten years ago, jett attacked the Shoopuff, and he peed by that tree, and threw nuts at that squirrel, and then Jett rode the Shoopuff, and proclaimed himself king of the Shoopuffs......Man I'mmmm REALLY DRUNK!!"

Cloud:look at my oversized sword.

The Flash
Cloud because Omnislash is so much better than Auron's breaks.

SHOOPUFF!!!! ust hearing Auron say that is worth it. man that guy is like totally drunk the whole game.........he would have to be to have dialogue like that.

Yeah well auron has that beer hanging by his neck. ALSO: TERRAIN IS: SECTOR 7 SLUMS.

surely that would be biased towards cloud, as its in his game?

Cloud. But Auron looks better. Especially in the first scene with Sin at the very start. Standing on that building.

Sure, auron is coolest character ever.....and drunkest...

No wait, coolest character ever is Cid from FF II (USA).

Definitely auron, at least in my game with his 23,000hp and 255 all stats...

Darth Surgent
If you make things relative to how the characters act when they are put in realistic settings with actual battles, Cloud will win. That is of course assuming that it's Cloud vs. the mortal version of Auron.

Stylistically, Auron has an edge on Cloud, but that has nothing to do with superior fighting ability in this context.

one thing auron and clouds pretty cool but i like cloud more becuase his a sik C**t hhehhe

Cloud yes

Cloud is essentially stronger than Auron due to the Genova cells than enhance his person. But Auron was essentially an unsent character, so theoretically Cloud cannot kill him.

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