The official KMC "Carth is a whiney little *****" club

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Darth Revan
Who hates Carth? I do. no expression All he does is ***** and moan about how his family died. It would've been better if you could've killed him like you did with Juhani. Seriously, where's a good thermal detonator when you need one?

Actually, the guy in KOTOR 2 is almost worse. He's like two of Carth with stupid armor. no expression

Where did this come from? Don't ask me.

Red Superfly
Carth rules. Sorry.

I don't see what's so wrong with Carth. He might be a little whiny but he's at least a billion times less irritating as Bastila, who I consider to be the worst video game character ever.

I hate Carth he is very very whiney



It's simple math, people.

Royal Knight
I agree with you on that Darth!

He is a little whinny b!tc! that doesn't know how to shut up...And it makes the game go slower as well


I definitely want to join this club. I hate Carth!

my friend likes him, and i obviously do not, and we always argue about whether he is a good character or not

Once you get the Mandallorian Armour, Carths Blaster Full Power and the Cassus Fett Blaster full power, he is a good character to have (if it is necessary to take him) but I would still rather have Canderous with me. Carth doesnt regenerate.

Still, it is funny to have him whine and cry, and then make fun of him while he does it. stick out tongue

Or the button to dick-punch somebody... or Force-Dick Punch.

I heard there is a way you can kill Carth, but I have yet to see it happen, or make it happen.

I GET TO PLAY KOTOR 2 ON SATURDAY! This makes me so happy... time for a Sexy Party! big grin

I pretty much hated the whole "getting to know" your party routine in KOTOR, specifically Carth.

if they added a feature in the game just to physically abuse him....I would play the game a whole lot more.

Red Superfly
I don't know why you people hated Carth so much.

He was a brilliant character. I always used him in battle. I'd have him armoured up the eyeballs with a couple of the best blasters I could find. He'd just stand there at the back taking pot shots at enemies, usually finishing off stragglers and wearring down others, while my two Jedi (Revan/Bastila) waded in with sabers.

That tactic OWNED.

Oh, he's a good character for fighting....I don't know too many people that can argue with that....

but he's still a whiney little b!tch.

Yeah he is, Bastilla was cool, especially When she turns evil

I only hid that under a spoiler for those yet to finish the game. big grin

Darth Revan
Yeah, but Canderous was just as good as Carth, and he had the healing implant dealy. HK-47 or whatever his name was also kicked ass, and was less annoying.

Canderous and Hk-47 (you were right, Rev... what else is new? big grin) are just as good as Carth, and Canderous has the healing effect.

Why use Carth? Unless you are on the Leviathon and you have to?

I kill his son at the Sith Academy in Korriban.....hehe....evil face

The Ones
carth is annoying especialy when he found out i/the player was darth reven he wouldnt shut up

You can't kill Carth...Wherever you heard that is false. He's in KOTOR 2...

Who said anything about killing Carth?

I dunno.. I kinda liked all the characters' babble.. It gave them more depth. I guess you get used to it after playing neverwinter nights and other bioware games (which also contain alot of dialogue). I just found the fact that they talk so much about nothing , more believable than if they talked for 20 seconds and sounded scripted.

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