I want Ghostbusters!

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Red Superfly
Man, I seriously want someone to make a proper, 3D Ghostbusters game.

I was playing Half-Life 2 and imagining a modded version of the game done like Ghostbusters. Heck the gravity gun has similar animations and properties to the proton packs they use.

It could be squad-based where you can play as all four, set up traps and stuff and use the equipment like any other shootemup. You'd have to guide ghosts into the trap. It would be cool trying to find them like in the movie, like chasing them through a hotel blowing stuff up.

You could take on possessed people and have to spray them with that purple slime to snap them out of it.

It would be cool if it was free roaming like GTA or Spider-Man 2, where you would get calls (or randomly find them on the street/people calling for help/disturbances happening) and you'd go to places in the Ecto-1 car.

It would work, the scope would be do-able on todays technology and it would be fun.

Imagine taking the Statue Of Liberty for a spin? lol

Seriously.....that would be like the best game ever.

Espeically if voiced by Bill Murray and Dan Ackroid...

i had a dream last night that i was a ghostbutster....it was sweet....if they ever make the game they better thave the soundtrack from the movie in it

Red Superfly
Oh yeah, imagine that.

I know that Ghostbusters is currently still "going". Demand for it was strong enough to make someone make a comic book based on it.

Would be good if they used that for inspiration and got someone like Murray/Ramis/Ackroyd and co to voice.

Imagine having Louis Tully as a secret character? That would rock!

looking at wat companies do, they'd probably make..."new" ghostbusters...like they did for an animated series back in the 90's. the idea has been done already i think...Luigi's mansion

Red Superfly
Luigi's Mansion? C'Mon. That's not Ghostbusters. That's Ghost Fishing.

Good game, and kinda where I started REALLY wanting a realistic ghost hunting game.

There was Ghosthunter, but it turned out to be mediocre.

We need Ghostbusters, and not some lame-ass kiddy version based on a cartoon.

I mean, they DID make a Top Gun game not so long ago, and that's ancient. It also sold pretty well.

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