Best xbox game of '04

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which of this years xbox games do you think were the best?

you could pick different ones besides these four

an "other" option in the poll would be nice...

let me think zorro

Fable eek! even though it is a quarter of what its suppose to be.... its still the best eek!

Halo 2 - big let down
Fable - real good game, but too short
Ninja Gaiden - good game, kinda hard... but I liked it happy
KOTOR 2 - got it... but can't be bothered to play it

The Top 2 on your list are great games. KOTOR 2 I haven't touched yet and Ninja Gaiden I've only seen people play...

I didn't think Halo 2 was a let down sad

that's your opinion happy

don't let me stop you having fun with it stick out tongue

yay eek!

I take that back actually...

it's not really a let down.... it's actually a good game yes but it didn't feel... I dunno confused

The only thing i didnt like about Halo 2 is that it didnt get me absorbed into the plot, and by the time i was staring to, the game was over...

i got into the chiefs plot, but i really couldnt care less about the damn covenant....and ending without some sort of resolution sucked, especially since the third game wont come out for a while, thats kinda like if reloaded ended and revolutions was 5 years away

if a halo3 is coming out i really hope they put a quick set up at the start, because i know im not gonna remember the plot lol

fable i thought was only short if you didnt do any of the real cool things around the game, so far i took every good mission and opened every door i can without commiting to evil, i still have to get the legendary weapon from the good god and then start an evil character and do all the stuff i could do with him.....when you get into the game it could be really long

EDIT: yeah i forgot to put an "other" option....meh

Halo 2 and Ninja Gaiden second.

The Ones
halo 2= shit

fable= too short all them returns

Ninja Gaiden= never heard of it but sounds crap

KOTOR 2= as a great star wars fan im gonna have to say this will rule (well it aint out till 2005 here)

If ur going to judge a game by its name thats just sadd.

I'd have to go with Halo 2, only because I havn't tried KOTOR2 yet.

The Ones&gt; Ninja Gaiden is an awesome (yet so very, very hard) hack-n-slash em up, try playing it first...

Its not up there, but The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was a beast of a game. big grin

i'll say fable yes

escape from butcher bay was really really amazing, i should've put it up there because it was so hard and entertaining, the stealth action was fluid, the combat was original and played wayyy better than i thought it would

as for KOTOR2, i think this type of genre should really only stick to online play, it plays just like EQ and the SW online stuff....except theres no fun in it whatsoever, its a game for people who like to play on the ridiculously slow lane

ninja gaiden isnt a hack n slash game, the combo's and different weapons are amazing especially having to get used to wielding them, i thoguht it was a great game but he was way too cracked up, i had difficulty just trying to land on a crate because he's so jolty

fable wasnt a short game, it had a short MAIN story, but it branched out to alot of side-stories, not to mention playing through the game as different classes like wizard or ninja, it was everything i wanted in an rpg and the character models were the most fluid ive ever seen in a game

halo2, i would never EVER say the game sucked, it was an exciting game and the best FPS on a console ever made, my problem with it was how short it was, given its development and an ending with no resolution...but it was definitely one of the most exciting games ive played this year and had way too much hype

I cant understand why ninja gaiden is on the list for best x-box game of 2004. This game seemed to be abandoned midway through it's creation. It really is just a hack em and slash game. If devil may cry is a hack em slash game, then ninja gaiden is a hack em slash em game. It also happend to have the worst camera system in any game for 2004.

Halo 2 was a fun game, but i dont think it did much more than the first. It was still good, but there were better games out.

As for best game on the x-box. I am going to have to say eigther escape from butchars bay or pandora tomorrow. Butchar bay was awsome on every level. from lighting to gameplay, it broke away from conventional fps and gave us a vivid atmosphere. Pandora tomorrow, was just outstanding. It mutliplied everything from the original splinter cell and actually kept it fun and original. Both of these games were equally intense and playable.

Fable was a good game. It was actually a great game with substance and depth, however, it diddnt deliver everything that was promised. The graphics are spectacular, the gameplay is entertaining, and the overall expereince rivals all other rpg's of 2004, but not delivering what was promised weakend the expereince.

Kotor 2 is bound to be just as good as the first, if you like that kind of game though. These games are far to time consuming for me.

Then I'm assuming you've never play video games. Ninja Gaiden is a classic arcade game. Indeed it was a great job by Team Ninja to bring back this series.

With that said I going to say that Ninja Gaiden is the best X-box game of 2004. Why NG over H2, KOTOR II, Fable?

The graphics were totally beautiful. The sound and music were sharp and kept the game suspence going from begining to end. The bosses were indeed wickedly cool and equally challenging. And that's the key here.......The Challenge of the game. I heard stories from so many people that said the game suck because it was TOO hard to beat. The missions were incredible imposible to finish, and that the ending was not satisfactory.

For me video games are about challenging the gamer. Sure there are games that are easy to beat and require a certain amount of patience. Ninja Gaiden wasn't about slashing and beating the enemy. It was about strategy to beat the foes that made the game so good. All the challenges in Ninja Gaiden were far more superior to the ones in Halo 2 or KOTOR II and even Fable. In this game the enemies don't stand around waiting for you to come and figth them. On the contrary the enemy comes and gets you! It only takes three blows and you're dead (unless you don't fight back). The combos and the weapons were another factor that made the game so friggin awesome.

And of course there is Rachel.......mmmm! Babe! wink

The only downside is the camera.....but, that also made it part of the challenge. To adjust yourself to angles (after all I had the same experience with Prince of Persia)

Overall Ninja Gaiden tests your patiences and at the same time challenges your strategy in a fast pace action adreline stage. Best game of 2004 and can't wait for the sequel in 2006!

I pick Halo 2 because it's more intense than KOTOR or Fable.

KOTOR2 is a good game, but it's not really much better than the first.....which was a good game as well. My only problem with KOTOR is that while you're fighting....youd don't really get that fast heart beat or the nervousness.

It's like playing a children's reading book on the television.


Halo 2 Legendary, I'm like:
Heroic, I like. It's pretty intense, yes.

Halo 2 is indefinately the biggest X-box hit of 04

Phoenix Aska
It's hard to say btween halo 2 and KOTOR 2...

But where's ghost recon 2?

That was good too!

Damn right it does! ranting

I'm still trying to beat that big robot thing on top of the Airship on Very expression

Phoenix Aska
It's a ***** getting ninja gaiden III the ancient ship of doom. To get it is incredibly hard. The level with the helicopter on ultimate or very hard or whatever the hardest game mode killed me.

Of course if you had it on the old NES you could just play it there. But it's just fun trying to get bonus features!

Yeah, Ghost Recon 2 WAS good. I've played the first one too. You really have to think tactical.
Still Halo 2.

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