Video Games You Want To Be Made Into Movies

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Ecco (animated)
Legend Of Zelda
Primal Rage (animated or live action)
Final Fantasy series (Yes, I know they made one already but it wasn't good to me)
Duke Nukem
Chrono Trigger and Cross

they gotta make a Mortal Kombat 3 yes

General Kaliero
Legend of Zelda definitely. But not live action. Rendered, top-o-the-technology CGI. How do we achieve this?

Kidnapping Pixar artists.

As for the story, an adaptation of either Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, or Ocarina of Time. Or the Imprisoning War in ALttP's prologue, unless that's the basis for Zelda 2005.


Mr Parker
Hello Dazzy smile I dont know any of those games you listed but one game they are planning to make a movie out of that I cant wait for is spy hunter.That is my favorite videogame of all time.

They already made a MK3 movie.I think it's coming out sometime this year

eek! great

Unreal Tournament could be kinda good.

Red Alert 2. It's already halfway there.

Medal of Honor Allied Assulat... no wait, there was sacing Private Ryan.

They should mkae a film based on the Russian part of Call of Duty They could call it Gates at the Enemy or something stick out tongue


I'd like them to turn King of Fighters or Fatal Fury into a movie.. there hasnt been a fighting game movie in a while. A live actor final fantasy movie would be really interesting.. not like a remake of a game story..but a whole new story with alot of unknown actors/actresses etc.

StarCraft, WarCraft, Halo 2, and Zelda: OoT.

The Ones
halo movie is already in production its coming out sometime in 2007

Yeah, I saw the thread on KMC.

I would love to see Halo turned into a movie but they have to include the first book as really cool stuff happens in that. There is a cool scene from the book that they have to include, people who read the book know what I am talking about, the ''Keyes Loop''

Prince of Persia: Sands of time
Ninja Gaiden
TC Splitter Cell

The Ones
splinter cell is in production as well

OH GOD NO MORE MORTAL KOMBAT PLEASE! they just seem to get worse and worse, with the characters changing. how gay.

Zelda would be interesting. it is a popular game...
Halo def.
Grand Theft Auto Series
Driver Series
Twisted Metal Series

but I wanna see a Twisted Metal movie.

Metroid would be cool

Zone of the Enders, a full-blown CG movie.

Hmm.. I'll think of more. Metal Gear Solid would be quite nice.

oh yes. good point JKozzy, metal gear solid would be great.

There is a movie call Grand Theft Auto but is not base on the Rockstar video game. Is an old explotation movie.

really? wow I didn't know that

yeah, it's crap

Kingdom Hearts would be a sick movie

yup it would kick ass
big grin

I think a movie on Twisted Metal would be soo good. If they made it like a thriller, instead of action, man. Like Twisted Metal: Black. I loved the sick and twisted endings and beginnings.

max payne is just begging to be made into a movie

i reckon deus ex would make a gooden too


wouldn't you have to make 2 films for that... one for the good and dark side?

It most certainly would be...

Tekken has a movie already...
But Zelda could use a movie. It's already been an anime, I think.

roll eyes (sarcastic) There are three Fatal Fury movies already out that are nothing new. I have the third one and it's prety good.

Anyway, some games I think would be good movies are:
Jak II, Kya: Dark Lineage, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Bloody Roar...
(Darn, it's time for next class...posting the rest later.)

A fairly good movie could propbably be made out of the Soul Calibur games, but I would have to say that the best movie would have to be Mortal Kombat Deception, that game is so good.

i would say

Metal Gear Solid 2+3
Halo 2
Prince of Persia (already being made)
Ratchet and Clank 1+2
Def Jam might be pretty good
Soul Caliber
Ninja Gaiden

well video games to movies, failes for the most part, but if done rightly, I bwlive, a movie, about Warcraft would be the best thing, also a movie about Diablo, or maybe Baldurs gate, oh and perhaps, a real adaption of Doom, I've lost faith in that doom movie they are making now..

ScarFace Clone
I say MGS- 1,2, or 3 because they were all good games with good story lines. they would just have to get the right actors.

hey, maybe they'll make a tony hawks underground into a teen targeted movie, with skateboarding, b00bs, comedy, ...u kno, just like all the other ones except with hawk in it. i think it seems possible

I disagree that Zelda should be a movie. Link would have to talk, which would mean he'd have to have some kind of attitude. Unless they made the character mute, this might conflict with the depiction of Link as "pure" and everything, know what I mean?

Zelda would make the perfect movie!!
Link could be orlando bLOOM FROM lord of the rings it would be great!

He has a point there. I've played Zelda games alot the main issue on making the movie is as he said the voice. Not just that I don't want to see Zelda made into a realistic movie atleast CGI would be fine.

A good movie would Be Metroid that would be nice to see. Either that or Warcraft! they got so much for that.

ya, i also heard they're filming some of Doom in the first person perspective. blink

really?!? whos the actor for the prince? or is it going to be CG?

i think Disneys doing that movie. and if they are, they're probably doing an animated one like the prince of egypt, and such.

No they are not filming it in first person, they are just not following the story line of doom3 or the original, I wish they could just base the movies upon the novels, now that was a masterpice!

i know, not entirely in 1st person, but IGN said some parts in 1st person, probably a few scenes.

Ya well I think that would be quite cool, I would have made this movie, then when the doomguy(I would have called min Flynn) met the big bad boss, I would have made some parts of the fight scence to be first person, and the death of the boss should also be wived in first person

wat do u mean you could have made this movie

disney ey? im geussing they are doing sands of time then? warrior within would be too dark for disney i imagine, or will it be a whole new story?

how did disney get the rights anyway?

I heard that John Woo was directing a Metroid film.


So far, I still believe that the first Mortal Kombat Movie is the best adaptation of a game into a movie.

zelda would make an unreal movie so too would perfect dark & any of the grand theft auto series would kick ass

Phoenix Aska
I don't know if I've said this already but...when video games are made into movies, it ruins the game's "appearance."

aska, you're right but it is even worse when a movie is turned into a game i absolutley hate that! mad

i dunno how they got the rights...but i do know that -yeah, they're doing the Sands of Time. And i think they'd do an ok job. they did a few other sandy time movies like, Prince Of Egypt, Aladan movies...

thats cool to know, id definatly go see it, just to see how it turns out

ya, i wouldnt like a prince of persia done with real actors cuz it would be just another action/special effects fueled movie like riddick. Atleast disney would make the movie seem artisticly good looking....and maybe they wont put any subliminal messages in it. Anyone remember Lion King?

Splinter Cell.

And possiblyone of the Total War games, though they wouldn't be incredibly original as films.

splinter cell could be ok, but they're already a lot of spy movies. james bond, mission impossible( i think), triple x, spy kids, i-spy, borne trliogy?, the avengers, austin powers, etc.

never played splinter cell but its stealth, and when i think of stealth, i think of a spy...unless splinter cell isnt a spy game.

Phoenix Aska
yeah most video games based off of movies Blade, disney movies/games...

Oops I forgot about Starfox. An animated movie I mean

Phoenix Aska
well some animated movies aren't that bad...but more realistic movies like The house of the dead are just extremely stupid...

what was wrong with lion king?

Phoenix Aska
I never played the game the lion king..however I can name some good movies that were based off of video games that were based off of spiderman and X-Men...

Devil May Cry - definately would make a stylish movie
Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden - I'm sure most people would enjoy an asskickin ninja hellbent on revenge big grin
Dance Dance Revolution - I'd just like to see if they can actually make it into a movie.. I need a good laugh
Fatal Fury - I love this SNK fighter.. I'd like to see who they'd choose for the live action cast
Psychic force - Psychic people beating eachother up.. good stuff
Diablo - Preferably the 1st one.. cuz I like the dark and gritty atmosphere.. but the 2nd one is just as great

All in all though,... we know no matter how great we can envision these titles.. the finished product would never live up to our expectations.. erm

most people say that disney put subliminal messages in their movies...lion king 1 had a cloud that spelled "sex"

Kenshinswife x-men they did am okay job but they left out alot of needed characters that made up the x-men like Gambit...and so forth...but i know x-3 will be great because....(spoiler)

Phoenix Aska
because it'l have the Phoenix in it...

LMAO! I remembered that when the channel 4 news was talking about it!

Oh yeah....that was funny. laughing out loud

Draconatus Zero
Guilty Gear would make an awesome movie, as long as they don't leave out the personalities of the characters themselves. Sol Badguy is cool, and knows it, and Faust is Psycho beyond comprehension. Let them stay that way.

fighting games turned into movies arent really great, the are just special fx, and action fuelled movies. There would just be a main plot of winning a tournament, or team up and fight against other bad guys

Half-Life 2

Wipeout or f-zero could be a cool movie...i think they have a cartoon series called "f-zero gp legends."

Leon s.kenedy
Resident evil 4 cool

Yeah they did until foxbox got cancelled

they got a few cartoons based on games. Kirby, f-zero, and sonic...but they arent very good. LOL there used to be a donkey kong show where they sing...

-it would be cool if they made a Zone of Enders movie (2nd runner or somethin new)

Punk Tiger
Crash Bandicoot would be good (but Crash needs to speak), another Sonic movie, last one was OK but need better one! Spyro, yeah I could see that! Soul Calibur 2 maybe?

I was also thinking how, it would be good but none of the characters speak, read words at bottem of screen but not hearing them, they all talked in cartoon so maybe....

ScarFace Clone

Crash Twinsanity or Sonic Heroes, because Sonic Adventure DX was already used for Sonic X.

I love the RE movies, but now that I've started to play the games, I think it would be awsome to see a movie more like the games.

Knights of the Old Republic. They could make it like they made Clue. Clue was made with three different endings and you never knew which one you'd see when you went to the theater. They could make KOTOR like that, you wouldn't know if you were seeing the light side or the dark side until you got to the theater. I think that'd be pretty cool.

Metal gear solid.

by far^

for me Devil may Cry, Metal gear soild, and maybe an anime Mega man X...maybe.

Baldurs Gate/BG2
Lylat Wars

And Zelda

Punk Tiger
They made Tomb Raider so why not some more from video games?

Red Alert 2?

1. Baldur's Gate I (Sequel Baldur's Gate II, then Throne of Bhaal Expansion, forms trilogy)
2. Halo 2
3. Starcraft

I think Tekken would make for a pretty decent movie. Along with a new Mortal Kombat movie based on DA and Deception.

Metal Gear Solid
A better GTA movie based on 3, vice city or san andreas
Street Fighter, remade, porperly
Devil May Cry

Metal Gear Solid 3


Heather 29
Medievil 1 & 2
Mario brothers
x-men mutant academy 1&2
big grin smile wink cool happy love

Originally posted by Heather 29

Mario brothers


not again, please!

Tekken 5 characters by far!! I think making a movie on the tekken 5 characters would be awsome!!

x-box fanatic
They should definatly make a movie of star wars knight of the old republic game because it would be a better prospective on the story on star wars ninja

silent hill would rock as a movie.

I also would like to see Castlevania made into a movie.

Halo is gonna be a great movie, and even though I'm a fan of GTA a movie of it would completely suck.

ScarFace Clone
San Andreas

Psi-Ops. That movie would be hot with all the mind powers.

Oh and I heard it may actually be made into a movie. Anybody here about this?

Twilight Janick
1.Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance trilogy
(Episode 1: Chapters 4 through 11)
(Episode 2: Chapters 12 through 17)
(Episode 3: Chapters 18 through 29)

1: For sure Metal Gear series

2: For sure Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic (1,2,3)

3: Possibly World of Warcraft

I'd like to see a legend of zelda CGI movie.. and entire reworks of old video game movies that sucked... like mario bros.

Yeah.. i want to see Metroid, Starcraft, Diablo, (maybe Warcraft) Megaman, Zelda OOT, Killzone, Lylat wars, Soul calibur, F-Zero and a Mario remake...

(tetris messed) just kidding

Jedi Shmedi
Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, Metal Gear Solid, Mark of Kri (animated of course), Max Payne hell as long as it's NOT directed by Uwe Boll I'll see it. I....hate....him. Bloodrayne? WTF was that?

arent they making a Prince of Persia movie?

Jedi Shmedi
I heard a while back that some director had aquired the rights to make a PoP movie, but I haven't heard anything else since. /shrug

they should make a dbz movie

yeah a non animated in that case...

i think suikoden 1 2 or 3 would make a good movie

Final fantasy X !!

OH shoot I forgot to mention I would defintely go see GOD OF WAR if they ever make that into a movie thumb up yes

non snimated dbz movie is what i was talking about they should have glod burg for nappa lol

Don't know if anyone has said this, but I'd love to see Tenchu or Metal Gear Solid as a movie. I'm also leaning towards Elder Scrolls as a series of movies. If Lucas got his hands on the latter I can see a new fan following that may rival his Star Wars saga.

Tthe Almighty
Spyro the dragon or crash bandicoot would be cool as a movie and duke nukem

MGS, diablo, legacy of kain(CGI), second sight (i heard its already a movie not sure tho), FFX, maybe, Metroid..cant think of any more..

shadow the hedegehog!

dave123 I don,t know wat do you mean with that pikter.

Tekno Boy

ooh, and Grandia and Suikoden, too. Although, they might do better as TV series

Originally posted by speiderman
silent hill would rock as a movie.

I also would like to see Castlevania made into a movie. silent hill is a movie gosh

oh i think legend of zelda would be an cool movie oh and jade empire would be amazing

Tekno Boy
Jade Empire: Yes
Legend of Zelda: I don't know. I'm still edgy on that after the crap TV show.

I think they have already confirmed that MGS will be made into movies, thats right as in more than 1 movie in the MGS series will be made. big grin

Yes, hell ****ing yes. They are going to make an MGS film I've heard.

Metal Gear Solid would be great as a movie.

Tekno Boy
Originally posted by El_NINO
I think they have already confirmed that MGS will be made into movies, thats right as in more than 1 movie in the MGS series will be made. big grin

Hang on, where did you find this out? I've seen no mention of the film on this site. Not the forums, but the Main page. Could you give us a link to the article?

anyone else think that any of the legacy of kain series would make a good movie?

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