POLL: Who makes your sigs?

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I was just curious to see how many of us make our own sigs and how many get other people to do it. Photoshop is so common nowadays I cant imagine people not knowing at least the basics.


i would have picked "photoshop god" but i dont feel like making sigs for anyone.

<---selfish bastard stick out tongue

make my own smile

i know the basics....

Silver Stardust
I make all of my own, and occasionally do sigs for others.

Differnt people whoever replies to my sig request

Dave Creation eek!

I make my own.

I'm not that talented. But I dont care.

My own just look at the perfection

Jedi Priestess
Ive made some of mine, I had some of mine made, and Ive gotten a couple as gifts including this one. smile

i make some for me and others, but i dont use photoshop

i make my own - except for this Ewan McGregor one -done by Kill THe Light

i make my own some good some bad...
many of mine have become monotone
reason to deal with the size limit

Sun Ce
make my own, but KMC can't handle animations....

Nitro swicked made my first one and Candy kisses made this one. They are both really lovely.

I make my own, get requests all the time, so I make a lot for others, and I don't use Photoshop, I use PSP.

The thing is, I don't know anything about PSP other than maybe a few text effects and opacity levels, I use my imagination and make merges, fades, collages, etc.

~Air Angel~
The One Himself has made 3-4 ziggies for me, I am not very creative when it comes to pictures & graphics, I am better off with writing.

(Cine is also in the process of making me a new ziggy.)

Kudos to all the ziggy makers, I have seen tons of talent out there! smile

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I mostly use PSP as PS isn't on this computer...it's only on my comp in my room. Plus it loads faster messed

Amen! Same here yes

I make my own, and nobody has never asked me to make them one, and I dont post in the request threads very often.

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