Your Version of POTC if YOU Wrote It

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I wrote this last night, and i thought it would be nice if there was a thread like this so you can write your own version of POTCbig grin
Heres mine, only the second half for now.

PoTC starting***
Young Liz has joined the server***
Liz:Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me
Governor: LOL wtf r u d0in noob??//
Liz: O haz teh thing st4rt3d
governor: lol yeah dood
Liz: shit! soz soz LOL JK
~this server does not allow swearing-warning~
Liz: LOL soz
gibbs: wtf r u doin noobs! hlp us. U hav no wpons!11
Liz: Soz, i dnt hav enough muni
gibbs: wtf?//
Liz: I just got this 2day
gibbs: dood u suXx0r
Liz: 1 round and ill hav enuf muni 2 get duel pistol
gibbs: wateva
gibbs. dood thers pir4t3s around this map!
Governor: ey yea ur rite! shit! theres
not enuf peeps! we shod of countered!11
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
Workerman34:dood, SPAM
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
l33tworker: SPAM..
w0000rker:boot noob
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
LEETGUY132: VISIT!!! www.Pirateslounge/winfreestuff/
iW0rkOnaShip: omg...
l33tworker: whos admin?
commidoore Norrington: me..
LEETGUY132 has been disconnected***
w0000rker: thx
commidoore Norrington: np
gibbs: dood p1r4tes r expierienced, th3y hav BaRbOssA
Commidoore Norrington: Yea but hes laggy
gibbs:then y buy a MMO?
Commidoore Norrington: lol cuz hes a n00b
Liz: shiz, wtf is tht? a boi in da water!!!11
Commidoore Norrington: OMG dood its 4 lil newby wit low HP!!1
gibbs: crap!1 OMG = O But ful mana, wast
Comodoore Norrington: peeps go n get him
Will has joined the server**
will: shiz, F***!!WTF OMG! CRAPPPPP!!111
Gibbs: L00ks like hes 56k, dial up noob
Commidoore Norington: dood, ur laggin the server
Will: soz, my lag goes
w0000rker: LOL nice ping ya g0t ther Will
Will: STFU
w0000rker: LOL calm dwn
Governor: wtfs goin on..i went to get som food!!11
w0000rker: mr ping here joined
Governor: LOL shi7, 867 lattency ther, y u playin online
Will: fuq u
Governor: LMAO
Governor: Liz can u watch this noob while we do som shiz
Liz: np, waateva
Will: hi ASL?
Liz: 11/female/carribean
Will: kool..
Liz: U?
Will: dunno
Liz: ?
Will: wa?
Liz: oO
Liz: __
Will has droped 'Aztec Gold MEddalion 103'
Liz has picked up 'Aztec Gold MEddalion 103'
Liz: kool..armour 12 +, mana 16 + strength 9 +
~Liz has spotted enemy~
Liz: Shiz! They r attakin here!! CRAAAP WE R g00/\/4 g37
Liz has logged of***

8 Years later

Liz: HEY PEEPS!! LOL hgavnt logged on 4 ages, been busy
Comodoore Norrington: shiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111
Comodoore Norington: OOMMGG
Comodoore Norington:!!!!!
Liz: lol
Liz: ****..all teh new updates took m3 [email protected]@!!
~This server does not allow swearing-warning 2~
Liz: shi7..soz
Liz: brb
Comodoore Norington: LOL ur more leveled up now! level 17! w00t!
Comodoore Norington: oh..//
Liz: bak
Governor: Howz it goin Liz?
ServaNt_Gal: LOL Hi Liz
Will has joined the server**
Will: dood! LIIIZZZ!!!
Liz: still a Pinging noob? Will??//
Will: fu!
Liz: LOL u lag te whole server
Will: FU
Liz: mr 56k : \
Will: STFU!!
~Liz you ae flooding the server, please slow dwn~
Liz: soz
Will: haha :P
Liz: can we pwn som p1rat3s>??
Will: Nah..we r CCing
Liz: Counter aggainst p1rat3s is gay
Will: FU p1ra7ez r gey i maaake sordz
Lizz: so?
Liz: lol
Will : U r gay
Will: crap i waz on All
Pintel : WhO de fuK u sAyin GaY>?>?.<?
piWatEDuuude : fUuuuu
Will : Soz d00d
Will: anywaz
Jack has joined the server***
Jack: yO evy1, 1m jak n ii wan a ShiP n crew? wh0 wNts wo gr0up?
Jack: HellO?>
Jack: ??
JAck: HelOOOOOOO??> Dooods?
Will: ey foo
Jack: me gona goz getz aship now
Jack has left the server***
Liz: lol wat a lozer
Will: Ya

~~Meanwhile in the outside server3421100_04_12_92~~

Jack: yoz fkers 1 wan tha ship
l33tgUard: STFU n00b tAt.
noobcationGAURD:yA, theyz told us we would get level ^ iz we gaurd
de Ship
Jack: they r lying pFtEr
noobcationGAURD: Thaaz it pussA, level 7 b147(H. U r gona
get pwned now
Jack: LOL
Jack: omg..
Jack: u su(k
l33tgaurd: STFU ><
l33tgaurd: __
noobcation: zis ship has a hak too ; )
Jack: mez waaz 0n da "bLackPearL"
l33tgaurd: hOwly SHAAAT
noobcationGAURD: thez n0 such server, gaynub
l33tgaurd: Ya, i kno a guy who Helped phizic the blacKpeaRl
noobcationGAURD: The black Pearl server? wit 17 kinds of
h4xX0rz dn to zit?
noobcationGAURD: and a capTain with so high lag
noobcationGAURD: that he aCtually pings out of Lag hell?
noobcationGUARD: zat server?/
l33tgaurd: nut =(
l33tgaurd: but me seen a ship with difent kinds of haxX0rs!!11
noobcationGUARD: likz me sed, tes no server fasTer then da eNterprize
l33tguard: u neva sed dat
l33tguard: ey the n00bs on dat ship
noobcation: SHIIZ
noobcation has joined the enterprise server***
l33tgaurd has joined the enterprise server***
Jack: Shizza
l33tguard: get ur a$$ of da u n00bcake
Jack: soz but its git such a nise hak
noobcationGAURD: scr3w u n get 0ff
Liz has fallen off cliff 21341_12***
Jack: shiz did ui see that?
Jack: gonna rescu her?
Jack: any1?
noobcationGUARD: but me cant read
Jack: fine den
Jack has joined the carrabean sea server24_14231***

Jack has rescued Liz***
JAck: kool m8, n i did nuffin : S
Jack has joined the enterprise server***
Liz has joined the enterprise server***
l33tgaurd: shiz m8! shez dien
noobcationGUARD: ya her HP z goin dwn
Jack: prolly cuz of dis
Jack has stolen corset item
noobcationGUARD: crup, u c4n st33al? do u hak?
Jack: na o0
Liz: thx 4 dat
Jack: np
commodoore norrington has joined the enterprise server***
Governer has joined the enterprise server***
millataryD00d has joined the enterprise server***
ihavamusket08 has joined the enterprise server***
LOLOLOL has joined the enterprise server***
pwner4aLivIn has joined the enterprise server***
IllshOotya has joined the enterprise server***
N0000000b has joined the enterprise server***
campingBob has joined the enterprise server***
l33ta$$Sh00ter has joined the enterprise server***

Governor: Get n shoot'n m0de bstards!
Commodoore Norrington: that dood stoll her corset!
Jack: dude it took 30 HP off every secc
Liz: wait a sec dood this mther s4ved me lif3!
Commodoore Norington: who givs 4 shiz?
ihavamusket08: i say We Kill eM M88!!!
n0000000b: stfu a$$hol
ihavamusket08: dnt tell me to StFu NoobTaT!
commodoore Norrington: sigh : \
n0000000b: lol
n0000000b: STFU
Jack: wtf
n0000000b: STFU
n0000000b: STFU
ihavamusket08 has attacked teamate***
Mod_Bot213: ihavamusket08, attacking teamates is not tollerated,
consider this as a warning!!!
n0000000b: LOL!1!
ihavamusket08 has attacked teamate***
ihavamusket08 has been disconnected from the server***
Jack: can sum1 b00t n0000000b?
n0000000b has been disconnected***
Jack: thx : D
Commodoore Norrington: Np ; )
Commodoore Norrington: i thnk a thx is n order 4 me2
~~Commodoore Norrington is scanning Jack~~
3 hacks found, 4 health potions, 6 mana rings, pistol, sword
Pirate tattoo/ Jack Sparrow
Commodoore Norrington: SIIZZAA P1R47E!!
pwner4alivin: P1RATE!>!?///
Campingbob has left the server****
Governor: Shi777
Jack: plz dont boot m3 : ' (
Governor has hand cuffed jack***
Governor: : p
Jack: Kool m8
JAck has used Liz as hostage***
Governor: HOLY ZOZ!!
pwner4alivin: howd he do dat?
illshootya: he's a haXX0r u n00baie : \
pwner4livin has attacked teamate***
Jack: Gimme me items bak n00bzods or ill disconnect Liz ere
and uze her CD key!!1
Goovernor: giv his stuf bak! hez searia$!!
Jack has recieved 'jack sparrows's Hat" item***
Jack has recieved 'sword 124' item***
Jack has recieved 'Pistol' item***
Jack: now whoz Gonna get deez handcuffz off me?//
Liz you are now level 18***
Jack: good now u c4n un-cuf me =]
Liz: Shizza
Liz has un-cuffed Jack***
jack is now free***
Jack: always remember did day az u
almost disconnected " cap'n Jak sparra" ;P
Jack has left the server***
Commodoore Norrington: he is prolly the noobyest p1r47e iv eva seen
Governor: wa? h3 jus ****ing 3$(4p3|) llamor!!
Commodoore Norrington: he can7 go far inz dis engine
Commodoore Norrington: dnt worry ill just
add him 2 freands, then i c4n sea where hez goin :P
Commodoore Norrington: brb
pwner4alivin: k
Commidoore Norington: k bak
Jack has joined the black smith server***
Commidoore Norington: 2 teh blacks smith!!!

Commidoore Norrington Has left the server***
Governor Has left the server***
Pwner4alivin Has left the server***
LOLOLOL Has left the server***
Milatarydood Has left the server***
Illshootya Has left the server***
l33ta$$shooter Has left the server***
Campingbob Has left the server***

~~meanwhile in the black smith server~~

Jack: hello?
Jack: kool no1z in herz
Jack has spotted enemie, mr brown***
Jack: AAH!! crao!!11
Mr Brown:
Jack: ph3w
Jack: : P
Jack: y d0 i hav my hand cuffs on again?????//
Jack: : S
Jack has picked up hammer***
Jack: kool
Jack has dropped hammer***
Jack: crap!!1
Jack: : , (
Jack has picked up brandining hook***
Jack has attacked donkey***
Jack has been un-cuffed***
Jack: wow dat waz ezy : P
Will has joined server***
Will: ahh mez iz all al0ne
Will: I LOV MEN!!
Will: ; )
Will: hehehe
Will: : | crap
Jack: AHA i couldnt help to type
Will: wat r u doin in da black smith?>
JAck: dunno
Will: theyz r lookin 4 u
Jack: No Shi7 : \
Will has challanged jack to a sword fight
Jack: fuuq >: (
Jack: look 1 jus wanna go
Will: ur a p1r47e
Jack: no 1m a l337 P1R473, get it rite
Jack: lozer
Will has attacked JAck
Jack: U BIA(|-|!! 1 waz TypiN!!
Will: : p
Jack: : (
Will: + )
Jack: lol
Jack has attacked Will***
Will has attacked jack***
Will has attacked JAck***
Jack has attacked Will***
Will has attacked Jack***
Jack has attacked Will***
Jack has attacked Will***
Will has attacked JAck***
Jack has attacked Will***
Jack has attacked JAck***
Will has attacked Will***
Will: shiz
Jack : |
Will has attacked Jack
Jack: CraPo im loggin off!
Will has hacked***
Jack: aah i cant get off this server!!!
Will: Pwned t00l

Will has attacked Jack***
Will has attacked jack***
Jack has attacked Will***
Will has attacked Jack***

Jack: scr3w dis. FuXXor3d b4d
Jack has changed weopon to 'pistol'***
Will: U stupid Ch3ating BiaCTH!!!
Will: > : (!!!
Jack: P1R473 : \
Will: i was gonna pWn u : (
Jack: yea wel now i hav 2 go
Jack has broken Hack***
Will has used hack***
Jack has broken hack***
Will has used hack***
Jack: oh come on : \
Will: neva!
Mr Brown has knocked out Jack***
Will: W00t PWN3D!!

Commodoore Norrington has left blacksmith231 server***
Governor has left blacksmith231 server***
Illshootya has left blacksmith231 server***
Campingbob has left blacksmith231 server***
l33ta$$shooter has left blacksmith231 server***
LOLOLOL has left blacksmith231 server***
Milatarydood has left blacksmith231 server***
pwner4alivin has left blacksmith231 server***

Commodoore Norrington: gw bwown
Milatardood: yea gj
Comodoore Norrington: Brown**
Illshootya: GW
campingbob: gj
Mr Brown: Np
Jack : Scr3 ya all
Jack : so close : (
Governor: lol.. /
Commodoore Norrington: Looks like dis iz da day wen
"capn jak sparra" NEARLY Escaped!!!! LOL!!!
Will: but im the 1 who got hiz HP dwn!!!11
Governor: scr3 ya
Will: : \
Jack has been hand cuffed***
Commodoore Norrington: itz 2am, me mumz gonna KILL ME!!!
Will: 1m stayin..makin swordz
LOLOLOL: SHIZZAA!! 2am? it waz like 9:30 10 min ago : S
Pwner4alivin: cya guyz
Pwner4alivin has left blacksmith231 server***
Commodoore Norrington has left blacksmith231 server***
Governor has left blacksmith231 server***
Illshootya has left blacksmith231 server***
Campingbob has left blacksmith231 server***
l33ta$$shooter has left blacksmith231 server***
LOLOLOL has left blacksmith231 server***
Milatarydood has left blacksmith231 server***

~~meanwhile 2 hours later~~
Will: FuxX0r i need a life
Will: n 1m talkin 2 no1
Will: I LOV MEN!!!
Will: hehe
Will has made sword 32143***
Will: it took 43 min, but 1t waz worth it
will: hmm wats dat noise?
Will has left Blacksmith231 server***
Will has joined Outside12 server***
Will has been hit by cannon ball***
Will: HOLY SHIZZA!!!!!!11111
Will: p1r473s
Comodoore Norrington has logged on
Commodoore Norrington: me couldnt sl33p so i got on da PC
Will: P1R473$$!!!!!!!!11
Commodoore Norrington: waa?
Will: i just got Hit by a cannoN bAll!!
Commmodoore Borrington: AAH!!
Will: r der stil troops online!!?!1?
Commodoore Norrington: Lemme chek..brb
Will: hurrY B17(H!!
Iserveya: D has joined outside12 server***
::..::..::...::.. has joined the outside12 server***
PiratePwn3R has joined the outside12 server***
Commodoore Norrington: Here we go..these guys were doin nothin : S
::..::..::...::..:OMGGGG w47 k1/\/|) 0f N00bY N4mE iS "WiLL" LOOL
iserveya: D: : O gaaaaaaaaaaay
PiratePwn3r: WWERES DA P1RA73s?? M
PiratePwn3r: me ShaL PWNN!
Will: wtf..
PiratePwn3r: : |

TheBlackP3arl has joined outside12 server***
Pintel: [email protected]!!! POPPET!!!
Pintel: >: )
Pirates are attacking***
Will: B!!!
Commodoore: BBBB!!!!
Iserveya: D: BACKKK!!!
PiratePwn3r: NEVA!!!

PiratePwn3r has been killed***

Pintel: PWNED!!
Raggetti: OwNed BiiIiiIii!11!Aa77tCH|-|!!!
Barbossa: can u guz Attack teh
Raggetti:....a++ak da w4t?>
[email protected]:?????
Barbossa has been disconnected***
Pintel: LOL
Raggetti: lol
[email protected]: HAHAH LAGGIn t00l!
Will: wtf is goin on?
Barbossa has joined logged on***
Barbossa has joined the blackpearl server***
Barbossa: soz mi mum piked up da fone
Pintel: Oh..
Barbossa: anyway..attack the fuk1/\/ C17y
Pintl: watev4
Cursed Pirates attacking City***
Will: shIII7
PiratePwn3r has respawned***
PiratePwn3r: eeeeEeey Peeps!
Iservaya: D: shi777 im out o ere!
IServeya: D has logged off***
Will: omg./.
Will: ...*
Piritfoocker: ElLLO!!
Will: Holy ShamOla.>!!1 BOMB!!
PiritFoocker: =)
Skally_waG: Behind U biiitCh
Will has been knocked out by skally_wag
~~Skally_wag, swearing is not tolerated on this server~~
Skally_wag: wateva M8

blink is this from some kind of retarded chatroom blink

Ya-ha, Sorta

uh uh it's retarded


but it is

Its Suppose to be

~~Meanwhile, in the 'Governor Swanns House' Server"~~
Liz has logged on***
Liz has Joined the 'Governor Swanns House' Server**
Liz: wtf iz goin n outside?
Liz has joined the 'outside12' server***
Liz: :O
Liz: P1R473$$!!!!!!!
Liz: omgomgogomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
Liz: P1r473$!!!
Servant_Gal: OI!! lizz, hide B14(h
Liz: hold n!
Liz has joined the 'Governor Swanns House' server***
Liz: ShiZzo!!

Pintel, Raggeti, 1#PiraTe are trying to the server***
Liz: damNo, me HaXxor is bein broked!
Liz: omgomgomg

Pintel, Raggetti, #1Pirate have joined the server***

House_Admnin12: hey welcome to teh server, rules are as followed
Pintel: Shut it m8..
Pintel has shot House_Asmin12 in the face***
Liz: OoOOoOOoo PWned!!!
Pintel: w00t w00t
Raggetti: d00d u r leet b4$74r|)!!
Pintel: ofcoos foo! lol
Raggetti: oomgg =0
Liz: shiz m8!
Liz has run into her room**
Pintel: l37$ g37 d4 B17(H!!
Raggetti: Kkk =)

Pintel, Rggetti have entered Liz's room**

Raggetti: j0 where da fuk r j00?
Pintel: shuddup f00
Raggetti: lol
Liz: ccv
Liz: fuq, leaned on da keyboarrd
Pintel: f00
Raggetti: rotfl
Liz: P4r13Y
Pintel: we FuXx0r3d
Raggetti: u wa/\/ /\/4 see cap'n?
Liz: Fuq yea!
Liz has joined BlackP3arl Server
l33+_P1r473: Wh0z |)1$ B1+(|-|?
Pirate124: W0000t girlgirlgirl
pIwAteMothEr: oi, |24663++i!! Whoz da (hik?
Raggetti: iz Liz Turner Batch!
PiWateMotHer: d00d?? Tu|2ner?
Pintel: Ya, D4ugh+er of da gr34t haXXorz
Barbossa: whoz this t00l?
Liz: 1m Liz TurN3r
Barbossa: 44h. miss turner..every1
Pintel: ya...we n0
Raggetti: : \
Barbossa: zo...y u 0n m3 bl00d'/ sh1p?
Liz: f0rg0t
Liz: m3 g0t dis MeddAli0n
Barbossa: Shii+
Liz: St0p attakin me town b17(h n 1ll giv it 2 u.
Barbossa: wat3v4
Barbossa: F00s bak on da sh1p!!
Liz: Bi7ch!!
Liz: rnt u 60nna let me g0?
Barbossa: lol!!
Barbossa: No way!!W3 want compony n this serv3r! 1ts gets zo boring =(
Barbossa: l00kin at pr0n getz b0rin bealiv m3 : |
Liz: Sigh, allrit3

~~Meanwhile, alot of stuff has happened. Will and Jack have
Stolen the enterprise and are at some pirate town~~

Gibbs: Eyy d00d, watch4 do1n ere?
Jack: tryin 2 g3t a crew
Jack: : P
Gibbs: Ill b3 In it!
Jack: but u suck..
Gibbs: Its cuz of mi p1n6 isnt it?
Jack: u ping like a 12 k dial up card playing ping p0ng
Gibbs: STFU t00l
Jack: : P
Jack: Fl4med
Gibbs: do u want me 1n ya cr3w 0r not? : \
Jack: s33 da n3wby ova der?
Gibbs: the n00babation ova there? wit the fata$$?
Jack: tats Will Turner...
Gibbs: : O
Gibbs: OMG
Gibbs: BS
Jack: ; )
Gibbs: me thinx therz a chAnge in da wind f00
jack: g37 me a cr3w b1tch!!!
Gibbs: k brb..

~~MEanwhile, in the "outside_port321 server"~~

Gibbs: Herez y4 cr3w
Jack: omg..
Gibbs: thiz is Cotton...
Jack: jo Co++on...
Jack: wtf?
Gibbs: He cant type...his handz were cut off in a Doom 3 server
Gibbs: sigh..the l33t b4stard play3d for 135 hours in a death match
Jack: good thing u dug up dis guy ; )
Cotton: h3tikb , ,zx.
Jack: wtff??
Gibbs: he whacks h1z head a66ainst the keyboard wen hez happy
Jack: ....ok?
bItchA_Minza: WATZ IN IT 4 US?
Jack: wo da fuq?
bItchA_Minza has attacked Jack
Jack: Aaah! fl4med! fl4med!!
Will: Bet ya didnt deserve that 1?
Jack: stfu n00b ||ammA
bItcha_MinZa: u stoll m1 server!!
Jack: 1ll g3t u a nother 1 t00l
Will: A better 1!!
JAck: yea a b377a one!
Will: dat 1
Jack:...Dat 1?!!!111
bItchA_MinZa: wateva. I dun care anymor
Jack: Lets go already!!11

~~the Enterprise set sail for da place that they put the aztec
gold blah blah blah~~
~~meanwhile On the blackp3arl server~~
Pintel: The capn'n wants u to wear dis t00l!
Liz: wear wat?
Pintel: dunn0 he didnt giv me anythin
Liz has walked into dining room***
Barbossa: ey Liz
Barbossa: Eat bi7ch! EAT!!
Liz: k : \
Barbossa: Try the poised apple
Liz: wait a sec..
Liz: its poisoned!!!
Barbossa: y th3 fuq would i poisen u!? 1 need ur bl00d to unbreak the cur$e so
We r no7 skelotons anymor. Cuz we all took the aztec gold n0w w3 r cursed.
And it suXx0rz bein curzed (uz w3ll....1t d0es..
barbossa: n thaatz da last piece of gold thingy
BArbossa: so r ya g0nn4 eat d4 apple or w4t?
Liz has picked up knife***
Liz: die u [email protected]!!
Liz has stabbed Barbossa
Barbossa: LOL
Barbossa: rotfl
Barbossa: omg
Barbossa: u r so dum
Liz: Holy Shiz!!
Liz has left the dining room***
PiwateDood: Crap!! : O
Liz: ur all skelotons
Pirit2134: n0 shizzle
Barbossa: the moon lite shows us az wat w3 r3a||y r
Barbossa: me cant do shit! i cant pick up items...i cant plant bomb cuz i hav no
"5" button...i just wanna taste a apple!!!
Barbossa drinks rum***
Liz: u fuq1n siko!!!
Liz has left outsideBlackpearl***
Barbossa has closed doors***
Barbossa: LOOOLL!!
Raggetti: rotfl!!
Pintel: Lol
ImAPirate: LOL
1#pirate: AHAHAA
PiritFoo: tee-hee

~~Meanwhile on the enterprise~~

Jack: SHIZZLE!!!111 its ruf weather!!1
Will: ya i think we shod st0p!!
Gibbs: yeah the back is cracking and there lots of holes in the deck and
and we lost 3 men! Also this server is breaking a n3w record 0f lagness!
we're be1ng d1sc0nect3d 1 by 1.
Jack: sh3 can h0ld ab1t longer
Gibbs: she (ant
Jack: we're cat(h1n up =)
Gibbs has been diconnected***

St4Y tUn3d For the SeccOnd hAlf Of
P1r473$ 0f teh (4rr1|33aN

By M4(|-|37e 6uY

*didnt read a word of all that*

NICE STORY!!!! rock ......... confused


big grin

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