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Captian Rogue
Guess what all i was <this> close to being in POTC 2!!!!!!!!! all i had to do was go overseas and audition and i would have had the part but i didn't have enough money sad sad sad i still cry about that ......

anyway i am a pirate i live in Australia i go to Melbourne every weekend dressed like a pirate and hang around with the Flinders street goths!!! it'sreally fun theyare all funny!!!

how iseverybody i havent been here for ages i havent had the internet but now i use free internet at dodoworld!!! go dodo world you guys rock!

noone can beat me i'veseen POTC the movie 2567 times!!!! sorry i'm gunna go now, have a good one!

2567 timeserm
too bad your not in potc2, that would've been somthing

1st of all durrr crazy how can you be <this> close if you NEVER even auditioned blink how can you presume you'd even get the part seeing as I read your profile and your not even 18 so they wouldnt even have looked at you once.

hardly anyone here could get a part in potc cause it was overseas from where they lived and the age limit and stuff. so boo freaking hoo 2 u.

^ no kidding laughing out loud

bah i didnt bother looking at his profuileembarrasment

ktl what do u mean by age limit confused there are plenty of actors/actresses who are under 18. or do u mean that they were looking for ppl who are somewere near 18?

they only needed people who were 18 or over thats the only parts they had that they wanted to fill they only had parts for non speaking and speaking extras.

That guy started Pirate Party!!! i am not worthy

k thx

blink....Im confused here!

~Air Angel~
Sorry you didn't get the part! WELCOME BACK though! big grin hug but unfortunately I am closing this... its already leading to off topicness.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.