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What do you think the title of Ep2 should be? My choice would be "The Empire Strikes" or "Rise of the Empire." "The Clone Wars" won't make it for 2 reasons:
1)saying wars twice in 1 sentance "Star Wars The Clone Wars" sounds real bad.
2)Lucas wouldn't want to advertise his love story as a one-dimensional war film.
Your Thoughts?

Darth Heinous
I'm certain Episode WON't be called The Clone Wars. I can't think of a good title for Episode 2. How about Revenge Of The Sith or The Fall Of The Republic for Episode 3?

I like "Fall of the Republic" .

Fall of the Jedi?

The great Wise Master Brit Hunt
Episode 2: The Dark ages or Episode 2: Love of a jedi and for the third and finaly movie. Episode 3: The fall of The Jedi.

I think it might be too early to say Rise of the Empire or Fall of the Jedi in Ep. II, I think most Jedi will die in Ep. III. Empire Strikes is a bad title because its too similar to Ep. V. I like Revenge of the Sith.

Good points. I'm liking Revenge of the Sith for Ep2 and Fall of the Jedi for Ep3. GL couldn't get revenge in the title for ROTJ because it wasn't a Jedi concept, but it's certainly a concept of the sith.

King Jedi
I like "Dark Force Rising", I think there was a computer game called that but it is still a cool name.

"Dark Force Rising " was the title of the second book in the Thrawn trilogy."Dark Force " refers to a Old Republic fleet that was lost.

King Jedi
It would still be my choice "Dark Force Rising" for EP2 and "Revenge of the Sith" for EP3.

I think Epi. II should be called something like ''Begining of The Empire'' or ''Start of The Empire'' instead of ''Rise of The Empire''.The empire is formed later on in the movie probally so rise should not be used.If the empire is not yet formed ''Revenge of The Sith'' should be used.For Epi. III it should be ''Fall of The Jedi''.

imperial dawn

"Jedi Hunt"

Jedi Hunt is to blunt and short, its like naming a SW film "Sabre Duel" or "Space Fight"

King Jedi
Unknownbountyhunter- NO opinion bashing, remember Raz can ban you. But I agree with you anyway that "Jedi Hunt" is too blunt. Lucas has a certain style when it comes to titles. The first episode in both trilogies are about a single person ie The Phantom Menace and A New Hope. The third films have something to do with Jedi or Sith in their title and so the second films have something to do with the bigger picture ie The Empire Strikes Back. So the second film won't mention a single person in it's title or the Jedi/Sith, it will have something to do with the state of the Galaxy or war.

KingJedi you are quite the hypocrite. You've bashed my opinions on seeing book characters in the movies in a very unprofessional way. It was worse then the way unknownbountyhunter disagreed with your poor excuses for movie titles.

Ep2 should be "Rise of the Empire," that's the best title. Ep3 should be "Fall of the Jedi" or "Revenge of the Sith."

Revenge of the Sith, Fall of the Jedi pertains to much and is to relative to rise of the empire.

Unknownbountyhunter, you said you liked Revenge of the Sith, and since most Jedi die in Ep3 that's a good title for it. What do you think is a good Ep2 title?

Timmy, and the lords of the underworld cool

The Maker
Of all the suggestions I've seen I like KingJedi and Xizor the best all though a previous title from a book or game won't be used.

We ALL seem ton agree Revenge of the Sith should be one of the two and Fall of the Jedi/Republic or Rise of the Empire should be the other.

Yes agreed

I like Solardarths name Imperial Dawn.

It's okay, but the others are better stick out tongue

how wude!!

*ahem*, what was that?

King Jedi
I just thought that I would tell you that I lke Master or Masters of the Force for EP2 as Maker seems to have stolen my idea.

Well if Maker knows so much, those are probably the title. *cough* *hate him* *cough*

I'm bringing this back. What do you think some of the title's should be?

I think we answered that Xizor.

I think he brought it back for me....

I still like Imperium Rising, The Crimson Angel or The Cavaclade of Minions..

I like the first one, but what relevance do the latter serve?

the minions are Palpatine's clones and the cavaclade is the ceremonial grouping of his clone armies...It's hard to come up with titles off that Phantom Detective list...

oh...I also came up with Spawn of the Empire..I think that makes sense, more than Cavaclade. Imperium Rising isn't off the list. I just made it up.

Okay, I understand your Cavaclade deal, but what about Crimson Angel.

Well that can either be refering to Amidala (Ani asked her if she was an angel) or Anakin or the new Sith...depending on the plot..
Crimson of course is refering to blood, but it can also refer to the color of Palpatine's guard's uniforms. Alot depends on what the plot actually is...but I could see Lucas using something like that...and it is from the "lucky" list.

Tom Gon Jinn
I hope it's not 'The Empire Strikes'. I think that's crummy. How about 'Dark Tide' 'Plague of Darkness', or other such titles. Or, 'The Death Of Anakin, From A Certian Point Of View.' Or not....

That's too long Tom smile The others are alright, and I agree about "The Empire Strikes", one word "Simplistic". I like the original three sported by eith Darth Heinous or King Jedi, I thinkith...

For Ep2: Rise of the Empire or Fall of the Jedi
For Ep3: Revenge of the Sith or Fall of the Jedi

King Jedi
Since we have some new members what are there thoughts on titles. I still say:
EP2 Masters of the Force
EP3 Revenge of the Sith

Nice, but they don't sound like the Phantom Detective stuff..I still like Imperium Rising...but I made it up so of course I'm going to like it.

Xantos Clone
how about:
Ep II:
"Seduction of the Dark Side"
"Dawn of the Sith"
"The Dark Times"
"Fall from Grace"
"Journey of a Jedi"
"Dark Seductions"
"The Face of Darkness"
"The Dark times"
"Flash of Darkness"
"Horizon of Civil War"
"The Chosen One"
"Balance of the Force"
"Dawn of the New Republic"
"The begging of an Empire"
"The last Hope"
"Fall of The Jedi"

Nice try XC...but they're not very Phantom

Xantos Clone

what was yours?

Xantos Clone
I've got it!

Episode II:
"Sead of Darkness"
"Sead of the Empire"
"Sead of Suduction"
"Betrayal of the Jedi"
"Revalation of the Sith"
(you can add "The" if you think it flows better...)

I don't remember mine but they all sucked...Try not to use words that have been in the other titles....What's another word for seed? Jewels is on this list, how about that?

EP2-The Revenge of the Sith. Palpy gets his revenge on OB1 for killing Maul by seducing Anakin
EP3-The Fall of the Republic/Jedi. Something has to fall.

Ep II The Jedi Strikes Back
Ep III Return of the Empire

laughing out loud

King Jedi
You are laughing but you never know what Lucas is going to pick.
XC- some of yours sounded like newspapers ie. "The Dark Times"smile

Xantos Clone
how about using the rebelion in one of the titles?

or this one"

"A Dark Fate"
"Destiny of the Jedi"
"Jouney of the Chosen one"
"Disturbance in the Force"
"Jedi Genoside"
"Empire Genesis"

"Enter the Sith"

"Dark Lords of the Sith"
"Rise to power"

XC, you've inspired me a bit with that post.


Dispersion of the Jedi
Sith Lord Rising
Revenge of the Sith


Alliance of Freedom
Rebellion of Fear
Rebellion of Hope
The Rise of the Dark Son

Geat Master Brit Hunt
EJ's and Xizors are the best.

Ooooooooo, get you!

Xantos Clone
Thanks ratcat! I think we will see one of ours on the big screen !!!

hey GL, if you see this.....hire us man!!!


I don't think it's quite there yet guys. Not quite popping yet if you know what I mean.

I do llike the "Enter the" but isn't that some karate movie?
Since A New Hope and The Phantom Menace are similar look for something like Empire strikes back...something with Stalks, Rides, Cuts or Falls....

I think Rides is the most likely one to use given all the titles with rides in it that have the same type syntax as Empire Strikes Back.

Xantos Clone
Iv'e got it!
"Prelude to an Empire"
"The fate of the chosen one"
"The Profecy"
"The Dark Side of the Force"
"A New face of Evil"
"In the face of Darkness"
"The loss of Inosence"
"Demise of the republic"
"Suffering of the Jedi"
"Balace of Power"
"Hint of Darkness"
"A Master and an Apprentice"


"Rebelion Stand"
"A Fight for freedom"
"Demise of the Jedi"
"Dawn of the New Republic"
"The Empire"
"A Fall From Grace"
"Consumed by the Dark Side"
"Dark Destiny"
"Fallen Heros"
"The fall of a Jedi"
"Lost Hope" (this would make a perfect fit for EP IV)
"Path to the Dark Side"
"Dark Destiny"
"Dark Apprentice"

and i'm spent......

Xantos Clone
Dim, ya know I love ya....but how in the world would you use "Rides or cuts" in a title?...Fall maybe

I don't know!!..I'm just looking at the list I think falls would work best..And it could be a reference to Anakin so that would work..

Besides there's a painting called Death Rides a Pale Horse..and it's sinister...How about Terror Rides In..stick out tongue

Xantos Clone
hehehehehe!!! Dim, that's funny

on that note, how about:

"ep II The Wild West Wars"


"Remember the Alamo"

one of the Sutherlan guys could be Darth Doc Hollywood

anakin could say "yoo hoo...I'll make ya famous" Dahh Haaaa

Well, you know that SW is a space western right?...IT COULD WORK!! wink

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