Playstation & Fond Memories

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Well folks the PSP was released today. I work at Best Buy, and I played it. I was definetley impressed. I will definetly be buying one.

What I also noticed is that our PS1 game section has been reduced to 4 games (Fifa, Syphon Filter, Medal of Honor, and Madden 2005).

I bought my PS2 in January 2002, but I still had very fond memories of the PS1. Lot of fun playing that thing. So with the release of the PSP, the PS1 has officially gone out the window. Just like the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis, N64, and Dream cast, it has officiallly become a museum peace.

So I thought we could discuss any fond memories you guys have:
Y'know, When you first bought it and first game, favorite games, bad memories, games you thought would be cool and turned out to be crap, Do you still play it now?

1. I bought mine in October 1999, my first game was Star wars Phantom Menace.
2. My all time favorite titles: Medal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter series, Medal of honor series, NHL faceoff 2001, NFL Gameday 2001, Spider-man 1 & 2. and the Italian job
3. Alien Resurrection I thought was going to be cool, but just ended up pissing me off, I played it again recently and found out that the controls were actually way ahead of its time (This is what people hated the most about the game when it came out) and actually enjoyed but I still got board of it and quit 3/4 into it.
4. About every year and a half I play Medal Gear Solid again. After I played Medal of Honor Frontlines and Rising Sun, I played MOH, and MOH Underground again. Over the summer I played Spider-man 1&2 in like the same day (They're that easy!), and Lately I recently got the urge to play Syphon Filter again.
Don't get me wrong, Ps2 is a thousand time better than its predessor, but still. Ps1's graphics have this almost weird look to them that I kind of like. Not in techinal aspect, but more like a picasso artistic aspect. It has a signatur style. When you see it, your like, "man those are Playstation graphics.

My fondest PS memory?

DDR, the very first one.

nice idea for a thread... thumb up

my first games on the playstation were destruction derby and air combat

the playstation still has given the most fun when playing a single my case it was resident evil...not because the game was brillinat(which it was) but because we never had a memory card and still managed to complete it

other games i loved on the PS were driver, grant turismo, syphon filter series, metal gear solid, twisted metal(great fun in the death matches) , the first tony hawks(no hype hooked on a free demo of it)
final fantasy (i prefered it over 7 and is the only FF game i ever played to completion)
tekken 3
i see you had the phantom this day i only no of 2 people who bought this make it the third

FF7.... good days cry

I rented it wink

I loved my ps1 lol. I got it the year it came out which i think was 98? And i got tekken with it. Oh how i loved that game and its funny cardboard case with its secret compartments.
Metal Gear Solid, that is a classic. I'll never forget killing my first ever russian soldier and then doing it over again with stealth lol.

And other all time favourites include:
Crash Bandicoot lol i loved how u could spin next to someone and they would go flying for about 5 miles
Heart of Darkness which maybe isnt known as much as others but was very good
Playing tig with my freinds in toca race driver lol.
air combat
The Spiderman games
Twisted Metal!! Oh ya beast that was some game.
Destruction Derby was good when u played with freinds.

Can't realy think of anymore rite now, but there is lots more. But i guarantee u in 10 yrs time someone somwhere on the net will start a thread titled, " Playstation2 and fond memories". yes

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FF7.... good days cry

I actually never played the Final Fantasy games.

Phantom Menace was hard as hell. I almost gloat at the fact that I actually beat it. The best feature in that game, Like MGS, was that you could save anytime and as much as you wanted to which helped me from going insane. The destroyer droids, as just like any star wars game they are in, will kick your ass. They got those stupid shields, and it takes like 7 minute to kill one. God forbid when you would get 2 on your ass.

The greatest thing about the playstation was the idea of cinematic gameplay. The graphics and sound had reached a point where you felt like you were playing in a movie. Of course the down side of this was the bordem of scripted game play, and enemies spawing from nowhere.

The king of that would have to go to Syphon Filter. Okay I just inject this serium into this guy, and OH look 3 bad guys just spawned out of an empty room that I was just in and they are coming to kill me.

Wow You Did think Alien Resurection would be good! WhY did They Shit on such a great Moive series. Damn That Evil French Director

The oddworld games, ahhh they are some great games, why did they have to move to microsoft.


but yeah, oddworld were some of my favourite PSX moments, along with metal gear solid, tenchu, resident evil 1+2, silent hill, too many good games for it!

When I first got mine, well me and my sister (we shared), it was a surprise. We went up my aunts to stay for a while and when we got there it was hooked up and everything and the game that she had bought for us was Tekken 3. I was so happy cause we went to this games of the future arcade sometime before this and the game that my sister and I like and wanted really bad was Tekken 3, it was the best thing to us. We didn't even know it was out for the system. Anyway when we saw it, it was a once in a lifetime experience we liked the system and the game so much. We still have the system and the game too, but I have gone beyond with the different gameboy systems and PS2 and gamecube and PSP handheld and Nintendo DS handheld and she had kind of gotten out of games. She went through the gameboy systems with me,especially when pokemon had just came out, we always got those games and played along with each other, but she never got pokemon ruby or sapphire when they came out, I did, I guess that was her stopping point. She did eventually get the Gameboy SP, and some games for that, but no further, she doesn't really play games a lot now, but I am still as strong as ever, except when school gets in the way.

i too had phantom menace (i bought it after official playstation magazine gave it 9 out of 10 bas7ards)... and yes it was a hard game to beat... and yes i beat it big grin

iss pro was genius, fifa 99 (the best of all imo), metal gear solid, final fantasy 7 and 8... ridge racer type four... bust a groove...

Crash Bandcoot........what have you turned into



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Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7.

Also opening it on Christmas Day was such a blast, I was so excited.

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