Pariah !!

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Pariah is going to be the most exciting game of 2005 ....really...
I was watching the trailer and reading some info. It's a single-player story, written by Hollywood scriptwriters! Just like the big movies... And also has multiplayer modes, graphics engine, upgradeable weapons, map sharing via x-box live and more...
But it's going to be available (for x-box and PC), only on May 3rd sad ...
Anyway, I think it's going the be worth the wait...

Anyone else into Pariah??

Not really.
Seen screens and it doesnt look too exciting to me.
Its basically Unreal 2.5 with the multiplayer mode that eerly resembles Unreal Tournment.
I might get lost in the the shuffel of FPS like F.E.A.R and Chernoyble

It looks cool IMO. But who are the developers? I don't recognize them. It will be a little tough to squeeeze this on upon release since Splinter Cell, Doom III, and Area 51 are all coming out soon. I might wait for some used Pariah...

Groove Games. It uses the Unreal Engine.
It might be good, but from previews it looks like any other games

I wouldn't say any other game. Looks a lot like Unreal and Halo but its still got a good look. I was watching a vid about the map editor yesterday after reading this. Looks pretty sweet. A lot more advanced than Timesplitters 3 for sure.

I can say that. Unreal, Halo, Doom 3 and Half Life have already been released. There's nothing new. Wow, advanced physics and graphics. Blah, blah, blah. Its been done before. Woo Hoo.

F.E.A.R looks really tight, thats gonna be worth buying,
and CoD 2

It looks pretty cool, but i'm saving up for area 51, i might check out pariah later down the road

Looking forward to this game. thumb up

Xbox FPS are note worthy for me. smile

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.