Game Trade-in: how much do you reckon?

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I am thinking of trading in the software in the picture above to get myself some cash, namely for Metal gear Solid 3.

Ill write a list of items, because i can:
Gran Turismo 3
Medal Of Honour Frontline
Time Crisis 2
Vampire Knights
Devil May Cry
Red Faction 2
G-Con 2 Lightgun (unboxed)

I realise the gun will not have much value without the box.

What would you guys expect to get for this stuff? ive never traded games in before. Tell me what you expect in your local currency, i can convert it to NZ$.

Cheers for info!

I'm guessing about 25% of original purchase price for the games.
10% for the gun.

Games have really crappy resell values. sad

Can you sell them on Ebay?

I trade games sometimes.
A couple of days ago, i traded Halo for PC, Rise Of Nations for PC and Midway Arcade Classics for GC and I got 30 bucks back.
So, you can always go to the store and see how much you would get back before you actually do it.
Alot of those games are popular/crap so I wont think that much especially on Ebay.

i never got ebay, dont know how to use it or anything!

and your right smas, a lot of those games are crap, hence selling them, i did guess the amount wouldnt be very high.

just enought to buy metal gear solid 3, that my mission!

Well, if you can get a some sort of cash, do it.
It wont hurt. Its not like your going to play them again, and if they're sitting there collecting dust, hell sell them. 3 Bucks is better than 0

thats a good way to look at it.

everyones telling me to use ebay, but i dont know how to use it, is there any "how to use ebay" sites?

im such an ebay n00b

Dont use Ebay.
Go to the stores.
I checked Ebay, and for the a complete sealed Greatest Hit Collection GTA 3, the bid right now is 2.75 or used one for 1.85 US. I feel its not worth it at all to take the time to set up an account, hopefully somebody bids for them and considering some are popular you might not actually get a bid, and then the time to packaged them and mail them. Its not worth it for 2.75 US.
Might as well, just go to the store, hand them in and get atleast $5 for them. It just saves time.
Ebay is only good for hard to get items or selling hard to get items.

Im thinking less than 100 dollars.. each game you'd get like 10 dollars for.. if you're really lucky 15-20 (which usually isnt the case).. the light gun might get more than the games


most of those Ebgames type places will give you way less than the game is worth IMO.. but I mean just cuz you go there and ask them how much youll get.. it doesnt mean you gotta give it to them.. so you can just go there and get an official price quote and leave if you dont like it lol

that sounds like a good idea there, i dont think there are many trade in places around where i am though, so im limited a tad!

Usually you'll be lucky to get between 25% and 33% of what the game would cost new, generally it's less. If you have more than one place where you can trade in your games, find out which one will give you the best deal yes

But games like those wont get that much money. Im sorry to say.
I got 12 for Midway Arcade Classics and I paid arond 40 bucks. Could of gotton more, maybe. But the hassel of me wasting my only day off looking at each store in my home town of 1 million (Ottawa), taking the bus all over the place and costing me more money for bus tickets aint worth it.
If you got your enjoyment out of them, 10 bucks aint bad.

For that I'd say you'd get anywhere from $40 to $60, depending on what store you go to.

Some of my friends simply refuse to bring back game because the values are so low, but hey, like somebody said, if you're not going to play them and they're sitting there collecting dust, why not?

Oh, and if you do bring them back, make sure you tell us what you got.

Hope you don't get ripped off! big grin

yeah i hope i dont get ripped off either

and ill be sure to post what i get back here, so you can all point and laugh at my expense big grin

i'd be surprised if you got more than $35, but i wouldnt be surprised if you only got $20

well, for those who are interested (probably no one!), i took those games and gun into the pawnbrokers, they offered me $10 for each piece, including the gun, comming to a total of $90.

thats equivalent to 34.1899 GBP or 64.4838 USD

i didnt go through with it.

EDIT: i added Tenchu:Wrath Of Heaven into the mix too, incase you were wondering where the extra $10 came from!

You didn't take them back?

Why, $90 is a lot more money than I expected you to get, and I don't think you'll get much more anywhere else...

that sounded like a kinda good deal...

They're just wasted space.

thats equivalent to 34.1899 GBP or 64.4838 USD

He was going to get 64 American dollars for all those games.. (at least thats what I Think that says up there o_O).. if it was 90 american dollars I woulda went for it lol

But what are you going to do with those games? Hopefully get a buyer with more money?
Sometimes a couple of bucks for a game that you will never play anymore is worth it.

the reason i didnt sell them is the dude in the pawnbrokers told me if i sell them private they would be worth around $150+

and considering this shop buys for $10 then sells for $40, i reckon i could get a better price somewhere.

The only games in that mix that are good at all, are Gran Turismo 3, Devil May Cry, GTA3, and Red Faction 2 is decent. The rest are all novalties from the arcade, so only hardcore players would want them, I still don't understand how you passed up $90 for the trade-in, but your call.

I just said why i passed trade in

He said i can get $20 selling private.

these are new zealand dollars incase you were wondering

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