Wolverine (blinded) vs Daredevil

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Could a blinded Wolverine take out the blind superhero without fear?

wolverine may be able to fight blindfolded, but common this is where daredevil lives. daredevil. He'd be hard pressed to hurt logan, but he'd win evntually.

I figured Daredevil...but remember Logan has heighted senses too...though not as heighted as Daredevil's.

yeah but logan would have to really focus to be able to adapt and fight DD without his vision, Daredevil fights people without vision everyday.


Can't Daredevil whoop Wolverine with his vision?

so I've heard

From what Ive read on these forums you guys really underrate DD.

The guys gone toe to toe with some real bad assess hes an excellent hand to hand combatant and his radar sense makes it almost impossible to Blind side him (if you pardon the pun)

The guy can give Logan a run for his money if Logan had his sight without it this is DD's fight.


a blind logan gets the crap kicked out of him by matt. no contest. cool

you don't think Wolverine heighted senses could still him a fighting chance.

logan's senses are great, but they're nowhere near matt's.
logan would not be used to blind-fighting.
that's matt's entire world.
against someone else, yeah.
logan can concentrate and fight.
but against daredevil? no chance.

DD's senses enable him to read flat print on a paper so although he can't see in the conventional sense you may as well consider him sighted.

So really this fight is taking one of Logan's senses away from him so straight away hes at a disadvantage.

Yes his Heightened senses would compensate for this but Wolverine unlike DD is fighting in an environment thats hes unused to where as DD is doing what hes being doing for decades.

Even with a few hours prep time DD has this one.

I don't think it would be totally one sided but theres to many pluses in DD's colum for Logan to take it.

When Wolverine decieded his needed to hone up on his fighting skills a bit he did so by fighting several armed oppenents with a katana while blind folded. Wolverine is at a disadvantage for sure but give him some credit; it wouldn't be is first time blind fighting and it wouldn't be his last. Wolverine still has a good chance of winning; and no way in hell does Matt beat a normal Wolverine.

Originally posted by Zahit

logan's senses are great, but they're nowhere near matt's.

Dare Devil himself bags to differ, he said Wolverine sense were greater then his in Infinity Crisis I believe... well Infinity something

This isn't fair.

Give Wolverine back his eyesight.

It still wouldn't be fair, but at least Wolverine would know how he got his ass kicked.

Originally posted by srankmissingnin
Dare Devil himself bags to differ, he said Wolverine sense were greater then his in Infinity Crisis I believe... well Infinity something
Really? Wow!
Didn't you also state that:
1. Daredevil can flip over limousines.
2. Daredevil can handle an 800 pound barbell like it was a stick.
3. Wolverine can beat Godzilla.

How about you tell the 3 or so comics you have actually read Zahit, that way I can try to limit my comic knowledge to match yours.

Cosmo Kramer
This is a real discrase. DareDevil would kick his head in!

Oh thats right I keep forgeting Wolverine = God.

DD does his fair share of Ninja beating to...

Ive seen Logan fight Blind folded which is why I said it wouldn't be totaly one sided.

However Logan can smell and hear DD but DD can smell hear and with his radar sense SEE where Logan is.

Ive never seen Daredevil say that Wolverines senses are more acute than his which issue is that from?

I have however in a marvel presents issue read a Wolverine and DD team up where they are in a warehouse in the dark and there about to be ambushed.

Wolverine says theres 11 of them.

DD says nope 12.

DD is right as his radar sense can pinpoint the men and there postion he doesn't need light to see Wolverine can only smell and hear them so he was slightly off.

I think that gives DD quite an advantage in this situation.

K Von Doom
If Wolverine were blinded, he'd mostly rely on his sense of smell and hearing but no matter how good these senses are, Daredevil has radar sense which is a hell of a lot better.

That being said, I have to say that the fight still goes to Wolverine seeing as there's no way Daredevil can hurt Logan without the wound being healed right away. Wolverine can basically just stand there and take everything Matt can throw at him but once the Man without fear closes in, all it takes is one slash from those pigstickers and Matt's down for the count.

I'd like to think Daredevil can beat Wolverine but the guy doesn't go down. Daredevil could give him a fight for his money but eventually Wolverine is gonna go beserk and then it's lights out.

Seriously you think DD doesn't know about Wolverine endurance and healing factor?

Ever heard of pressure points and nerve clusters?

Cap identified that even the biggest strongest most durable guy still has pressure points and weak spots which is why he can stand toe to toe with guys way out of his power league he even judo threw the Hulk by using this.

Wolverine can be choked out and knocked out with the minium of actual physical damage he still after all needs to breath.

DD is an excellent hand to hand fighter and wouldn't slug it out toe to toe even with a blinded Wolverine.

even if he was only knocked out for 10 seconds or so while his healing factor bought him round he would still have gone down and it still would be a win for Matt.

K Von Doom
Yes, but how is DD going to hurt Wolverine from far away? Once DD comes withing striking distance of Logan, you know Wolverine would go insane - without his eyesight, he'd have to grab onto Matt to compensate for his lack of vision.

Originally posted by Cosmo Kramer
This is a real discrase.

No, the way you just spelled "disgrace" is.

Anyway, I think this is a close match. Logan may have animal senses but DareDevil's are more advanced than any animal. On the other hand, you've got Logan's healing factor, not an easy thing to overcome. I supposed it would depend on what kind of environment they were in; if the only things that could be used as weapons were Wolverine's claws and DD's stick, then I give this to Wolverine.

Now your talking like DD can't defend himself or dodge Wolverines attacks a blind Wolverine isn't going to hit DD with his first strike.

And holding onto a guy like DD isn't that easy stick trained him don't forget.

He could close in strike and move out make himself a moving target first rule of hand to hand fighting make yourself small and keep on your toes if you have the reach advantage use it if not move in hit then move out.

DD isn't going to just move in get slashed and die he much to good for that.

As ive said it wouldn't be a walk over but give DD some credit he may not be as strong or tough as Logan but hes a great fighter and a smart one.

K Von Doom
I'm just saying, blinded as he is, Wolverine still wouldn't be an easy guy to sneak up on. Agilitywise, I'd give a really slight edge to Daredevil but Wolverine isn't slow either. What are the chances that Wolverine knows something about pressure points as well? I'm certain that DD will get some good shots in because he's that good but those hits would be so far apart that they wouldn't really add up to anything close enough to knocking out Wolvie.

DD could close in, strike then move out again. He'd be using this tactic a lot no doubt coz just brawling with Logan is suicide. But once Wolverine gets hit, lets say, 7 or 8 times (to give DD credit) Logan would eventually work out either a pattern or become accustomed to the way DD is moving around him. And when Wolvie gets out of the way of one strike, he'd be on top of Matt, fight turns into a brawl - I give it to the blind guy. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Daredevil gives Wolverine some blind justice ( l love that show) smile

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