Sersi Vs WW

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Sersi vs Wonderwoman

No holds barred battle
Takes place in a featureless environment

the Darkone
Sersi would beat the shit out of her and then turn her into pudding.

I think this has been done. I think WW is much stronger, but that's about it. Sersi will probably turn her into $h!t.

Sersi - "Let's see how you contend with....split ends!"
Wonder Woman - "NOOOO!!!"

I'm definitely going with sersi in this fight.

Looks like she's kicked wonder woman's ass here, and she didn't even have to get out of bed to do it.

K Von Doom
Question is, can Sersi mess with the molecular structure of someone created given life by the greek gods?


Doesn't matter which one, Marvel or DC Sersi, they both can beat her.

Sersi can effect Hercules who is a Demi God and the son of Zeus so she can effect WW.

During Galactic Storm the Kree super soldier (I forget his name) took out Sersi first then Crystal when he ambushed them because he identified then as being a lot more powerful than the rest of the Heros which included Hercules.

WW is stronger and a much better fighter but she can't do much about that when Sersi turns her into a pig before she gets a punch in.

K Von Doom
Yes, I remember that issue of Galactic Storm. I remember reading it and thinking the Avengers males (Cap, Ironman, Hawkeye, Hercules) pale in comparison to the females (Crystal who can control the elements and Sersi who can manipulate matter). I believe the women were considered more powerful because their abilities are more versatile, in comparison to Hercules who's just a really strong guy. I think the soldier you're referring to is Ronan the Accuser, or it could have been Shatterax.

No it wasn't Ronan or Shatterax.

Name began with a K and he was in brown armour had Jet boots and two batons.

K Von Doom
Korath the Persuer, or something like that?

Thats the guy!

Adam Warlock
Sersi wins. As would Thena. Both have nearly identical powers and experience.

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