All the goods and evils of Lord of the Rings vs. Mindless Hulk and Juggernaut

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what do you think.... put all the goods and the evils of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy together...... put them all against the two Powerhouses of Marvel.... Hulk and Juggernaut.....

i mean all of the goods and evils... which appeared in the 3 parts of Lord of the Rings

who will prevail this gigantic battle????

Hulk and juggernaut would cream all of them lolol

i dunno... gandalf or sauron might do some pretty decent damage... and lets not forget about the army of oathbreakers...

gandalf and sauron can do damage to Hulk or Juggernaut ....????

hmmm.. really???

True they are magicians but i didnt see any real display of magic in lotr

well, gandalf is immortal, with the potential for infinately powerful magic. (if he's gandalf the white, that is). Of course... his immortality lasts only as long as middle earth is in peril from sauron, but still, if its that version, he will eventually be able to take them.

and sauron... he has spells that simply kill his opponents. Not set them up to be killed, or bring them to the edge of death, but spells that kill them, pure and simple.\

so those two together should put up a good fight against hulk and juggs. Now, if you could always just bring out the oathbreakers (the ghosts in the Return of the King) which are already dead, so they cant die again... and there are hundreds of them, they can simply overwhelm hulk and juggs (though juggs does have magic, and that might play a role, but im more than sure they can overwhelm the hulk eventually).

Sauron with his ring >>>>> Cyttorak

I think Cyttorak wouldn't be beated by an guy with an broken sword.

the latter two win no matter if just one fights.

You've got those chevrons facing the wrong way Khellendros

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