Storm and Wolverine VS Gen 13

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I think Gen 13 could take it. smile

Gen 13:

Burnout has pyrokinetic abilities. He can turn into a being of plasma, and is able to fly while in that state.

Before she was abducted into the Gen 13 program, Caitlin was a small underdeveloped girl-child. Once her powers bloomed, Caitlin grew to amazon proportions. She is a natural leader whose inner beauty is matched by her outward beauty. Caitlin's power is super human strength (100+ tons) and invulnerability. According to Threshold, all the kids of Gen13 have the potential of being telepaths and telekinetics.

Roxy can control gravity

Grunge can transform himself and anything he touches organic, or nonorganic, living (teammates) or dead (his leather boots), into whatever he wishes, such as water or stone. On one occasion when Grunge was shot, he simply spit the flattened bullets out and got back up again, on another occasion he turned his arm to stone, after being turned to stone it was snapped back, and off. A while latter his arm was back on and back to normal

He's also a fair martial artist, discipline unspecified.

Sarah can control the forces of nature. She can fire lightning bolts, a power which she concentrates by the use of an electronic device on her wrists.


And lets add Jobbernaut in X-Team.

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aren't gen 13 teenagers. i am prolly wrong seeing as i don't read gen 13

yeh they are late teens....they very powerful though..but Storm would take out sarah easily, Storms control and potnetialis farbeyond sarah's, grunge could allowhimself to getstabbed my wolverine's claws, and then transform into adamntium, so he would be hard to take in the restof the team, and i think gen 13 win due to numbers

well if storm acts quick enough w/ lightning most of the team can be taken out since lightning can easily knock a preson out. idk who would win

I'm sure most of them can survive lightning. Or turn into lightning or whatever.

well i see sarah goin down quickly, it depends on how fast storm rescts to take out burnout, but plasma conducts electricity so it might hurt him, and roxy might be taken out quickly.

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