Team Marvel 2 VS. Team Predator 2

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Ok, Predators are powerful enough to take down Superman. Here's a team that'll go against Team Predator.

Originally posted by Kontraz
wait.. how can marvel win? If they even START TO WIN, a pred will just blow up and kill em all, and the others will be fine. And no duh batman won... the pred was the bad guy! In every predator crossover pretty much, the pred loses. Why? Cuz he's the badguy. Its kinda funny how a single pred can die by the hands of batman, and at the same time, bring superman to his knees...

so dont go by the fact that they lost to batman, go by the fact that one pred was able to beat superman! (who was then killed by someone else... dont remember who)

Team Marvel 2:


Wonder Man(Current)





200 Experienced and ruthless Predators.

Battle takes place on a desolate planet. Predator's have a slight idea what their going up against, and have a few days of prep.

40 Predators per hero. If one hero dies, another hero takes the burden of fighting his group, and that of his fallen comrade.

Marvel Team win no doubt..... Sentry no weakness kills 40 without sweat. Thor sees it a desolate place, ruthless enemies may let it all out with single godforce, the yautja may not be prepare for it cos they rarely see him get angry. The rest of the MT, may have problems but with Thor-Sentry pair coming. Victory is certain.

if they're hunters, preds are toast, if they are military, marvel had better pack their bags.

Sentry could kill the entire Predator race with the greatest of ease.

yeah, sentry would definately be a problem.... i'm just saying that if the others are able to take out their targets fast enough, sentry might have trouble with the 150 or so that are left....

Well... Glads does have his 100c feat. Assuming he opperates at that level he could take all the preds on his own.

Since when can preds kill superman?

That's what Kontraz said. Ask him.

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