Champion of the universe vs. Superman (PC)

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the Darkone
Champion of The Universe


Superman (PC)

it would take the jla to beat champion with batman on the side lines thinking of a way to ko him. superman would get destroyed.


History: Like all the Elders of the Universe, the origin of the
Champion is lost in antiquity. What is know is that he is one
of the oldest living beings in the universe, having been among
the first of the universe's races to become sentient in the
wake of the Big Bang itself. Truly immortal, he grew bored with the mundane pursuits of common existence, and decided to devote himself to physical self-perfection. After training himself for millennia, he set forth to learn all the methods of physical combat in all the known galaxies. Now he travels from one inhabited planet to the next, challenging the champions of each planet to a personal match using a form of fighting native to that world. In fifty thousand bouts on twenty thousand worlds, the Champion has never lost. He has visited Earth and battled superhuman champions there. The Champion joined the other Elders in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Galactus.

Height: 9 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 5,050 lbs.
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Red

Strength Level: The limits of the Champion's strength are not known. In Earth's gravity, he can lift (press) at least 100 tons. His strength derives from the channeling of cosmic energy for physical use.

Known Superhuman Powers: The Champion controls the power primordial, the energy derived from the Big Bang itself. He has channeled this power into the development of his physical form: his musculature, his reflexes, his stamina, and his strength, while the exercise of human strength taps electro-chemical energies of the complex molecules in the body, the Champion's strength taps cosmic nuclear energies. His physical strength is only determined by the amount of cosmic energy his finite form can contain. This limit has yet to be seen. He apparently never tires since his body has the ability to tap whatever energies it needs to recuperate. He cannot be hurt by any means short of molecular dispersion. Having channeled all of the cosmic energy as his command into making his body a perfect fighting machine, the Champion can no longer direct that energy from his body into force-blast as many other energy manipulators can.

Abilities: The Champion has mastered untold thousands of different martial arts and fighting styles culled from across the known Universe, and spends the majority of his time between championship matches practicing these arts.

Limitation: The Champion's limitations are not known

Superman (PC) would own champion, because

Champion won't be able to even touch him.

Superman will be tossing planets all day, while Champion might not be hurt, but he can't really counter.

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