Shadow Superman vs Thanos/Hulk/Doomsdat

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in the footsteps of Mainstream who created Darkstalker(venom+batman)
originaly posted by Mainstream
Dark stalker origins: while in Gotham City recovering from a beat down form Spiderman, the symiote began to believe that Eddie was by far not a worthy host, due to his constant defeats at the hands of the wall crawler. A better host was literally right around the corner. On a rooftop, Batman was battling Bane-- a foe who once broke him. The Symbiote senses the pain in Batman mind and his sense of distrust of the JLA, due to the brain erasing incident. The symbiote leaped off of it's former host and headed toward the dark knight. while in the heat of battle with Bane, the symbiote merged with Batman...and Dark Stalker is born. within seconds Dark Stalker beats Bane to about an inch of his life and heads back to new york. Meanwhile downtown in new york Spiderman, Wolverine and Gambit had just beaten Sabertooth, Shocker, Kraven and Rhino. They were just a warm-up...the real challenge is about to begin.

Dark-stalkers known powers and abilities: Darkstalker..or DS speed, strength and agility are at least twice that of Spiderman. DS can stick to walls, project a bat-like rope from his hands for swinging. Has vast regeneration vast are yet to be revealed...but more so than Venom at least. Can blend into Darkness. When it does is unable to be seen, smelled or heard, unless you are within 10 feet of him, but if your that close, your screwed. Has claws on finger tips and Spiderman spider sense can't detect him. Can create Bat demon creatures from skin. the creatures can absorb physical energy from victims and transfer the energy back to DS...increasing his strenght and Speed to even greater levels. Has a telepathic link with Bat-demons. Has retained Batman superhuman genius and fighting skills. can create batarings from skin as well. Batman personality is apparently gone. DS seems bent on killing heroes. this is because of his distrust of the JLA. It is likely that DS has the same weakness that Venom has..but because of his physical energy absorbing would take a great amount of fire or sonics to even stagger the newly formed foe.

I give u Shadow superman.
By mergin w/ venom superman has reducced his speed to mach 7 which still pretty fast and gained the ability to teleport and move through shadows. Also he gets strenght from from darkness and the absense of heat, but light from sun still empowers him(basically he is powered up wherever he is). He has the power to absorb kenetic energy( like he cab take the kentic energy from a punch and convert in into his own power making him stronger). he has lost all weakness to magic/krytonite/fire/sonics and has an advanced spidersense letting him see 2 seconds ahead of time what is comeing. Shadow superman doesnt need to breath

I know that my made up superhero has no history about why they merged but jsut go w/ it

arent these guys a bit too overpowered?

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