War of the Ones Above All!

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Living Tribunal


Thanos w/ IG


Phoenix Force








Uatu the Watcher


D'Ken w/ Power of the M'Craan Crystal

Who wins this one?

somone needs his thread opening license revoked.


well if its so pointless tell me who would win?

David Duchovony
Where are the mods at a time like this. Good God! This is friggin chaos and anarchy. And the LT would win because he's above them all smarty pants. mad

Thats just it. Theres no fight just a bright light then nothingness.

Its just to hard to judge. Try not to put so many characters in a vs thread, let alone powerful beings like them.

i think D'Ken would win, hell, in the episodes the phoenix force had to grab her friends and flee from him because he was all-powerful!

Were Eternity, Infinity, and the like even in the old cartoon?

Anyway, Tribunal above them all.

no, eternity/ infinity/ LT werent in the cartoon


read a comic called

IG , or the end

it clearly shows who are the stongest in marvel universe.

It's a fact

That LT is top in the food chain followed , by eternity and infinity

But could LT do anything to Thanos when he had the IG?

he did IG is lower than LT

Cosmic Cube
Why isn't FP on this list?

man people is talking it as a joke.

did anybody read supergirl #18 ,#19?

The Flash
"SUPERGIRL #15 - November 1997
"Gods of the Twilight"

SUPERGIRL #16 - December 1997
"Blonde Justice"

SUPERGIRL #17 - January 1998
"Teetering on Oblivion"

SUPERGIRL #18 - February 1998
"Divine Inspiration:"

SUPERGIRL & PRYSM Double-Shot - February 1998
"Coming Home"

SUPERGIRL #19 - March 1998
"Middle-Aged Crisis"

SUPERGIRL #20 - April 1998
"Things Best Left Forgotten"
Part of the Millennium Giants crossover, guest-starring Superman Red and Blue"

Source. Those issues of Supergirl are over 5 years old and yet the only three members who know this 'Flash Prime' said he was new.

In the 'Flash Prime VS. Marvel DC powerhouses,' Sentry said, "...new kid on the block..." and all three members (kgkg, Cosmic Cube, or Superherovandal) went with it. How can this 'Flash Prime' be new if you say he was in issues 15-20 in the Supergirl comics which are over 5 years old.

Originally posted by kgkg
legend has it

Flash now has the Sword of heaven )given by god)can slice anyone , at anytime.

and is now called Flash prime.

spread the word.
Originally posted by kgkg
yes with his new powers he is unbeatable.

ohh hold on....wait iam getting news.

that he has just slice the Presence.

can some tell me flash's comic refrence to these claim i whould like to see it for my self. The start of it all. After posting this post, many 'lol's have been posted whenever a FP feat has been posted.

Originally posted by Superherovandal
flash prime duh he made TOAA and LT and Thanos with the HOTU his b***chs WTH is this? FP, a DC character, owning Marvel characters? And NO ONE knows about this cross over? Now I've heard everything.

Now stop spamming up the forums with this Flash Prime shit.

dude calm down.

See, I have a problem with this FP all omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent thing. He should not EVER be able to beat The Presence or TOAA in any fight, unless he is Them in another form.

...and if that were truly the case, a fight would never ensue.

The Flash
Originally posted by Superherovandal
dude calm down. Did I post with capital letters? If I was truly pissed, all my words would've been capitalized and I would be cussing at you.

Besides, you and your buddies started it with all the spam on this forum.

K Von Doom
Uatu the Watcher

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