He-Man vs Thor

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long pig
This battle is extremly close.

Both have incalcuable strength and endurance...both are great fighters, both have a magic weapon!

I honestly can tell who would win.

lets discuss.

the Darkone
damn you long pig you beat to this one. I will have to with thor, he is much older experince and he has the godforce. I like both but thor will come out on top in a close fight.

King Burger
Both have powers and weapons that are partly
mystical in nature.

But I go with He-Man. He is notably stronger.

Thor's strength has a limit, while He-Man can just
keep drawing power, via Castle Greyskull, from
the universe itself...I guess.

Eventually he beats down Thor. And since He-Man
is a noble soul, he can probably lift Thor's Hammer
and beat him with it too.

long pig
whoa, i forgot about He-man taking Thors hammer. he most definatly could.
But you say thors strength is under he-man, which i agree, but thor could go warrior madness and double his own.

Could he-man take a godblast? Im thinking his sword would block it.

King Burger
Well, if indeed what others have been saying about
He-Man drawing his powers from the universe itself
is true, then Thor doubling his strength, and even
wearing those power-increasing armor of his, won't
do much.

He-Man's strength fluctuates based on his need,
that's why sometimes he lift only small rocks, and o
other times masively huge boulders.

By the way long pig, sorry about that spat in that
Iraq/Crusades thread. It was unnecessary.

He-Man has way more energy at his disposal. His infinite source of strength would eventually put him well beyond Thor. He-Man takes it.


long pig
Hmm, He-Man is starting to look unbeatble with h2h fighting.

I only have one other person i'd like to see him fight.

King, its cool we both were being dicks, no hard feeling on my side. smile

I seem to remember voting for Thanos against He-Man, so I don't think he's unstoppable (He-Man vs. Galactus! ...lol) but against characters that just have strength, he's pretty untouchable.


the Darkone
can he-man survie a direct hit from thor's god blast I don't think so. Thor has the belt of strength that can increase his strength at will making him strong enough to take him down.

King Burger
Sorry the Darkone, but it won't do any good.

He-Man out-muscle Thor any day of the week.

And I don't know if He-Man can stand Thor's
god-blast, but his sword can certainly do so.

By The Power Of Grayskull!!! He- Man!!!


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