Iceman vs. Gambit

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Thanos the Lord
LEt's say they were fighting for rogue and eahc had prep time. Who wins?

Warrior of Fate
Gambit'd blast the heck out of ICeman

already been done

dunno, evenly matched{in their current states of power}, and having exactly opposite abilities.

Blair Wind iceman cant die from physical means.....gambit can....i think if they were fighting for rouge gambit would fight harder but die easier...

how can ice man not die cause he could if noone was close enough to him to absorb the liquid from there bodyiceman1gambit

Dude. Iceman has been blown up on several occasions. Physical attacks will do nothing. He will pull himself together easily. Think T-100 from Terminator.

Even if Gambit lands a card and causes Iceman to explode, Iceman will reform, and freeze Gambit until he can't move his eyeballs. And in that state, you can't breathe either. Gambit dies by suffocation.

Or hell, Iceman could just pummel him with ice shards, impaling Gambit. All the agility in the world won't help if he is being bombarded with ice.

Or Iceman could even grow to an extreme size, as seen before when he creates a larger, more monstrous version of himself around him using ice. Now he is like a giant ice monster that can reform itself, change its shape, and crush Gambit.

I like Gambit, I do. But he's outmatched against a smart Iceman.

not if ur talkin about gambit with his new form{new son gambit or red son or whatever},

Iceman wins. Next fight.

Blair Wind
hahah i agree......Iceman wins soooo easily....and even if he gets blasted he doesnt need to reform....he still has his powers even if he's in the air.....(mouisture inversion)

new sun gambit is an old form of gambit. the newest form of gambit is actually blind, giving him a severe disadvantage.

but if this was new sun gambit, iceman would die in the first second of the fight. lets see iceman reform when every single molecule of his has been disintegrated...

unless iceman is gonna go all balls out and bludgeon or impale him to death(which is what he would likely do) it would be a stalemate, why? cuz gambit's powers only work on inorganic materials, and water is inorganic. so even if encased in ice he would just charge it up. the most he can do is hope to escape with his life, and forget about roguesmile

Blair Wind
then again if its regular gambit he cant charge up an in the moiusture iceman......and he can also just freeze the air around his nostrils or mouth.....and if he charges them up then he explodes his face.....and also if icemans in the air he can just impale him with a huge ice shard that comes out of nowere.....

Hey if all else fails, Iceman would just freeze the blood in Gambits veins and call it a day. Hes done it before.

if its ultimate, gambit wins.. regular, iceman probably.. he's pretty much invincible now

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