Deathstroke VS. Shang Chi

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Who takes it here?


Silver Surfer is one thing. Deathstroke does not loose to any street level heroes, including Shang Chi.

Shang Chi has more of a chance than you think.

close fight.......... are they unarmed?

Choose a scenario, unarmed and armed, it's your choice.

The same thing happens as DS fight with Batgirl, DS either runs or he loses its that simple. Shang could win this even with out amping his abilities.

long pig
Batgirl never kicked his ass, he had a mission to complete so he didnt bother with her.

Shangs fighting abiliy is just a tad better than DS, but DS outclasses Shang in all the other areas.

Chi or not, he loses.

Whats Shang gonna do to him? punch him real hard? he heals broken bones faster than wolverine.

at 10x faster reaction speed, endurence, strength and intelligence that of a normal human, Shang couldnt touch him.

DS is batman x10 with an arsenal x10.

h2h shang may have a chance, with weapons? no contest DS does not loose to street level fighters, ever unless its PIS.

No DS is random army grunt x10. DS couldn't even hit Batgirl when they fought he was clearly out classed, a fight with Shang Chi would be the same. A guy who can be hit and hurt by Batman is going to get taken to through the wringers by Shang Chi.

depends on who's writing it, of course. Kinda like with wolvine, DS all depends on how exaggerated the writer wants to make his powers. He coudl be totally bad-ass, like in identity crisis, or pretty much a well trained normal guy, like in the first couple issues of "Deathstroke: The Terminator".

long pig
Random army grunt? He schooled Batman in his own book.

Another time they fought he didnt want to fight BM.
Same with batgirl.

in a h2h fight cassandra is better than batman and shang chi.
DS didnt even lose to her, he left!

I ment before they tried the super soilder experiment on him. He has the 10x stats of random army grunt not 10x of Bruce Wayne, I guy who is almost peak human.

And at best Cass is equal to Shang in h2h skill and is pushing it my friend.

long pig
Cass is better h2h than Bats, right?
of course.

Cass never beat DS, he has a mission to complete and she was in his way so he left. or ran or whatever you want to call it.
cass is a good fighter, but like shang, she isnt bulletproof.

I would almost give this to Shang in a h2h fight against DS....itd be close.( how can you hit someone who is 10x your speed, smarts, strength, duribility and 10x reaction time?)
Believe me, shang is the man but he is only human, he isnt karate kid.

But there were no stips that this fight is H2H, DS takes this with weapons, and easily i might add.

Shang Chi can amp his stats to compete with Spider-man and he is pretty close to peak human (I think he might be peak but I can't remember).

Maybe Deathstrike didn't want to fight Cass full heartedly but he did stay and go a round with her and she made him look like a chump. You can't argue that. Shang Chi is on Cass' level with out chi amping with it he would be all over Slade.

long pig
He by no means lost that fight, he had more important things to do than fight someone in Cass' league. To fight someone like her you really need to be in it to win it, so DS simply left for his misson.

Do you actually think shang could do anything to DS that he wouldnt survive?

You say Shang can amp his chi near spiderman? you dont think DS has beaten people who outclass spider mans strength? please.

Shang isnt peak.

DS could simply dodge every punch thrown, his reaction time is so fast he can dodge a punch before its thrown.

I wont lie and say DS would own shang, but it would be a 6/10 in favor of DS in a h2h fight.

If DS is allowed his arsenal of batman league weapons, its over.

He doesn't need to kill Slade of a win he only needs a ko which is something well with in Shang's doing. Slades damage soak isn't nearly as high as you give him credit. With out prep and Shang going full out gives him a pretty easiy win IMO

EDIT: Crap, I thought this was pure h2h... I retract all points I have made up until now

long pig
Like i said 6/10...slade by no means will own him in h2h. but imo barely wins due to all his superior abilities.

I know what Shang can do, he isnt anything to mess with, the greatest living master of kung-fu owns most any streetlevel.

For some reason I thought it was strictly hand to hand... yeah Slade gets the majority with his weaponry at his disposal.

Both scenarios: Armed with their normal weapons Shang his staff and DS ummm.. Guns.. Sword... whatever else.

Hand to Hand combat: No weapons

Iron Fist did crack Iron Man's armor.

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