New Avengers vs. New Thunderbolts

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Captain America
Luke Cage
Iron Man


Mach IV
Radioactive Man
Speed Demon

Left out Genis and Sentry, because they're just too powerful, and it wouldn't be any fun. There are rumors of Daredevil becoming a New Avenger, but rumors is all it is, so whether it be Murdock, or some mystery ninja guy, we can just assume he's tied up with the new Swordsman on some nondescript rooftop a couple miles away, unaware of everyone else battling. Also, Songbird just quit the T-bolts, so even though she was a New T-Bolt, I left her out to make the numbers fair.

Someone also said that the mystery guy was like Shang Chi. But that's just a rumor.

Yeah. I've heard anything from Daredevil, to Shang-Chi, to Moon Knight and more. I've heard even more ridiculous theories for who the new Swordsman is, because T-Bolts fans love to get neck deep into conspiracies.

But anyways, I'm kind of leaning towards the Thunderbolts. Radioactive Man can take down the more human members such as Cap, and he's also superstrong, able to trade blows with Cage if need be.

Mach IV, though not as strong as Iron Man, he does possess some great offensive and defensive capabilities (even as far back as his Mach I armor, Iron Man marveled at his armor). On average, I believe Mach IV is faster than Iron Man. IM can attain some great speeds, but Mach's suit is meant to be maneauverable and fast, that's one of its primary functions. IM will eventually win if it remains between the two of them, but for a long time, Mach will be flying circles around him and pissing him off.

Spidey will probably face off with Joystick. She's very agile and her energy truncheons make great weapons. I think Spidey will eventually walk away just due to his experience, but Joystick is easily as agile as he is.

Atlas just grows to massive size and boots Wolverine into the Yukon.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.