Bruce Lee(comicbook version) versus Bruce Wayne(comibook version)

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Bruce Lee is in gotham city.
Bruce Lee is walking the streets at night and sees two muggers rob a lady. He runs up to the muggers. Hits one in the back of the head,knocking him out.
The other mugge turns around and swings at him.
Bruce Lee block the punch and jabs the mugger wit lightening fast punch in the face, knocking him out.
He picks up the purse about to hand it to the lady when, Batman comes out of nowhere.
Batman, thinking that Bruce is one of the robbers, commands him to give the purse back.

Batman: "You scum, give her back her purse!"

Bruce Lee:" I was not trying to steal it, I'm trying to help her, who are you?"

Batman: " I am your worse nightmare, don't try to lie to me, you've been caught redhanded, you criminal scum!"

Batman: " Now you're going to jail. You can do this the hard way or the easy way."

Bruce Lee:" Let my arm go or I will be force to hurt you, you idiot!"

Batman:"Ahhh...You're gonna pay for that."

Bruce Lee: "bring it on! Wha-Tahhhh!"

Who wins.


Batman wins this in only 5 or 10 seconds.

Batman wins.

bruce lee is in comics??

yeah he had a short comic run in malibu comics. he did allshorts of bullet dancing and wall smashing but the comic itself sucked major ass in both the art and the story departments. avoid at all costs!

Against comic bruce, considering he's abeefed up version of real bruce. I'll give him a victory to bruce wayne but not against batman. That belts just too much.

this is ridiculus.
frank shammrock would have a better chance against lee.
you should have made this batman vs rickson gracie.

i realy want to like bruce lee but it's getting hard to

bruce lee wins, but as always this is a fan's fight.

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