Stick VS. Deathstroke Martial arts battle

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No prep, each person gets a martial arts weapon his choice. Of course stick has his staff, You can pick out Deathstroke's weapon. Sword, Butterfly Swords, Tonfas, etc... No firearms.

Dunno too much about stick, but unless he has superhuman (NOT peak human) agility, reflexes, durability, strength, and something that could match DS's "precog" (not really precog, but might as well be), DS wins.

I think DS gets knocked out here. Bats has beaten DS, I don't see why Stick can't.

and DS has beaten bats...

long pig
Does Deathstroke get his energy staff he carries? hehehe
That'd be a fast fight.
Batman has lost to DS the same ammount of times DS has to BM.

Stick may be a bit better h2h fighter but not by too much, DS has all the other factors in the bag.

Still, it's hard to count Stick out. He taught elektra, but he IS only human.
Same with Batgirl I guess, both Stick and Batgirl are better h2h than DS, but neither are stronger or faster or smarter or equal in endurance to DS.

It'll come down to who gets tired first, and we know it won't be Deathstroke.

P.S Batgirl can basically read what the person is going to do before they do it, it almost cancels out DS' pre-cog, they both know what the other is going to do next so it comes down to who can handle all this information and process it better, faster and use it to their advantage...10% brain or 90% brain?

Stick is the best with a staff. period. Well maybe Shang Chi is just as good, most likely not. Hand to hand I think is not his forte. It's his staff.

O.D Geist
Stick also trained Daredevil. And didnt Wolverine train with him a bit also? I still give the fight to DS. Too much muscle, and brain power.

long pig
DS' staff is a rapid fire energy staff that can burn through steel.
Kung fu dont stop plasma blasts. smile

But yea I was just sayin that cuz i know Stick could take him in a normal staff fight.

Stick is one of those quasi mystical ninja type guys, his skill is way above DS... plus he has that life draining move.

Also Stick can't get tired because he insnt human, he is a spirit who for some reason or another can give him self a solid form.

long pig
Wtf, DS isnt gonna beat a ****in ghost with life draining powers.

Who knew Stick wasnt human or alive for that matter?

Whats his weaknesses if any?

Stick can run rings around just about any opponent. Slade will lose his cool trying to get a hand on the old man, and Stick buries his staff where the sun don't shine!

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