Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith game

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Darth Luke
hi people , talk about the greatly awaited game and feel free to post any pics it would be great

the games release is the same date as the general election lol

ps: i used search and this thread wasnt created

I haven't gotten the game yet but I will I will

Revan X
I have felling it going to be a little short but wort it.

I heard its going to have a versus mode, and multiple endings (like endings that dont actually occur in the movie series), and supposedly fantastic lightsaber combat.. I personally hope so because Im looking forward to both this and the movie

Darth Maverick
i'm lookin forward to the release of this on thursday, seems like a great game from the trailers ive seen

Revan X
would it be grate to play as yoda like as a side quest.

I played this game, and it sucks. I mean, where were all the ninjas at.

Darth Maverick
wtf wrong game dude, never heard of ninjas in a star wars game an its not even out yet

I think he was kiddin' and just 5 more day's yes you can play as Yoda Darth Vader and more!!!!

Revan X
really grate! Happy Dance

Originally posted by ragesRemorse
I played this game, and it sucks. I mean, where were all the ninjas at.


Darth Mantis
3 days, 22 hours, and 15 minutes till the game is out...

I should be getting it soon big grin

I wish I ahd money !!!! I blew all of my money on what I thought was an X-Box

Revan X
if wasn't a xbox than what was it?

Darth Surgent
Make sure to post your personal reviews. big grin

booked it packed it ****ed peter kay would say

that means...bought it yesterday...played it yesterday....completed it yesterday

damn good...a few bots of new video from the just after obi wan has gotten off padme's ship on mustafar..."the dark lord has twisted your mind until....until you have become everything you had sworn to destroy"

the scene when obi wan is surrounded by greivous and all the droids was wan actually drops down into the middle of them unnoticed and says sarcastically with a smile on his face..."well hello there"

good game...bit short....bit easy...

the level fighting serra and then cin draullig i found the toughest

i like the yoda bonus mission

The Ones
jaden i also got it today, played it today and completed it tonight. amazing game. im just going to replay all the best levels (mace v ani, obi v girev, ani v obi) and replay all the movies i unlocked

Originally posted by Revan X
if wasn't a xbox than what was it?

It was A stupid mother ****ing decal!!

Revan X
Decal? whats that?

u mean u spent all ur money on a sticker?

Anyway, I've just starting watching the Star Wars, because I've never seen them before, and I saw the trailer for the new movie, and it looks awesome! If the game is anything like the movie seems to be, it'll be worth fifty dollars.

I bought it the first day it came out and i beat it the next day. Even though its short, its still worth buying. The best level is Anakin vs. Mace!

The Ones
yup. technicly i beat the same day i got it but it was like 2:30 am when i finished it so i think it counts as next day

have you guys played the last level as anakin yet...with the alternative ending when he kills the emperor at the end when he comes to greet him on mustafar...thats cool

it also unlocks the darth vader vs obi wan fight in ep iv that you can play in the multiplayer vs mode

Darth Mantis
Yeah that was cool... Would that make him the emperor of the galaxy in the alternate ending...

The Ones
yes. i feel like killing millions of jedi now!

im up for that...though according to the last national census there is only about 400,000 jedi living in Britain...damn

The Ones
ah well. 400,000 jedi are no match for the sith.....

Yeah they are! I'm one of the sith...

Anyway, my favorite episode was "The Hunt Starts/Begins?" whatever its called, anyway, I love how ANakin walks in, the jedi attack you, you send them flying to the right and left...

It felt so good....

no expression you telling me a $50 dollar game took less then one day to beat no expression and there is no one PISSED about that? no expression

I was kinda thinking the same thing... Does it have good replay value? Or anything to unlock?

Multiplayer mode in the form of 1 v 1 duels.. and a 5 level co-op I believe.. the duel mode you can unlock all the characters from the storymode as you defeat them

Delta 62
The one thing they could've changed about the Temple levels, is to not have Anakin speak so much. They should've had Hayden record the lines himself.. I mean..he was there instructing them in lightsaber combat.

Yeah... But they kinda did show the difference in Light Side Anakin's spoken lines/comments, and dark sides. You could see the light one is hotheaded, the Dark one is more... Well calm, and sure of himself.And no, I'm not pissed that it took less then one day to beat it. I enjoyed it. Plus, there is always to replay all the missions to find all the secret places in it, or to replay the game in hard mode. One thing I love, is the Force push. I just love using the force to pull your opponent up into the air, and throw them whenever you want. Or just take an explosive with force Push, and throw it at your opponent stick out tongue.

Does anybody have any cheat codes for the game?

I just play the duel mode against whoever comes over.. its usually fun for a quick romp

Jack Daniels
just rented it its okay graphics didnt hold up to what I expected and I used the cheat codes to unlock everything from the beginning....No yoda vs palps is only serious complaint...but thing I love is you can be Vader vs old Obi-wan friggin sweet! (bonus level) vs is okay for star wars but my second controller is busted battle is cool sept no beheading...just a stab to end a must for all star wars fans but otherwise wait till its $14.99 a must have game even if you must wait till you can get a cheap used one...

Red Superfly
This game is atrocious. Seriously, the game design is bad for a start. Enemies spawn off screen almost all of the time, the enmies are boring and the combat is so vague that it just resorts to simple button bashing ad nauseum. It looks somewhat interesting when someone else plays it, but when you play it, it's really, REALLY bad. I could go into more depth on whats wrong with it, but I'd be better off saying it only does a few things well. Actually, now that I think about it, I can't think of ANYTHING that this game can do very well. Even its best bits have been done better elsewhere in other games.

As a game, it's a pile of crap. The fighting is laughable, almost as though Fisher Price made this game and tried to copy Devil May Cry or God Of War.

I cannot fathom how stupid the people who like this game actually are. It's glitchy too, with enemies falling off ledges, animations screwing up, enemies getting locked in walls, and the game has even crashed on me completely. They really rushed this one out to coincide with the movie.

The graphics are really ugly too. Bland textures, and forget about material shaders. Skin looks the same as plastic, metal doesn't shine. It looks so dull and muddy.

I cannot believe people said the combat in this game was good. That's an absolute joke. The controls are unresponsive and old hat. SOme attacks are sent in the wrong direction to which you are pointing, while directing the force is a random ordeal. The whole thing is clumsy.

The boss fights are cheap in the extreme. Quick attacking usually is the only way to beat the game it seems, renderring all other special moves completely irrelevant. Dodging is impossible too, especially when trying to take on more than one enemy, due to the auto-lock-on rubbish. There's a manual aim thing with the right stick, but that inexplicably switches off at the worst moments. It's an absolute turd of a game. It gets a 2/10 from me.

The Ones
obviously Red Superfly me and you have got different versions of the game

Red Superfly
No, the game sucks. If you want a good game in this style, try God Of War or Devil May Cry, all superior. Hell even Double Dragon on the NES outdoes this. Episode III looks like a half decent PSOne game but plays like crap.

This game is simplistic garbage. I don't think I've ever played a more mundane boring game in such a long time. The enemies have the same attack patterns, the best form of evasion is spamming the Quick Attack button, and the camera is always set at a conflicting angle to whats actually going on.

You can tell its unfinished by all the stupid little things and lack of polsh. For instance, on the gunship, after I got in a turret and (this bit was so utterly boring) shot some bits of a spaceship, a cutscene started where my character would leave the turret. I could still move the turret around in the background, as though a ghost was using it. Nitpicky? No, because it clearly demonstrates how this game was playtested by a bunch of blind paraplegic monkeys.

The only thing remotely interesting about this game is that it follows a Star Wars license. Without it all the fanboys would be nowhere in sight. It's glitchy, and it's a poor game. My brother and his friends say so, and my 13 year old brother says it's the most basic pile of crap he has ever played, and he doesn't play games too often. Too hard for kids, and too mundane for everyone else. You have to be easily pleased or a complete gaming retard to like this game.

Every boss, Windu, Grievous, Serra, her master, Anakin, every single one of them was defeated by me spamming quick attack and L1-guard, with the odd force push thrown in. Whats the deal with Nute Gunrays ship boss? Pick up the boxes and throw them at his ship? OK. Oh, wait a minute, they fly into all the other boxes, destroying them, and make you fight the ship with saber throw. Nobody has even attempted to playtest that. A game that makes wielding a lightsaber a chore is a very poor game indeed.

Well, I must agree with both of you guys on this topic. It could have been MUCH better and there were lots of things wrong with it, like Superfly said. On the other hand, I enjoyed it probably because I am a hardcore Star Wars fan. It was too short however, but I enjoy playing a good versus match every now and then. I give it a 7/10...

It could have seriously done with the combat system of LOTR:ROTK. That has combos that require skill to pull off and rewards the player for well timed parries.
It is short, cheap and kinda disappointing. The force powers and bonus missions save it from being dire. Instead it is just above average.

Red Superfly
Lord Of The Rings was boring and repetitive like you said, and I personally considerred that game to be a truly average game. Now considerring Episode III is inferioir in every way to the LOTR hack/slash games I think that means Ep III is way below average, and considerring the likes of Ninja Turtles, Golden Axe and Double Dragon were doing this sort of stuff almost two decades ago (and considerring I played these games merely days ago and they all brought a smile to my face) shows how much of a failure Episode III is.

The sad part is, people just see Star Wars and think it's worth buying. It is quite possibly the worst scrolling beat'em-up I have played in a long time. I approached the game because of the Star Wars license. I HAD to play the movie. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but seeing as it only loosely followed the plot, and the graphics were sor murky and drab, that meant I had to rely on the gameplay to make it feel like Star Wars, because it certainly doesn't look like the striking pinnacle of special effects that the movies are. Strip away the license and you have an unfinished, boring, repetitive, buggy and pointless game.

Imagine if God Of War played like this game. It wouldn't sell a single unit.

5/10 from me, far from being the best.

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