Rental vs. Buying

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I prefer to rent more than buy. Unless its a REALLLLLY long game that has ALOT of replay value then I'll buy it.

(Ex. Final Fantasy XII or Tekken 5)

True True.
I generally buy just sport games, or the occasional game like RE4, Zelda or Mario.
Also, I generally buy games that I know I would rent more than once.

Leon s.kenedy
I love RESIDENT EVIL 4 ...

buy all
then u can play it when ever

Leon s.kenedy
Prince of persia too... Final fantasy.. Metal gear solid...

Leon s.kenedy
Metroid prime.. half life 2... PES4.... DMC..

I rent it to see if i like it.. If l like it.. i'll probaly buy it.

Before buying a game I always read more from sources. Either from magazines or gamers any info on the game is important. Usually when a game gets good reviews it gains more interest in me. There are some exceptions to my rule for example Halo 2 and Doom III and KOTOR II were games I was sure going to buy. And so I did and despite the negative responses I really enjoyed them.

I almost alway's rent it and beat it so theres no point in buying alot of them unless they have a really good multi-player mode and several that I had bought I beat in about a weak or less so I just rent plus I am low on cash almost eternally...

I dont like renting, i always prefere to own my own copy, i feel i can play it more when i know its my very own copy.

i usually wait untill i know i have a couple days with a lot of free time, then i rent a game so i can beat it before i return it. if its really good i will buy it when th eprice comes down. if a game is just so awesome an i know i will love it, but wont have too much time, ill buy it.

I think the reason i dont rent is because im lucky enough to have friends who always buy games, so one of them is bound to have a title im looking for.

so i just see/play it on there machines, saves me money that way too!

If it was possible to rent games anywhere I would have rented them to see if I should buy them, but as there is now there are no game rental places anywhere near me, I have to go to the Capitol to rent games.

rent single player games buy multiplayer

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