Make up your own Star Wars Video Game!

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Captain REX
I couldn't find any other place for it, so I put it here. What kind of game would you like to create? Say what kind and then post what would be in it!

It would be cool if there was a game about just fighting and blasting each other up in the Star Wars universe, almost like a 007 game. You could choose guns or lightsabers. For Guns, it would be like a James Bond multiplayer only cooler:

Character: Clonetrooper
Starting Gun: E-11 blaster rifle
Other weapons: thermal detonator, sniper rifle, etc.
Level: Geonasis Colliseum
Special: Armor
Bots: Stormtrooper, Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid

For Lightsabers, it would be like Obi-Wan multiplayer:

Character: Obi-Wan Kenobi (TPM)
Starting Power: Lightsaber
Other Powers: Force push, Force pull, etc.
Level: Theed Palace Hangar
Special: Healing
Bots: Count Dooku, Yoda, Darth Vader

It would be cool.

personally, nothing gets me as excited as rogue squadron II: RL, but I haven't tried it yet.

also, I think Jedi Outcast fulfilled my wishes for a lightsabre-fighting game.

why not everything in one?
adventure, fighting, flying...?

because more often than not, those games end up with none of the parts being fun.

so what if they ARE fun?

then that would be great!smile

ok, now we need to sent this to Raven wink

I choose fighting, cause I want to create a fighting game that sastisfies the dueling needs of many fans.

I'm usually best at the flight games....

General Kaliero
I say a fighting/adventure game!

Game Title: Bounty Hunter
Character: Jango Fett
Weapons: two regular blasters, wrist blaster, nylon dragline, rocket darts, etc.

Plot: you choose contractors, such as Darth Sidious or Jabba, to work with and then collect bounty on "customers."
Plus bonus levels from AOTC, for example: Find and kill Zam Wesell before the Jedi can interrogate her; the rainy fight with Obi-Wan, and the asteroid chase. eek!

Outcast didn't satisfy my needs for a lightsabre game. It was good, but still far too arcadety

JO had very good fights, imo
but I think that if you want good fights, you need to get the VR done, so you fight yourself

Captain REX
Bounty Hunter is a real game (that I'll be buying for GCN when it comes out).

I would like there to be games like:

1) Black Squadron, a game where you are an Imperial pilot who pilots the Empires vast amount of TIEs, and go on missions against the Rebel Alliance. One-player.

2) Jedi Wars, a game where you choose a Jedi Knight and fight saber-to-saber with Force powers and lightsaber skills. Multiplayer.

3) Star Wars: Trooper, a game where you choose a soldier and his missions, like choose a Clonetrooper, go to the Arena and pick up the Clonetrooper rifle, Geonasian Concussion Gun, Battledroid Blaster.

I would make a massive RPG were you could fly your own ship, battle in firts person or third person(for lightsabers), build buildings, start cities, make weapons, and basically have a Star Wars LIFE! rock

Star wars galaxies

More interactive than that. Like a seperate world where you could control basically everything and everyone.

ah you want an emperor type god sim? nice idea!

ARC Trooper 117
big grin Battlefield. eek!

what i'd really like is a darth maul video game, with controls similar to obi-wan. Of course, you would get dark side powers, and you'd probably have to start as a "Sith apprentice," searching the galaxy for sith items to aid you in your quest to become a sith lord. The game would have to end before the duel of fates of course... you can't have your main character die.

Using Dynasty Warriors as my example of the type of game i would make:

Title: The Sith War
Characters: Anyone during the sith war (at least 20)
Weapons: Primary - lightsabers or staffs or any kind of hitting weapon.
Secondary - blasters, or force powers such as push
Upgrading weapons: Finding items during a level. Crystals for lightsabers, batteries for blasters etc...
Levels: Yavin, other planets from sith war.

Imagine Dynasty Warriors, where you start on the battlefield with an entire army vs enemy army. you are a jedi or sith,
enemy soldiers are massasi or troops or watever. enemy leaders are the heroes of the sith war like exar kun and so forth.

and i agree about outcasts fighting. far too much randomness and stupid ai. if your opponent swings at your legs, you dont swing back at his head to block.

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