Prince Of Persia As A Movie?!

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Would it be good up Prince of Persia became a movie, I've played both games and it doesn't seem like a very good storyline but they don't have to go to the game, they could make it so that there's a Sand Monster destorying time or something and an evil empress is controlling it and he has to find his way to her and they have a huge fight at the end and everything goes back to normal! That would be awesome! It would be gory and action-packed with great ideas being put into people's mind by it! Wicked!

i for one believe the story line of both Prince of Persias are fantastic. But that is in a video game forum. not here. anywho, the movie would be amazing, IF ONE RIGHT, along with any other video game movie, if it is done right it could and would be fantastic. we still havent reache dthe point on making a flawless video game adaptation, but we are close. and prince of persia holds so many new ideas it would be cool to see it on the bigscreen. for a director i am thinking of alex proyas. his directing from dark city and i robot would be great. POP would be dark and scary and violent like dark city, but with the action directing of i robot. could be some fun stuff.....

jnr hiphop
You know im not so sure.. but I have a strong feeling that it won't come out as a movie..

I heard that Jerry Bruckheimer is producing it.

Issit for real that Prince of Persia coming out as a movie? I hope they don't change the story and stick to the game storyline.

I hope it will come.Because I love Prince Of Persia

they already have enough video games becoming movies

coming soon:

the Hitman
Silent Hill

jnr hiphop
Hitman? Cool. I've already heard about the Silent Hill movie. I'll be looking forward to it.

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