Should yoda have stayed and fought??

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His battle with palpy seemed rather equally matched, so why did he have to flee.???
Do you think he would have won if he stayed and fought. After all, mace beat him one on one.

Simple answer, he had to get back to the temple and see if anybody could be saved, he had no time to stay and fight.


No the real reson Yoda left makes sense if u watch the scene carefully.After yoda dodges those pods and trows 1 back at sidous he then leaps to where sidous is and his saber is struck by lightning right in the hilt knocking it out and to the floor. When yoda Falls u see his saber on the ground burnt implying its been broken by the direct blast to the hilt rather than the saber. Yoda had no saber to fight him with and no time to get another.

Well, that seems to settle it...

Yoda knew he couldn't win, thats why he said he had failed.

MAce only beat him cuz palpy was giving in a lil', cuz he knew anakin was on his way.

read the book

Yoda said he failed because he failed to handle the entire situation for the past number of years well and he let the order stray from its true ideals, and this allowed the Sith to rise.

yoda lost.

get over it.

I think after that fall, the loss of his saber, all of the emotions, him sensing the arrival of troopers at the senate, and the risk that, if HE lost to the Dark Lord, the Sith WOULD rule forever (as there was no way Obi-Wan could take on Sidious himself) is why Yoda gave up. He was letting his emotions and his anger cloud him as well. And if Obi-Wan was the only one left, what are the chances he would be able to train another Jedi any more successfully than Anakin? wink

More fight! more Duel of Fates LOL, that was probably one of the best parts of the movie.

Originally posted by jackstain
yoda lost.

get over it.

Jeez you sure are stubborn about this issue.

Well the dude in your sig(maul) got wasted so get over it.

Voted for Ran away like a coward.

Most fans were cheering for Yoda during the fight. It was just a few of us that cheer for Palpatine kicking Yoda's sissy ass!

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